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List of Past Awardees

RRF Past Awardees

June 2020 Awardees

  • Ahern, Mallory (Cinema and Media Studies)
    Factory Forms: Reproducing Images in the First Age of Automation
    RRF Scholar
  • Arar, Rawan (Law, Societies, and Justice)
    “We Should Have Blackmailed the EU Like Turkey Did”: Syrian Refugees and Governance in Jordan
    RRF Scholar
  • Baylor, Carolyn (Rehabilitation Medicine)
    Improving patient-reported communication outcomes for transgender individuals
  • Clare, Stephanie (English)
    Canadian Settler Biologies and Queer Kin: A Case Study
    RRF Scholar
  • Den Hartigh, Laura (Medicine – Metabolism, Endocrinology, and Nutrition)
    FGF21 regulation of adipocyte metabolism
  • Fani, Aria (Near Eastern Languages and Civilization)
    Making Persian Literature: Iran and Afghanistan in the Age of Romantic Nationalism
    RRF Scholar
  • Freije, Vanessa (International Studies)
    The Struggle for New Information Orders in Mexico
  • Friedman, Kathie (International Studies)
    The Impact of Refugee Backgrounds on Second Generation Civic Participation
    RRF Scholar
  • Gottlieb, Geoffrey (Medicine – Allergy and Infectious Diseases)
    Antiretroviral activity of next-generation integrase inhibitors against HTLV-1 and HTLV-2
  • Haerling, Katie (Nursing and Healthcare Leadership – Tacoma)
    Examining Theory-Based Debriefing Practices after Virtual Simulation Experiences
  • Hague, Chris (Pharmacology)
    Incorporating proximity labeling proteomics to identify GPCR interacting proteins
  • Huppert, Ann (Architecture)
    Building Knowledge: The Culture of Construction in Sixteenth-Century Rome
    RRF Scholar
  • Johnson. Brittany (Environmental and Forest Sciences)
    Investigating the connections between soil, fire, and ecosystem recovery in Washington State: The role of soil water repellency in essential ecosystem processes
  • Jun, Hajin (International Studies)
    Protestantism and the Politics of Ritual Change in Colonial Korea
    RRF Scholar
  • Kayaoglu, Turan (Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences – Tacoma)
    Rethinking Islam and Human Rights: Voices from the Grassroots
  • Kim, Sunwoong (Engineering and Mathematics – Bothell)
    Accelerating Homomorphic Encryption Using FPGAs on a Cloud Platform
  • Lam, Lawrence (Engineering and Mathematics – Bothell)
    Noninvasive Muscle Activity Diagnostic
  • Lu, Chan (Asian Languages and Literature)
    Home background, classroom discourse, narrative skills, and reading success among school age children in language immersion programs
    RRF Scholar
  • Malakooti, Mohammad (Mechanical Engineering)
    A New Nanoscale Building Block for Stretchable Electronics
  • Maxwell, Sara (Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences – Bothell)
    Understanding Potential Impacts of Offshore Wind Energy on Seabirds on the US West Coast
  • Mu, Qingxin (Pharmaceutics)
    Long-acting drug combination nanoparticles for targeting and inhibition of metastatic triple negative breast cancer
  • Noss, Erika (Medicine – Rheumatology)
    Investigating fibroblast-macrophage interactions in the joint synovial lining
  • Nourmohammad, Armita (Physics)
    Learning the shape space of protein universe to predict function
  • Polagye, Brian (Mechanical Engineering)
    Acoustic µFloat: A Platform for Low-cost, Volumetric Measurements of Underwater Sound
  • Rasmussen, Jeffrey (Biology)
    Molecular and functional characterization of a somatosensory axon-associated cell type in zebrafish skin
  • Santana Mata, Sharlene (Biology)
    Riffell, Jeffrey (Biology)
    Cracking the olfactory code in bats: De-orphanization of olfactory receptors with ecologically-relevant ligands
  • St. John, Alexander (Emergency Medicine)
    Understanding microcirculatory obstruction in critical illness
  • Swanson, Willie (Genome Sciences)
    An evolutionary bioinformatic search for a mammalian homolog of abalone sperm lysin
  • Valdmanis, Paul (Medicine – Medical Genetics)
    Interrogation of synaptic transcripts in Alzheimer’s disease
  • Wills,Andrea (Biochemistry)
    Decoding the metabolic requirements for regenerative competence
  • Woelfle-Erskine, Cleo (Marine and Environmental Affairs)
    Hazard, July (Comparative History of Ideas)
    Using Indigenous science and spatial historical analysis to transform Klamath River Restoration planning

