May 2019 SAGE Maintenance Release

Feature Highlights: Improving SAGE Budget Usability

The SAGE team is focusing in 2019 on expanding and improving SAGE Budget capabilities, and streamlining proposal budgeting processes. This release includes several high-value features that were identified by budget preparers across campus who responded to a budget-focused survey and subsequent focus groups.

SAGE Budget

New Salary Cap Feature

In SAGE Budget you can now indicate when the sponsor has a salary cap, allowing you to set a custom salary cap value from the newly-renamed Targets & Caps tab.

target and caps tab salary cap fields

From the worksheet, you’ll be able to see what the cap is, and which personnel exceed it.

salary cap indicators on the worksheet

When you open the details for individual personnel, you’ll see their total uncapped salary in addition to their capped total for improved transparency.

update periods salary totals showing capped and uncapped salary

Improved Visibility to Salary and Benefit Totals

When updating the period details for personnel, you’ll now have better visibility to Period Salary Totals, Period Benefits Totals, and for the first time, visibility to the combined Salary & Benefit Total. This will make it easier to copy this total into sponsor budget forms, while also improving the layout to reduce scrolling. (See “Total Salary + Benefits” in image above)

New Summer Tuition Amount Field

To make it easier and more transparent to budget for summer tuition (the rate which normally differs from other academic quarters), you’ll now be able to enter a discrete Summer Tuition Amount for personnel with student sub-object codes. You’ll also be able to enter a Summer Tuition Amount for stand-alone tuition lines in the 08 object code.

tuition section of the update periods screen

Copy Budget Improvements

Copying SAGE budgets and sub-budgets will now prompt you to update the Title of the new budget, and after confirmation will open the new budget in a new browser tab. This will make it more intuitive for you to identify the new budget from the original when copying.

budget copy dialog

Streamlined and More Accessible Expense Entry

Keyboard and mouse navigation in the expense entry screens has been improved to make the experience more intuitive and accessible. This will reduce the amount of time to enter expenses for users who navigate using keyboard or mouse.

General SAGE Suite Maintenance Items


Activity Locations Entry Updated for Consistent Experience

The eGC1 Activity Locations page has been updated to make the entry of locations mirror the experience found on the Non-Fiscal Compliance page when entering Human and Animal protocols. This will make the entry experience more intuitive and the system more maintainable.

Improved eGC1 Performance

Testing of SAGE response time revealed that the Details and PI, Personnel & Organizations pages were slower than other parts of the eGC1. Those pages have been updated to drastically improve performance, allowing you to navigate with less waiting.

Compliance Question E-2 Has Been Updated

Non-Fiscal Compliance question E-2, concerning export of hardware, equipment, specimens, etc. has been updated to clarify that you do not need to report personal use laptops.

Fix: Country Field Displaying for Manually Entered Animal Use Institutions and Activity Locations

An issue causing the Country field to not display for manually entered Animal Use Institutions and Activity Locations has been resolved.

SAGE Grant Runner

New Grant Runner Warning for Expired NIH Funding Opportunities

When using Grant Runner, you’ll now see a warning at the top of the Check for Errors pop-up if you choose an NIH funding opportunity that closes prior to the Sponsor Deadline on the eGC1 Details page. This will provide you with transparency to the conflict, but will not prevent you from routing the eGC1.

grant runner opportunity expiration warning

Improved Usability for Country & State Entry on Grant Runner Forms

The Key Persons Expanded and Performance Sites forms on Grant Runner eGC1s have been updated to provide a more intuitive experience when entering Country and State. This also resolves an issue that could result in the State not saving.