ASR Budget & Award Lines

Clinical Trial Note:

If your award is for a Clinical Trial, review the “Creating a Clinical Trials Budget for SAGE Awards” job aid for step-by-step instructions on creating a minimal budget.

In this section of the request, you can:

Connect Budget Breakdown from SAGE Budget

Your SAGE Award Budget identifies how you would like your awarded funds to be set up in Workday. You can also forecast future period budget amounts for a full project budget view. A SAGE Budget is required as indicated by the red asterisk.

If you have an existing proposal SAGE budget, you can copy and update it for your award; otherwise, you need to create a SAGE budget. The award budget must have a salary line with the role of PI on the Primary Worksheet, any additional UW Internal worksheets, and any Fabrication worksheets. The PI on any worksheet can have a salary of zero dollars ($0).

Note: You may wish to rename your “Primary Worksheet” to a more specific title to distinguish awards in Workday.

To attach the SAGE budget to your Award Setup Request, search for your budget by budget title, Budget ID number, or PI.

Note: Your selected SAGE Budget cannot be connected to an eGC1 or another Award Setup Request.

The following image shows the search box:

budget and award lines connect budget breakdown

Next, select your budget from the results list, as shown in the following image:

Select your Budget from the results list

After your budget is connected, the following information will display:

  • Budget name and number
  • Open Budget button
    • This opens the connected SAGE Budget in a new browser tab
  • A list of the Period(s) connected with start date and end date.
    • SAGE will automatically select Period 1.
    • Select any additional periods authorized by your sponsor.

Information shown when connecting your Budget

Note: Any changes made to your SAGE Budget will sync to the Award Setup Request form, until the Award Setup Request is submitted.

Change the Connected Budget

You can change the connected SAGE Budget if the status is:

  • Composing
  • Returned, but only if OSP has not approved
  • Withdrawn

A Change Budget link will display to the right of the Open Budget link, as shown in the following image:

award setup request change budget link

Selecting this link will open the Change Budget? dialog window. You can search for the desired budget by budget title, BudgetID number, or PI.

The following image shows the dialog window:

award setup request change budget dialog

Select your budget from the results list. The page will update to reflect the updated information.

View the Award Budget By Period

The Award Budget By Period portion of the Budget & Award Lines form section includes a tab for each period selected, with its description, and an “All Periods” tab on the left if more than one period was selected.

Award Budget By Period Section

To the right of the section are two buttons:

  • Expand Budget opens the Award Line Details sections for the entire budget
  • Collapse Budget closes the details sections

Expand and Collapse Budget Buttons

As you scroll down to view the details of your budget, the Expand Budget and Collapse Budget buttons will continue to be visible.

The following image shows the unexpanded view of a budget with a single award line.

unexpanded award line view

The first row is the Primary Worksheet.

The first column, Worksheet / Award Line, displays the following information:

  • Worksheet Title
  • F&A Rate
  • Base Type
  • Location
  • Sponsored Program Activity Type

Selecting the blue caret (>) to the left of the worksheet title opens the Award Line Details section for that individual award line.

The remaining columns display the costs for that category:

  • Total Direct Costs
  • Costs Subject to F&A
  • Total F&A
  • Fees
  • Total Costs

For a single Period, there is a Period Total row. For the All Periods view, there are Budget Total, Sponsor Awarded Total, and Difference rows. The difference is between the Budget Total Costs and the Sponsor Awarded Total.

Award Line Details

General Information/Terms & Conditions

  • Carryover
  • CFDA Number
  • Cost Center
  • Disposition of Balance
  • Letter of Credit Document ID
  • Line Type
  • Grant Hierarchy
  • Revenue Category
  • Special Conditions
  • Spend Restrictions
  • Sponsored Program Activity Type
    • Note: not required if the sponsor is the Royalty Research Fund (RRF)

F&A Details

  • F&A Cost Rate Type
  • F&A Rate Agreement
  • F&A Explanation

The following image shows the Award Line Details.

Award Line Details Section