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April 11, 2024

4/11/24 SAGE Update

The following email was sent to the SAGE and MRAM mailing lists on Thursday, 4/11/24, following the SAGE release.

The following features were released to SAGE this evening. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at sagehelp@uw.edu.

SAGE eGC1 Update

  • Principal Investigator (PI) Escalation Process Remediated: When PI Escalation is selected on an eGC1 Certify & Route page, the reviewer for the Cost Center Receiving Funding is now able to approve the eGC1 on the PI’s behalf in their absence.

SAGE Budget Updates & Fixes

  • Budget Navigation & Snapshot Help Text Updates: Within SAGE Budget, the left navigation menu text of an open budget has been updated from “History” to “Snapshots & History.” Once selected, additional help text clarifies the use of snapshots for Award Modifications.
  • Improved Performance on Complex Budgets: Technical improvements have been made to decrease the time it takes to load and save large, complex SAGE budgets, improving SAGE stability by reducing timeouts experienced by users.
  • Fix: Worksheet Custom F&A Saving Issues: An issue has been resolved where users were at times experiencing long wait times when saving custom F&A settings.

SAGE Awards Updates & Fixes

  • Character Limit for Return Comments Increased: When reviewers return Award Setup Requests (ASRs) or Modification Requests (MODs) to campus users, reviewers now may enter up to 1,000 characters when adding comments for return reasons.
  • Fix: Missing Workday Awards Synced to SAGE: The Workday award numbers now display for all processed award requests (Advance, Award Setup, and Modification Requests).Note: This fix was implemented as a patch on 3/27/2024 to address missing award ID reports.
  • Fix: Award PI Not Displaying on the Award Requests List: When a PI is changed on an award, users now see the current Workday Award PI on the Award Requests List, instead of the PI at the time of the request.
  • Fix: Changing the Award Preparer Blocks ASR Resubmissions: Changing the Award Preparer while an ASR is in process no longer causes errors when attempting to resubmit returned ASRs.
  • Fix: Ad Hoc Award Reviewer Events and Comments Not Saving: Ad Hoc Approver actions (approvals or returns) now log as event records in the Comments & History section, and reviewer comments are now saved as expected.Note: An update is still required to implement sending an email notification to the Award Preparer when an Ad Hoc Approver returns an item.

SAGE Subawards Update

  • Subaward Performance Improvements: Performance improvements have been implemented to decrease the processing time required to open and submit subawards.

SAGE Central Updates

  • Funding Entity Name Default in Admin Actions: When an Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) user creates a new admin action that is linked to an eGC1, the current sponsor name from FECDM will default, instead of the original SAGE sponsor name from the eGC1.

Award Email Notifications

  • Award Notifications Updated: Notification formats for ADVs, ASRs, and MODs have been updated to provide clarity on when action is needed and by whom.

Miscellaneous Maintenance

  • SAGE No Longer Sends $0 Rows to Workday Plans: The SAGE integration to Workday has been updated so that rows with $0 amounts will not be integrated into Award Plans. This was occurring at times when PIs were added to SAGE budgets with no costs, or when line items existed with no costs in the current period.
  • Error Handling Updated for Dependent Services: To improve SAGE stabilization, improvements have been made to error handling when external services that SAGE depends on are unavailable. This will reduce load on the servers when issues arise that prevent SAGE from retrieving data from those systems and services.
  • Required Security Updates: To keep SAGE up-to-date with security needs, the technology used for development of SAGE user interfaces (Node, Angular, Nx) has been updated to the most recent versions.

If you have any questions or encounter issues, please reach out to sagehelp@uw.edu. We appreciate your patience.

The Office of Research Information Services (ORIS)