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August 2018 SAGE Maintenance Release


Updated EH&S reviewer emails

Automated emails sent to eGC1 reviewers in Environmental Health & Safety have been updated to reference the new Non-Fiscal Compliance questions.

Originating Sponsor now required for eGC1s with flow-through funding

When the eGC1 indicates the presence of flow-through funding on the Details page, selection of an Originating Sponsor will now be required prior to completing the eGC1.

Minor updates, infrastructure, and bug fixes for Non-Fiscal Compliance

Following the 5/17 release of the Non-Fiscal Compliance page, a number of minor updates, infrastructure improvements, and bug fixes are included to stabilize that section going forward with completion of the SAGE Compliance Improvements project.


Assign NSF sponsored eGC1s to GCC in OSP upon completion

When the eGC1’s Sponsor or Originating Sponsor is the National Science Foundation, the OSP assignment will now default to the GCC role on the appropriate team.

Assign eGC1s with IPA/JPA/Staff Assignment SPA Type to GCC in OSP upon completion

When the eGC1’s Sponsored Program Activity Type is the IPA/JPA/Staff Assignment, the OSP assignment will now default to the GCC role on the appropriate team.

Auto-Generated Cover Letter now allows standard and fellowship opening on all eGC1s

The Application Cover Letter to Sponsor auto-generated documented in SPAERC now allows OSP to choose between “Standard” and “Fellowship” openings. Previously, this choice only displayed on eGC1s that included personnel with a role type of “Fellow.”

SPAERC background lightened for improved contrast/readability

The background color in SPAERC has been lightened to provide more contrast with the text to improve readability.

October 2017 SAGE Compliance Release 1

As part of a larger effort to improve usability and content of the eGC1 Compliance page, this release makes a number of alterations to better focus the Compliance page on non-fiscal compliance questions. This was accomplished by either removing questions or relocating them to more intuitive sections of the eGC1.

There are more changes coming to the Compliance page in a later release that will build upon these enhancements.

Compliance Page Changes

Question Change
FG-1 Cost Share Relocated to Budget & Fiscal Compliance page
FG-2 Conducted off campus Replaced by Activity Locations section
FG-3 F&A at less than federally negotiated rate Relocated to Budget & Fiscal Compliance page
FG-4 New, rental or renovation Relocated to Activity Locations page
FG-5 Compensation for overtime Removed
FG-6 Deliverables Removed
FG-7 Administrative support Relocated to Budget and Fiscal Compliance page
FG-8 Interdisciplinary facilities Relocated to the PI, Personnel & Organizations page
FG-9 Review by other organization Relocated to the PI, Personnel & Organizations page
NG-1 Advancement assistance Removed
NG-3 Originating sponsor Relocated to the Details page with other sponsor information

New Activity Locations Page

A new page has been added to the eGC1 that centralizes details related to the location of research activities in a proposal.

This page includes relocated questions, as well as more detailed tracking on each location where UW work will take place. The sections on this page are:

Activity Locations

  • Includes identification of each location where UW research activities are taking place along with details helpful for budgeting and F&A rate determination.
  • The Location Search integrates with the UW’s space tracking system GeoSIMS, allowing you to partially enter a facility name, address or facility code and populate the eGC1 with the data for that location.
  • You can also manually enter locations not found in GeoSIMS.

Space Planning

  • Includes the “construction or renovation” question formerly on the Compliance page, along with approval details when answered ‘Yes’.

International Involvement

  • Includes the international involvement question and country identification formerly on the Details page. Country is now sourced from the more comprehensive international standard ISO 3166.

This new page introduces an updated, intuitive and more modern experience for SAGE. Based on feedback from users, we will be incrementally updating SAGE to new design standards with each new release.

Fiscal Compliance Combined with Budget

The existing FG-1, FG-3, and FG-7 compliance questions related to fiscal compliance have been relocated to the top of the Budget page (now rebranded “Budget & Fiscal Compliance”), along with the useful explanations when ‘Yes’ is selected.

Details Page Updates

The existing NG-3 “originating sponsor” compliance question has been relocated to the Details page directly below the Sponsor selection.

The international involvement question has been relocated to the Activity Locations page.

PI, Personnel, & Organizations Page Updates

The existing FG-8 Compliance question on interdisciplinary facilities, service centers, etc. has been relocated to the PI, Personnel, & Organizations page. In a previous release, the FG-9 “other organizational reviewers” question was relocated to this page as well. With these two changes, you can now better manage your eGC1 approvals in one location.

