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UW graduate student Katherine Heal (far right) attaches a water collection bottle to an oceanographic instrument that will be lowered in water off WashingtonOne youngster works here with Kirsten Rowell in tide pools on the California Coast.Iceberg from Jakobshavn Glacier floating in Disko Bay.This graphical representation shows the layers of the 2-D LED and how it emits light.Humpback whale breaching off the coast of Juneau, Alaska.An example of a vortex ring, also called a toroidal bubble.Finland’s Hyytiälä Forest, where researchers collected field measurements.

Vitamin water

Measuring essential nutrients in the ocean

Natural history decline

Scientists call for revitalization

Greenland's fastest glacier

Observations show new speed record

Thinnest-possible LEDs

UW scientists build stronger, more energy efficient LEDs

More Whales and ships in the Bering Strait

Recordings detect more species in the area

Solving a physics mystery

Those ‘solitons’ are really vortex rings

Pine forest particles

They appear out of thin air and influence climate

Astronomers: ‘Tilt-a-worlds’ could harbor life

Tilted orbits such as those shown might make some planets wobble like a top that's almost done spinning, an effect that could maintain liquid water on the surface, thus giving life a chance -- according to new research by UW astronomer Rory Barnes.

A fluctuating tilt in a planet's orbit does not preclude the possibility of life, according to new research by astronomers at the University of Washington, Utah's Weber State University and NASA. In fact, sometimes it helps. Read More…

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Uniform Grant Guidance (Omni-Circular)

The Office of Management and Budget released its grant reform regulations called the Uniform Grant Guidance (Omni-Circular). This guidance relates to administrative requirements, cost principles and audit requirements for federal awards.

The Omni Guidance Core Team was assembled to track and report on differences between past and new federal requirements including policy, procedure, and system changes. See the Uniform Grant Guidance webpage for timelines, and UW and federal/sponsor information.

Uniform Grant Guidance (Omni-Circular)

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