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Image of MURI Grant winner Radha Poovendran

5yr MURI Grant

Research begins on defense against advanced cyberattacks

Image of Navid Azodi and Thomas Pryor using sign language glove

Translating Sign Language Gloves

Undergrad team wins $10,000 prize

Group image of the team who accomplished digital data storage into DNA

Storing Digital Images in DNA

Research shows data could be reduced substantially

Image of Mitchell, O'Toole and Rao

3 UW Researchers Recognized

Guggenheim Foundation awards Mitchell, O'Toole & Rao

F&A Rate Change Guidance

Negotiations for the UW's new Facilities & Administrative (F&A) rates are completed and are now applicable for FY2015-2020. Use the new rates for new & competing proposals immediately. New rates and guidance on how to apply them are available here.

Important Notification of Required Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) Training

If you are a PHS-Funded Investigator you are required by federal regulations to complete FCOI training within four years of the date your initial FCOI training was completed. Access this streamlined online training on the FCOI webpage. Completion of this training will be automatically recorded in SAGE and appear in your MyResearch Training Transcript - there is nothing more you need to do! Proposal submission will be delayed if this training requirement is not met.

Required: All Investigators applying for or participating in PHS-Funded research.

Encouraged: All faculty, students, and staff who participate in University research.

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