SAGE Toolbar Update

The “reset form” icon on the upper SAGE toolbar has been removed. Removal of this rarely used feature will allow the application design to progress to more modern standards.

SPAERC: Intellectual Property Questions Added to FA/PAC/NAA

A new question has been added to the FAs, PACs, and NAAs in SPAERC for OSP post-award administrators to indicate when an agreement includes an upfront exclusive commercial license or ownership over the project’s intellectual property. CoMotion will receive notification when these are marked YES in order to get a jump start on IP negotiation.

SPAERC: BUG FIX – Internal OSP Notes no longer display in SAGE Subawards “Latest Update”

An issue that was causing internal OSP notes for subawards to display in SAGE under “Latest Update” for requests in process has been resolved. The “Latest Update” will now only display the most recent status update and any accompanying comments to/from campus and OSP.

My sponsor requires cost sharing. What do I do?

The first step is to verify with the Dean’s Office or Provost that they will participate in cost sharing. You can then specify the cost sharing on the eGC1 Cost Sharing page.

What if my sponsor doesn’t appear in the Look Up Sponsor results?

This means the Sponsor has not yet been added to the SAGE database. Follow the instructions on the Sponsor Chooser page to send to OSP (osptech@uw.edu) a request to add the sponsor to the database.

March 2015 SAGE Maintenance Release

New Features

eGC1 Sponsor Deadline Now Includes Time of Day and Time Zone

In order to better monitor and meet proposal submission deadlines, eGC1 preparers will now be asked to provide the specific time of day and time zone for which the applications are due. These fields will display alongside the existing sponsor due date field, and will be required entry.

Added Space between Box and Number in PI Addresses on Grant Runner Forms

A minor update was made to add a space between the word “Box” and the box number in the PI address on the SF424 and Key Persons Expanded forms in Grant Runner. This change will now present the address in the appropriate format.

Grant Runner Now Supports More Special Characters

In an early February 2015 release, Grants.Gov updated their systems to allow many of the special characters that were problematic with submissions in the past to go through successfully. With this release we are updating SAGE Grant Runner to take advantage of this change as well. Grant Runner will no longer generate a validation error when users enter special characters such tildes, curly quotes, umlauts and other accent marks. This update will result in fewer submission errors and a more accurate read of the intended content.


Removed Lines in eGC1 PDF Format

A recent upgrade of our PDF software caused inadvertent lines to show around tables of information in the eGC1 PDF due to a new default released with the software. We have applied an update that will revert the eGC1 PDF back to its former look and feel.

The sponsor is the funding agency to which you are applying for funding.

Use the Look Up Sponsor button to open the Sponsor Chooser.  You can search by all or part of a sponsor name, or by the Parent Sponsor Name. Search for and select your sponsor. For a Grant Runner application, you will have selected the sponsor in the wizard.

Note: If you cannot find your sponsor, please follow the instructions on the chooser page to send a request to OSP (osptech@uw.edu) to add the sponsor to the database. If you use a “pending” sponsor as a placeholder, you can start routing your application for approval, but only with RTS=No.

The Sponsor Name, Sponsor Type and Parent sponsor name (if there is one) are automatically filled in by SAGE.

The address and contact fields are not required, but we strongly recommend that you fill them in, as the values are used in the sponsor cover letter sent by OSP.

  • For the Address, City, State, Zip, and Country fields, enter the application mailing address of the sponsor as it appears in the sponsor’s application instructions or enter the name and web address (URL) of the sponsor’s electronic proposal submission system (for example: Grants.gov, Research.gov) in the Address field.
  • For the Contact Name, Contact Phone, and Contact Email fields, enter the information for the person to be contacted with questions or issues (optional).

E G C one sponsor section

Once you have added the sponsor, the Change the sponsor? link displays below the contact information. Note: This link will not appear for a Grant Runner application, as the sponsor is added in the wizard. You cannot change the sponsor once you have completed the wizard.

Originating (Prime) Sponsor

Following the change link, a question about originating sponsor displays. The question reads: Does the funding originate from a different entity than the sponsor listed above (flow-through)? You must answer this question.

If you answer Yes, a button displays for you to look up the sponsor.  Once you’ve selected the originating sponsor, its Name, Type, and Parent Name (if there is one) display.  You will also see links to change or remove the originating sponsor.

E G C one originating sponsor details

Use this chooser whenever you are looking up a sponsor across all of the SAGE Suite except for SAGE Budget and Advances, which use a type-ahead style search.

You can search by the sponsor’s name or by the name of its parent, if it has one.

