December 2020 SAGE Maintenance

Deployment Features:

  • Export Control and EH&S approval graph changes
  • Grant Runner validation and usability improvements
  • Award Signature update for RRF
  • Addition of optional WIAP column in SPAERC tasklist

SAGE Approval Graph

Export Control added as “Watcher” on Applications with Foreign Entity Involvement

An Export Control “Watcher” node will automatically be added to the eGC1 approval graph when one or both of the following data-related Non-Fiscal Compliance questions are marked “Yes”:

  • D-2. Is the project intended to assist a foreign country’s military or space activities?
  • D-4. Will the project involve travel to or collaboration with a person or entity in a sanctioned country (e.g., Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria)?

Once the application reaches “In OSP” status, an automatic Export Control hold is applied to the application. OSP can manually remove the hold.

Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) Select Agents Reviewer Update

Previously, EH&S Select Agents were listed as approvers when “Select Agents and Toxins” were chosen on the Non-Fiscal Compliance section (EHS-1) of an application. Now, EH&S Select Agents are listed as “Watchers” who will receive notice of the application, but are not required to take action. The select agents and toxins description has also been updated to remove the text “EH&S approval of this eGC-1 is required due to federal regulations.”

The following image shows an approval graph with the both the Export Control watcher and the EH&S Select Agents watcher.

Approval graph changes in December 2020 release

SAGE Grant Runner

Validation Update

An ORIS implemented validation on the Grant Runner Research Plan form has been removed to align with the NIH validation. The Progress Report Publication List or Progress Report will no longer have an ORIS validation on Renewal and Resubmission applications. If the attachment is required by the NIH, users will still see an NIH validation when they run a “Check for Errors” on their application.

Help Links and Guidance Updates

A help link has been added to the RR Subaward Budget and the PHS Human Subjects & Clinical Trials Study forms. Detailed instructions will guide Chrome users through the steps of downloading and opening the editable forms. The following image shows part of the form and the help instructions.

h s c t form showing help for pdf download


RRF Funding Actions No Longer Require an Award Signature

When RRF is listed as the sponsor, the Award Signature field now defaults to “Not Required.” The field will still be editable when the FA is “In OSP” status.

Washington Innovation Advantage Program (WIAP) Column Available on Task List

A new column can be optionally displayed on the SPAERC task lists for Funding Actions and Admin Actions The column will display the value selected in the WIAP field (Yes, No, blank). Users can sort the task list by that column. The following image shows the Funding Actions task list with the WIAP column highlighted.

added W I A P column on task list