ASR Review & Submit

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Depending on the status of your request, Review & Submit may be the Request Summary page, which also presents a read-only summary of your request.

The Review & Submit page:

  • Displays a read-only summary of the information entered for each section.
  • Allows you to Submit & Route your completed award, when in Composing status.
  • Allow you to Resubmit & Route your award, when in Withdrawn or Returned status.
  • Allows an ad hoc reviewer to Return the request, when in Routing status.

The following image shows this page with the General Information section expanded:

award setup request review and submit sectionWhile your award is in Composing status, an alert will display at the top of the page to indicate any required data that is still missing.

The following image shows an example of the alert message for incomplete sections:

Missing Data Alert

If your budget includes any 03-62 Outside Services—Subcontract entries on either the primary or another internal worksheet, you will see an alert icon next to the worksheet. The banner and explanation text will appear below the worksheet row.

The text reads: “Your budget contains at least one subaward cost. Award budgets require subawards set up as a Subaward Worksheet. Remove 03-62 Outside Services—Subcontract (Proposal Budget Only) costs from your worksheet(s) and create new Subaward Worksheet(s)”.

The following image shows an example of the alert:

review and submit 03-62 alert message

By default, the General Information section will be expanded when you open this page. Only one section can be expanded at a time. Selecting to expand a different section will automatically collapse the current one.

The Submit & Route button at the bottom of the page is enabled once you have entered all required data.

The following image shows the Submit & Route button:

Submit and Route button

Selecting Submit & Route will start the routing and approval process for an Award Setup Request in Composing status and change the request’s status to Routing. The system will re-validate all required fields.

The left navigation menu will now display the Request Summary, rather than the individual award sections.

Request Summary

This page displays for Award Setup Requests in the following statuses:

  • Routing
  • OSP Setup
  • OSP Assigned
  • Returned
  • Withdrawn
  • GCA Assigned
  • Denied
  • GCA Workday Setup

The menu on the left will include a link for the Request Summary, in place of the individual sections. The page displays the details for each of the award sections as view-only for review.

The following image shows the menu and part of the Request Summary page:

Request Summary section

Withdrawing an Award

While your award is in Routing status, you can withdraw it to make updates if you have edit access, and are not also an approver. A Withdraw Request button will display at the bottom of the Request Summary page, as shown in the following image:

Withdraw Request button

Selecting this button will move your award to Withdrawn status and make it editable. It will also add an entry to the Comments & History section.

The approval flow will reflect the change in status. A node will indicate who withdrew the request, along with the date. The final node will display Withdrawn, and any unapproved nodes will be marked as canceled.

Resubmit & Route

Once you have completed your changes, use the Resubmit & Route button on the Review & Submit page to move your Award Setup Request back to Routing status. The following image shows this button.

Resubmit and Route button

When you select the Resubmit & Route button for an award in Returned status, a dialog will display. Once you have entered your comments, the Resubmit & Route button will become active. The dialog, with a comment and active button, is shown in the following image.

Resubmit and Route section