In the chooser, enter the search value in the text box, select Sponsor Name or Parent Sponsor Name from the drop-down menu, then click the Search button. You can use the Cancel link, or the X in the upper right corner, to return to the page your were on without completing the search process.

The following image shows the chooser.

sponsor chooser dialog

Search by Sponsor Name

You must enter at least two characters when searching by name. The results will include any sponsor whose name includes those characters. Since many sponsor names include their common acronyms, you can try searching for that. For example: NIH, NSF, DOD.

Search by Parent Sponsor Name

When searching by parent, the results will include any sponsor whose parent name includes the characters entered.

Search Results

The results list includes the Sponsor or Agency Name, Parent Name (if there is one), and Sponsor Type. To select a sponsor, click on the Sponsor or Agency Name. The following image shows an example results list.

example results list for sponsor chooser

Sponsor Not Found

If there are no matching results for your search, the message “Sorry, no result for your search.” will display. If you have searched several ways to find your sponsor and can’t, it may be that it isn’t in the Sponsor database.

If you cannot locate the sponsor in our database, please complete the following three steps:

  1. Send an email to osptech@uw.edu with the name of the sponsor, any contact information you have for the sponsor (website, physical address, etc.) and a brief description of the organization. OSP will research your request and update the sponsor database as appropriate.
  2. Type the word “Pending” in the Search for: field on this page, and then click Search. Select the Sponsor Type most appropriate for your sponsor from the list of pending sponsors. When you select a pending sponsor, you will be returned to the Application Details Page. Under Sponsor enter the sponsor’s name and address in the Address field.
  3. Upon confirmation from OSP that the sponsor has been added, update your eGC1 with the correct sponsor information and proceed to the PI and Personnel page to send SFI disclosure notifications.

Where the Sponsor Chooser is Used in an eGC1

  • The sponsor on the Details page
  • The originating sponsor on the Details page
  • The sponsor in the Grant Runner wizard

January 2014 SAGE Release

New Features

SAGE eGC1 copy feature expanded to copy all sponsor info

As requested by campus in the ORIS Survey, the SAGE eGC1 copy feature will be expanded to also copy the sponsor address and contact information (if the sponsor on the original eGC1 is still active). Users will need to review the information to ensure it is up to date and accurate, but this change should reduce their data entry efforts.

SAGE Search Enhancements: Personnel look up added to eGC1s search

The PI Name field has been replaced with a more general Personnel field which allows users to search for any person listed on the PI & Personnel page. Once they have selected a person, they can refine their search by using the Role Type (Principal Investigator, Fellow, etc.) drop-down menu. They can also combine this search with the new Search Scope feature to find all the eGC1s a researcher is named on.

SAGE Search: Show all results beyond access

Users now have the option of expanding searches to include all eGC1s. The search results will display all eGC1s that match the specified criteria. This enhancement will allow users to more easily find proposals that include personnel they’re responsible for. Previously, search results were limited to only those eGC1s that users could access. They will still only be able to open eGC1s they have access to. However, the research results now display a new column containing a link to the eGC1 contacts so users may contact them to ask questions and/or to request access.

Addition of Seattle Cancer Care Alliance to Locations list

Research administrators for clinical trials have indicated an increase in work performed at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, and therefore requested to see this site added to the Locations drop down list in the compliance explanations section (FG-2). They will no longer need to select “other” and manually enter an address for SCCA with this change. SCCA is considered off-campus.

September 2013 SAGE Maintenance Release

New Features

New Public Health Service (PHS) Sponsor Web site

  • To make it easy to find the list of current Public Health Service sponsors, we created a new PHS Sponsors web page.The FCOI online training and other communications will have links to this page.

SAGE Record retention – Removing aged eGC1 attachments

  • In compliance with the UW Records Retention policy, on October 1st, 2013, we will be removing attachments from grant applications (eGC1s) which were never awarded and have a sponsor deadline before January 9, 2009. This will free up storage space and simplify data management. The eGC1s without their attachments will remain in SAGE for reporting purposes. We informed all affected PIs on September 19, 2013.

Users are no longer able to send disclosure notifications from eGC1’s where the sponsor name is “Pending – Notify OSP of Correct Sponsor”

  • If the sponsor has not yet been filled in, you will not be able to send the notifications either. This will help ensure that the correct disclosure rules and requirements are applied when the investigators are updating their SFI in FIDS.

We have improved the organization of the disclosures on the PI & Personnel pages.

  • The primary disclosure will display in italics, followed by related disclosures ordered from most recent to oldest. Users will be able to view the one-year history of all of an Investigator’s submitted disclosures by clicking the new Investigator Disclosure History link.