January 2020 Awardees

  • Acolin, Arthur (Real Estate)
    Walter, Rebecca (Real Estate)
    Residential Closing Costs: Drivers of Variation and the Impact on Homebuyers
  • Altman, Molly (Child, Family, and Population Health Nursing)
    Giving Voice to LGBTQ+ Families: Phase 2
  • Athreya, Jayadev (Mathematics)
    Stability Conditions on Categories
  • Begus, Gasper (Linguistics)
    Recovering internal representations of speech data in Generative Adversarial Neural Networks
  • Brown, Mary Beth (Rehabilitation Medicine)
    Maximizing Benefit and Minimizing Cardiotoxicity of Exercise for Duchene Muscular Dystrophy
  • Doty, Sharon (Environmental and Forest Sciences)
    Elucidation of the Symbiosis Activator
  • Evans, Betsy (Linguistics)
    Individual Travel Experience and its Effect on Perceptual Dialectology
  • Furlong, Clement (Medicine – Medical Genetics)
    Development of protocol for determining in utero exposure to organophosphorus insecticides
  • Gagnon, Alexander (Oceanography)
    Saenger, Casey (Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean)
    A new proxy to reconstruct the frequency of past coral bleaching events based on skeletal carbonate-associated nitrogen isotopes
  • Hinds, Stephen (Classics)
    Latin poetry across languages: Getting a book from contract to completion
    RRF Scholar
  • Hoppins, Suzanne (Biochemistry)
    Identification of new dynein adaptor proteins for mitochondrial transport in cells
  • Hybiske, Kevin (Medicine – Allergy and Infectious Diseases)
    Interspecies chimera libraries to define host specific adaptations by Chlamydia
  • Kestenbaum, Bryan (Medicine – Nephrology)
    Biggins, Scott (Medicine – Gastroenterology)
    Kidney Proximal Tubular Secretory Clearance Among Patients with Cirrhosis

  • Kojima, Yoshiko (National Primate Research Center)
    Establishing an animal model of covert saccades that compensate vestibular disorder
  • Light, Bonnie (Applied Physics Laboratory)
    A new laboratory tool for investigating sea ice in the new Arctic
  • Lincoln, Rachael (Dance)
    Long Playing, An Original Evening of Dance Based on the Greatest 150 Albums by Women
    RRF Scholar
  • Malone, Melanie (Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences – Bothell)
    Determining the sources of contamination in urban community gardens
  • Maurer, Brett (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
    Paleoliquefaction Evidence for the Strength of Ground Motions in Cascadia: A Proof-of-Concept for Inverse-Analyzing Ancient Earthquake Relics
  • Micks, Elizabeth (Obstetrics and Gynecology)
    Immune factor changes in the cervicovaginal tract across the menstrual cycle: A meta-analysis and follow-up assays
  • Nichols, Randall (Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences – Tacoma)
    Nintendo: Playing for Power
  • Paredez, Alexander (Biology)
    Cellular signaling in the regulation of Giardia cyst formation
  • Prugh, Laura (Environmental and Forest Sciences)
    Advancing urban carnivore ecology using noninvasive genetics
  • Riffell, Jeffrey (Biology)
    Neural and behavioral bases of visual and auditory responses in the Aedes aegypti mosquito
  • Scharp, Kristina (Communication)
    Exploring the experiences and coping practices of LBGT adolescents estranged from their parents
  • Schmidt, Benjamin (History)
    Media That Mattered: Material Encounters That Shaped the Early Modern World
    RRF Scholar
  • Swarr, Amanda (Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies)
    Envisioning African Intersex: Challenging Medicine, Race, and Gender in South Africa
    RRF Scholar
  • Vicente Ruiz, Juan (Physiology and Biophysics)
    Microtubule dynamics as a readout for chromosome instability, aneuploidy, and cancer

