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IRB 101 Online Tutorial

IRB 101: Get Started Fast

About the Requirement

Students and medical residents who are listed as the principal investigator (PI) on an IRB application are required to take a one-time, on-demand, e-learning tutorial about getting started with the IRB. The IRB 101 tutorial covers the basics of human subjects research and provides important practical information about navigating the IRB process at UW. The tutorial takes approximately 60 minutes to complete. HSD staff may begin application review before the training is completed, but the student or medical resident PI must provide verification that the training has been completed before an IRB application can be approved or given an exempt determination.

How to Provide Training Documentation

After completing the IRB 101 tutorial, you have the option to print a course certificate. You must save a copy of the completion certificate. The tutorial does not automatically provide HSD with records of course completion. The course certificate must be uploaded as a supporting document in your Zipline IRB application. HSD staff will verify that the certificate has been provided before the IRB application receives an exempt determination or IRB approval.

Detailed Steps

  1. Complete the IRB 101 Online Tutorial
    • On the “About This Tutorial” slide, make sure you select that you need to obtain a certificate
    • After you submit your attestation that you completed the tutorial, you will see the option to “Print Certificate”
  2. Create and save a copy of the training certificate to your files
    • When the certificate file opens, enter your name and the date you completed the tutorial (this does not automatically generate)
    • Hit the “Save” button on the certificate, or go to File>Save As
    • Save the file to a location of your choosing
  3. Upload your training certificate to your Zipline application
    • Go to the Local Site Documents page of your Zipline application
    • Select “Add” in Question 3 “Other Attachments”
    • Select your completed training certificate and click “OK”
    • Save the change to your application


Why is the IRB 101 tutorial required for students and residents?

Student and resident researchers are typically the most inexperienced with conducting human subjects research and the least likely to be required to take human subjects training because of an external funding requirement. Adding an institutional requirement to complete the IRB 101 tutorial covers an important gap by providing IRB training to novice researchers who are not otherwise required to receive training on conducting human subjects research.

What do I need to complete the tutorial?

To complete the tutorial, you need a UW NetID and password, an Internet connection and internet enabled device (a computer works best), and the ability to save a document and upload it to Zipline (the electronic IRB system).

Do I need to complete the tutorial in one session?

We recommend that you complete the tutorial in one session. However, if you need to pause and come back to the tutorial, you have the option to restart or resume. If you select resume, the tutorial will load the last slide that you viewed.

Does IRB 101 meet the human subjects training requirement for NIH and other funding organizations?

No. The UW IRB 101 requirement for students and residents is separate from the human subjects training requirement for NIH and other funding organizations. If the student or resident researcher is required to meet the human subjects requirement for NIH or another funding agency, they must also complete take the human subjects training available through the CITI Program.

Who can users contact with questions or for help?

Any issues or questions should be directed to hsdinfo@uw.edu. This email address is monitored during regular business hours.