June 2021 Advance Budget Request Approval Change

Based on user feedback, we have made updates that streamline the SAGE Advance Budget approval process and Advance Reviewer role setup in ASTRA.

Advances with financially responsible division or sub-division level organization codes can now be approved by either a division OR department level ASTRA-authorized Advance Reviewer.

If no division level Advance Reviewer is set up, the advance will automatically forward to the department level Reviewer, if one is authorized in ASTRA.

Need Both Division and Department Level Reviewers?

If you need to assign someone the Advance Reviewer role at both the division and department level, make sure to assign division-level authorizations first, before department-level.

Reminder: An Advance Reviewer is Required

The Advance Reviewer role is required to approve advance budget requests in SAGE. If there are no Advance Reviewers authorized for your organization in ASTRA, the advance will be blocked from routing, and a notification will be sent to sagehelp@uw.edu.

What if I already authorized Advance Reviewers in ASTRA at the division level?

If you already authorized Advance Reviewers in ASTRA at only the division level, you can either keep your authorizations as is or you can remove the division level reviewers and replace them with a department level reviewer.

Please keep in mind, if there is no division level reviewer, a department level reviewer is required.