January 2020 SAGE Maintenance Release

SAGE Suite-Wide

Session Timeout Handling Improvements

When any open SAGE Suite application is left idle for 40 minutes (this can vary if you have other applications open that require UW authentication), users will now see an on-screen warning that their SAGE session will time out in 5 minutes without further activity. Renewing your 45 minute session can be done by simply clicking “Keep Working” in the warning pop-up. If your session expires, the system will automatically redirect you to a login page. This change will provide clear and consistent handling of session time-outs, reducing user confusion and accidental data loss.


Improved eGC1 Status Handling at the Time of Award

An eGC1’s status changes to “Awarded” when a child funding action is initially sent to GCA. However, there were certain circumstances when the eGC1 status wasn’t updating appropriately if the child funding action was returned to OSP and then re-parented to a new eGC1. To catch these cases, the eGC1 status will also update to “Awarded” if the child funding action is “Re-Sent by OSP” to GCA. Existing eGC1s in “Approved” status with a child funding action in “Processed” status were updated to “Awarded” status.


Update Subaward Expiration Rules (delayed release)

The nightly batch job that updates the subaward status was simplified, and now evaluates Subaward End Date only. If the Subaward End Date is in the past, then the status is changed to “Expired”. If a new modification is approved, the subaward status will be changed to Active once again.


Funding Action and Post-Award Change Receipt Contact Updates

The electronic Funding Action (FA) and Post-Award Change (PAC) receipt PDFs that are sent to award contacts have been updated to include updated OSP and GCA contact information in the footer.


SFI Value of Compensation Label Update

The significant financial interest form in FIDS has been updated to clarify that the “Value of Compensation” should be annualized — “Annual Value of Compensation”.

MyResearch Integrations

RegID included in SAGE API to MyResearch

RegID is now being provided from SAGE to MyResearch as a unique identifier to associate people to their eGC1s and Awards. While working in this area, an issue was resolved that had caused RegID to not be captured for PI changes on funding actions. Historical gaps in RegID data were also corrected.