August 2017 SAGE Grant Runner Release

Grant Runner Updates

Grant Runner Support for Career Development Opportunities

Grant Runner now includes the PHS 398 Career Development Award Supplemental form, allowing you to use Grant Runner for most Career Development (K) Award opportunities.

One exception exists for those mentored opportunities in which the PI listed in the SF 424 application form is not the same as the UW PI on the eGC1. This situation occurs when the PI on the application form does not meet UW PI eligibility requirements and the mentor is listed as the eGC1 PI. For these K Award activity codes that draw applications from individuals ineligible to be a UW PI, another method should be used for sponsor form completion, or wait to complete the eGC1 until the mid-September SAGE release when that capability will be delivered.

Expanded On-Form Validations

While checking for errors on individual forms in Grant Runner, you see more of the NIH validation errors display. This expansion focuses on identifying those fields required by NIH but not by For Example: the Research Plan – Specific Aims attachment, which is required by NIH for opportunities other than DP1 and DP2.

Individual Form PDFs for Forms D

You can now view or print a single Grant Runner form and its related attachments in the PDF format used by NIH reviewers. This feature offers an easy side-by-side comparison of the form with the eGC1.


NIH requires the use of application packages with a Competition ID of ‘FORMS-E’ for due dates on or after January 25, 2018.

Opportunities using FORMS-E will begin to post on October 25, 2017. In preparation, we have completed development on  FORMS-E for all existing Grant Runner forms, plus the new Career Development form. These changes will not be visible to users until the FORMS-E opportunities begin to post in October 2017.

The following FORMS-E Grant Runner forms are ready to go, when the opportunities that utilize them post in October:

  • Cover Page Supplement
  • Assignment Request
  • Research Plan
  • Career Development Award Supplement

The new Human Subjects and Clinical Trials form will be released in October, 2017, and more information on that form will be shared out closer to that time.

Update of Progress Bar Language for PDF Generation

When you click the “View Grant Runner Forms (PDF)” link, you no longer see the word “submitting” while the system is generating the PDF. This change prevents unnecessary confusion.

Fix:  PDF File Size Too Large for Viewing

Large file sizes on Grant Runner attachments were preventing the full application PDF from rendering, due to size limitations enforced by the server. The size threshold has been increased to the level recommended by Grants.Gov.

eGC1 Updates

OAW Removal as Reviewer on Non-Competing eGC1s

The Office of Animal Welfare changed their business processes and will no longer review the following eGC1 application types:

  • Non-Competing Revision
  • Non-Competing Renewal
  • Non-Competing Supplement

eGC1 users no longer see the “Animal Subjects” reviewer on the approval graph, for the above application types.

Fix:  Broken links in the footer of the eGC1 task list

At the bottom of the task list, the “About SAGE” and “Learning” links are fixed and you are directed to the appropriate support documentation for those topics.

FIDS Update

Fix:  Investigator Title Changes Being Overwritten by Workday Titles

An issue arose following the Workday implementation whereby manual updates that investigators made to their title were not saving properly, and instead were being overwritten by the Workday titles. This issue has been resolved.

SAGE Budget

Fix:  Sea Pay period update page closes worksheet section when saved

An issue has been fixed for SAGE Budgets that utilize Sea Pay where previously opened/expanded sections of the budget worksheet were closing on SAVE.  These sections will now remain open on SAVE.  

Fix:  Sea Pay period update page has SAVE button in wrong place

The Update Periods page for SAGE Budgets that utilize Sea Pay has been updated to move the SAVE button from the bottom to the top of the page, for a more consistent user experience.