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List of Past Awardees

Download a spreadsheet of RRF-Awards-since-2012 to the present.

January 2022 Awardees

  • Abadi, Shima (Bothell Engineering and Math)
    Exploring the use of Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) data for Ocean Acoustics
    RRF Scholar
  • Abrahms, Briana (Biology)
    Elucidating the effects of temperature variation on species interactions in free-ranging carnivores
  • Bailkin, Jordanna (History)
    Friends and Neighbors: Sociability and Loneliness in Modern Britain
    RRF Scholar
  • Benson, Lyndsey (Obstetrics and Gynecology)
    Co-PI Ian Glass (Pediatrics)
    The experience of women asked to donate fetal tissue for research
  • Bergsman, David (Chemical Engineering)
    Vapor Phase Infiltration of Polydimethylsiloxane into Polymer Membranes for Improved Thermal and Chemical Stability
  • Cho, Heekyoung (Asian Languages and Literature)
    The Platformization of Art: Korean Graphic Narrative and Literature in the Digital Age
    RRF Scholar
  • Dong, Yue (International Studies)
    Dust of Revolution: The Story of Lingke and Baoshu
    RRF Scholar
  • Fang, Angela (Psychology)
    Oxytocinergic Mechanisms of Social Safety Learning in Women with Social Anxiety Disorder
  • Feldner, Heather (Rehabilitation Medicine)
    The Disability Equity Project: Pilot testing and evaluation of a bespoke, translational disability allyship curriculum
  • Groom, Martha (Bothell Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences)
    Impacts of Undergraduate Equity and Inclusion Programs on Partner Organizations: A Case Study of how DDCSP impacts Conservation Organizations
  • Hyde, Jennifer (Microbiology)
    Role of the viral 3’UTR in immune evasion emergence of pathogenic viruses
  • Kachikis, Alisa (Obstetrics and Gynecology)
    Presence and neutralization activity of maternally-derived antibodies in infants after SARS-CoV-2 vaccination in pregnancy in interval follow up after delivery
  • Kim, Jeansok (Psychology)
    Real-time monitoring of how stress alters hippocampal neuronal activities
  • Knight, David (College of Education)
    Strategic School Staffing in a Time of Transition: Assessing Changes in K-12 Educator Turnover and Hiring Following COVID-19 Closures to Facilitate Sustainable School Reopening
  • Koutnik, Michelle (Earth and Space Sciences)
    What is the origin of the mid-latitude, near-surface table ice on Mars? New investigations of coastal ice exposures in the Canadian Arctic as analogues to ice-exposing scarps on Mars
  • Meeske, Alexander (Microbiology)
    Immunological memory generation by RNA-targeting CRISPR-Cas systems
  • Moreno, Claudia (Physiology and Biophysics)
    Co-PIs Alejandro Rico-Guevara (Biology) and Oscar Vivas (Physiology and Biophysics)
    Mechanisms of heart rate adaptation in the hummingbird
  • Mudumbai, Raghu (Ophthalmology)
    A 6-month randomized, controlled, crossover, non-inferiority trial evaluating the efficacy, safety, and pharmacoeconomic impact of Nanodropper adaptor-mediated microdrops of intraocular pressure-lowering topical ophthalmic medications in glaucoma
  • Nehra, Deepika (Surgery)
    Using Smartphones to Capture Patient-Reported Recovery Metrics after Injury
  • Novetzke, Christian (International Studies)
    A Flower of Fire: Religion, Caste, and Gender in the Political Poetry of Savitribai Phule (1831-1897)
    RRF Scholar
  • Shu, Zhiquan (Tacoma Engineering & Technology)
    Co-PI Dayong Gao (Mechanical Engineering)
    Long-term Cryopreservation of Organs by Vitrification and Electromagnetic Rewarming for Organ Banking and Transplantation
  • Thomas, Wendy (Bioengineering)
    Co-PI Stephen Polyak (Laboratory Medicine)
    Conformational regulation by antibodies and inflammation in COVID-19
  • Thuma, Emily (Tacoma Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences)
    Decriminalize Survival: An Archive of Activism
    RRF Scholar
  • Wiggins, Ellwood (German)
    Strange Pity: Philoctetes and the Ethics of Sympathy from the Trojan to the Iraq Wars
    RRF Scholar
  • Williams, Nathalie (International Studies)
    Co-PIs Zack Almquist, Kyle Crowder, Jerald Herting, Patricia Louie (Sociology); Mark Ellis (Geography); Sara Curran (Evans School of Public Affairs)
    Feasibility Study for Puget Sound Longitudinal Health and Wellbeing Data Project: Sound Data for a Healthy Sound
  • Wood, Gwendolyn (Department of Medicine, Allergy and Infectious Disease)
    A mouse model of Mycoplasma genitalium genital tract infection for preclinical testing of novel antimicrobials
  • Yankowitz, Matthew (Physics)
    A novel high-pressure platform for the thermodynamic characterization of layered quantum materials