March 18, 2024 SAGE Suite Release Notes


  • Updated Routing Rules for eGC1 Approvals: Dermatology, Health Metrics, Bothell Goodlad Center, and Harborview Medical Center now have new routing rules.

SAGE Budget

  • FY2025 Preliminary Benefit Rates Available: As part of the Finance Transformation remediation work, the storage of preliminary benefit rates has switched from the eFECs group to ORIS. The new preliminary rates for Fiscal Year 2025 are updated and available in SAGE Budget.

SAGE Advances

  • Workday Award ID Added to Advance Request Header: For additional transparency, new and renewal Advances now display the Workday Award ID in the header after the Advance is processed. If there is a legacy budget number (from pre-Workday Finance) associated with a renewal advance, it will display in the header as well.

SAGE Central

  • Tasklist Performance Improvements (Released 3/11/24): To aid the SAGE stabilization efforts and improve performance, the Applications Tasklist in SAGE Central has been updated. OSP and GCA will now see faster response time when the tasklist loads and when searching.
  • Royalty Research Fund (RRF) Application Scoring Updates: RRF scoring methodology for applications in SAGE Central has been updated. The scoring range is now 0-10 per area.

Miscellaneous Maintenance

  • Load Reduction on HRP Web Service: Updates were made to reduce SAGE’s load on the UW-IT HRP web services that SAGE depends on for personnel lookups.