SAGE Release Calendar

The SAGE Release Calendar provides SAGE users with awareness of work in progress and a schedule for upcoming releases.  You can also review historical release details in the Release History section.

Upcoming Releases

Release Date System Downtime Release Description
Early July 2024 5:30 – 7:30 pm PT
  • Integration of SAGE Award Setup Request to Workday when Advance award exists
  • Display Workday Award Number in ASR when Advance award exists in Workday
  • Advance Request formatting updates to align with ASR and MOD design
  • Award Setup Request display budget totals by Workday object class (SAGE)
  • Fixes to eGC1 tasklist for personnel search

Release History

Below are the dates of our historical project and maintenance releases.  Not included are production support patches that may have gone out intermittently in response to urgent needs.

This document covers the years 2022 to the present. A second document covers the years 2017-2021.

Review the SAGE Product Updates for more detailed information on features and fixes for any of the release dates below. The updates are generally linked from the Release Description.

2024 Releases Delivered

Release Date Release Description
April 11, 2024 SAGE Suite Release Notes

  • SAGE eGC1
    • PI Escalation Process Remediated
  • SAGE Budget
    • Budget Navigation & Snapshot Help Text Updates
    • Improved Performance on Complex Budgets
    • Fix: Worksheet Custom F&A Saving Issues
  • SAGE Awards
    • Character Limit for Return Comments Increased
    • Fix: Missing Workday Awards Synced to SAGE
    • Fix: Award PI Not Displaying on the Award Requests List
    • Fix: Changing the Award Preparer Blocks ASR Resubmissions
    • Fix: Ad Hoc Award Reviewer Events and Comments Not Saving
  • SAGE Subawards
    • Subaward Performance Improvements
  • SAGE Central
    • Funding Entity Name Default in Admin Actions
  • Email Notifications
    • Award Notifications Updated
  • Miscellaneous Maintenance
    • SAGE No Longer Sends $0 Rows to Workday Plans
    • Error Handling Updated for Dependent Services
    • Required Security Updates
March 18, 2024 SAGE Suite Release Notes

  • SAGE eGC1
    • Updated Routing Rules for eGC1 Approvals
  • SAGE Budget
    • FY2025 Preliminary Benefit Rates Available
  • SAGE Advances
    • Workday Award ID Added to Advance Request Header
  • SAGE Central
    • Tasklist Performance Improvements (Released 3/11/24)
    • Royalty Research Fund (RRF) Application Scoring Updates
  • Miscellaneous Maintenance
    • Load Reduction on HRP Web Service
February 22 & February 29, 2024 SAGE Suite Release Notes

  • SAGE Budget integration to Workday Award Plans
  • Award Setup and Modification Request label updates for clarity and guidance
  • SAGE Budget alerts for subawards and various fixes
  • SAGE Central (OSP & GCA only)
    • Award Setup Requests display of Workday ledger, object class for budget details
  • Admin Actions fixes (OSP)
February 6, 2024 SAGE Suite Release Notes

  • SAGE
    • Award Request List Filters
    • Award Search Update
    • Budget Alert & Validation for 03-62 (subaward) Line Entries

2023 Releases Delivered

Release Date Release Description
December 20, 2023 SAGE Suite Release Notes

  •  SAGE
    • Additional data available in the Award Requests List
    • Added filter by Award ID and filter by PI
    • Sync of current and past Workday awards to SAGE
    • “Processed” status filter for Advances reactivated
    • Additional fields added to SAGE Budget export
  • SAGE Central
    • Changing sponsor on non-award agreements issue fixed
November 30, 2023 SAGE Suite Release Notes

  • Fixes and Features
    • SAGE Awards
    • SAGE Advances
    • SAGE Budgets
  • Infrastructure Improvements
November 9, 2023 SAGE Suite Release Notes

  • Subawards
  • Holds on Award Setup (ASR) and Modification (MOD) Requests
  • Required Fields on Award and Budget Setup
  • Miscellaneous Maintenance
  • User Interface Design Component Updates
September 14, 2023 Awards Updates and Grant Runner Forms-H

  • Search in Award Requests List
  • Change the Linked SAGE Budget from an Award Setup Request
  • Grant Runner Updated with FORMS-H
  • Additional Maintenance and Fixes
August 31, 2023 SAGE Maintenance and Fixes
August 17, 2023 SAGE Maintenance Release

  • SAGE users can delete modification request when created in SAGE in Composing status, but not modification requests created by OSP in SAGE Central and sent to Campus to complete (even though status is in Composing).
  • OSP can delete modification requests when created in SAGE Central in OSP Setup status.
  • Ability to change an incorrectly connected eGC1 or Budget on Award Setup Requests
  • Campus users will not be able to delete a SAGE Budget that is connected to an ASR
  • Modification requests will display in the Award Request List based on the Award
    Application (eGC1) Contacts & Access page.
  • Ad hoc reviewers of Award Setup Requests (ASRs) can now view, open and approve ASRs in their request list
  • SAGE Budget rounding error correction
August 10, 2023 SAGE Maintenance Release

  • Modification Request Validations: The following validations have been added to Modifications to ensure the form is completed correctly:
    • A message will display on the “Review & Submit” section to confirm the Award Preparer is added to the “Access & Roles” section.
    • A gray check mark will display next to each section of the Modification that has been completed.
  • Users Able to Approve Advances: Previously, campus approvers were unable to approve advances when a newly created eGC1 included only the Cost Center, and the Organization Code (Org Code) did not exist. This fix allows these Advances to be approved by department approvers.
  • Approval Workflow Now Generates Correctly When Award Preparer Is Added: Approval workflows for Award Setup Requests and Modifications were not generating correctly when an award preparer was added to the eGC1 after the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) had created the Award Setup Request or Modification. Campus users can now refresh the Approvals page to generate the correct approval workflow so that the Award Setup Request or Modification can be submitted.
  • Deletion of OSP-Initiated Award Setup Requests: As noted in a previous announcement, Award Setup Requests initiated by OSP cannot be deleted by campus users in order to prevent accidental loss of OSP work.
  • eGC1 Search Fix: When searching eGC1s in advanced search, duplicate eGC1 search results have been removed.
  • Advance Budget Extension Request End Dates: An issue with Advance Budget Extension requests where the end date was not calculating correctly has been fixed.
  • Budget Display for Award Setup Requests: When searching for budgets to connect to an Award Setup Request, SAGE will display only budgets that are not already connected to an eGC1 or Award Setup Request.
July 19, 2023 ORIS FT SAGE Modifications Release

  • Award Modifications (MODs): Campus and OSP can create and route Award Modification Requests
  • SAGE Central: Filter Award Request List by OSP and GCA individual and/or team assignments
July 7, 2023 ORIS FT SAGE Release

  • Award Setup Requests
  • Cost Centers
  • SAGE Central
  • UW Centralized Sponsor & Donor Data
March 16, 2023 SAGE Maintenance Release

  • HR/Payroll Web Service Update
  • FCOI Label Updates in FIDS

2022 Releases Delivered

Release Date Release Description
December 27, 2022 SAGE Maintenance Release
September 22, 2022 SAGE Maintenance Release

  • Cipher and Cloud Migration Transition
  • Adjustments to Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) Labels
June 8, 2022 SAGE Maintenance:  .NET Framework Upgrade

  • A technical infrastructure release only to upgrade the .NET Framework to version 4.8, across the SAGE Suite.
  • This update is necessary to keep the infrastructure stable, secure, and covered under Microsoft support plans.
February 23, 2022 SAGE Maintenance: Grant Runner Forms-G updates
January 28-29, 2022 SAGE Budget: Legacy Budget Format Deprecation