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Researchers Making Impact for a World of Good

Studying the flight of moths could improve the design of robotic planes

Researchers Making Impact for a World of Good

Collecting health data to help decision-makers prioritize health spending

Researchers Making Impact for a World of Good

Developing affordable solar cells using earth abundant elements

Researchers Making Impact for a World of Good

Improving your drive with real-time massive data

Researchers Making Impact for a World of Good

Shellfish farmers need to know why 70-80% of their shellfish larvae are dying

Uniform Grant Guidance (Omni-Circular)

The Office of Management and Budget released its grant reform regulations called the Uniform Grant Guidance (Omni-Circular). This guidance relates to administrative requirements, cost principles and audit requirements for federal awards.

The Omni Guidance Core Team was assembled to track and report on differences between past and new federal requirements including policy, procedure, and system changes. See the Uniform Grant Guidance webpage for timelines, and UW and federal/sponsor information.

Resources for T32 Training Grants

Questions about how to prepare and manage your NIH institutional training grant? Find answers at the "Guidance for NIH Institutional Training Grants" website for tips and tricks for the lifecycle of the grant:

  • New post-award resources
  • Completed tables with template spreadsheets for tracking and manipulating table data
  • Sample RCR and diversity enhancement plans for proposals
  • Advice for setting up appointments
  • Best practices and template spreadsheet for tracking budgets

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