June 2019 Awardees

  • Adesina, Oyebimpe (Medicine – Hematology)
    The role of low bone mineral density and osteonecrosis in the development of chronic sickle cell pain
  • Bakker, Jonathan (Environmental and Forest Sciences)
    Bacterial endophytes and hemiparasites
  • Bentov, Itay (Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine)
    Ultrasound measurements of masseter sarcopenia: A novel marker of physical frailty in injured older adults
  • Berndt, Andre (Bioengineering)
    Novel approaches for directed evolution of sensor proteins for monitoring neuromodulatory signaling
  • Bosma, Martha (Biology)
    Fairhall, Adrienne (Physiology and Biophysics)
    The role of electrical connectivity in regulating neural activity and behavior in Hydra
  • Bragin, Naomi (Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences – Bothell)
    Hip Hop Dance and the Sensory Politics of Movement
    RRF Scholar
  • Campbell, Elena (History)
    The Northern Turn: Imperial Nation-Building, Development, and Environment in Late Tsarist Russia
    RRF Scholar
  • Collins, Charles (Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences – Bothell)
    The White Anti-Racism Praxis Scale: A Measurement Study
  • Coupe, James (Digital Arts and Experimental Media)
    Quorum, a site-specific installation for Seattle Town Hall
  • Fudge, Tyler (Earth and Space Sciences)
    Antarctic temperature change at low-accumulation sites using borehole thermometry
  • Hille Ris Lambers, Janneke (Biology)
    A tough nut to crack: Assessing how seed predation might influence conifers in a warming world
  • Jahanian, Hesamoddin (Radiology)
    Novel methods to enable functional magnetic resonance imaging of orbitofrontal and basal temporal regions: Applications in Alzheimer’s disease
  • Jessup, Andrew (Applied Physics Laboratory)
    The skin and subskin temperature of seas surrounding the Maritime Continent
  • Johnson, D. Odai (Drama)
    Imagining Rebellion: Theatre, genre, and the shape of imagining regime change
    RRF Scholar
  • Jurcevic, Ines (Public Policy and Governance)
    Do White Americans Reward Racial Minorities Who Undermine Minority-Supporting Efforts?
    RRF Scholar
  • Levitt, Michael (Neurological Surgery)
    Genetic correlates of wall shear stress in a patient-specific 3D-printed cerebral aneurysm model
  • Lin, Lih-Yuan (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
    Perovskite Quantum Dot Distributed Feedback Waveguide Lasers for Integrated Photonics
  • McQuinn, Matthew (Astronomy)
    Predicting the Gravitational Lensing Signatures of Axion Miniclusters
  • Miller, Danica (Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences – Tacoma)
    Puyallup Sovereignties
    RRF Scholar
  • Morris, Robert (Oceanography)
    The effects of low dissolved oxygen concentrations on dark ocean carbon fixation and denitrification by SUP05, a chemosynthetic lineage of bacteria that dominate marine oxygen minimum zones
  • Nishime, LeiLani (Communication)
    Deviant Tech: Asian Women, Labor, and Technological Futures
    RRF Scholar
  • Orsborn, Amy (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
    Assessing how network connectivity shapes learning in brain-machine interfaces
  • Parker, Christopher (Political Science)
    Exploring the Rift on the Right: The Party of Lincoln and the Party of Trump?
  • Sancak, Yasemin (Pharmacology)
    Identification of New Calcium-Regulated Proteins of the Mitochondria
  • Scatena, Marta (Bioengineering)
    Leukocytes activation in cardiopulmonary bypass
  • Schell, Christopher (Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences – Tacoma)
    The hunger games: Food, fear, and the integrative mechanisms driving risk-taking in coyotes
    RRF Scholar
  • Thorpe, Rebecca (Political Science)
    State Violence and the Racial Remapping of American Cities: Suburbanization, Gentrification, and Institutionalized Gangs in Chicago
  • Wang, Chun (Education)
    Developing Cognitive Diagnosis-Based Learning Methods and Platform
  • Watkins, David (Medicine – General Internal Medicine)
    Bridging the gap between evidence and policy: An analysis of opportunities for action on rheumatic heart disease in Uganda
  • Zoellner, Lori (Psychology)
    In the Era of the #MeToo Movement: Memory, Sexual Assault, and Problematic Drinking on Campus

January 2019 Awardees

    • Barnabas, Ruanne (Global Health)
      The impact of drug and alcohol use on HIV/TB treatment outcomes in South Africa
    • Bean, Jennifer (Comparative Literature)
      Junking Modernity: Early Cinema, Globalization and the Question of History
      RRF Scholar
    • Bunn-Marcuse, Kathryn (Art History)
      Digital Assets for G̱a̱lg̱a̱poła (Working Together) – A Collaborative Reframing of Kwag’uł Film and Audio Recordings with Franz Boas, 1930
    • Erickson, Ander (Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences – Tacoma)
      Mathematics on the Internet: Charting a Hidden Curriculum
    • Feuerborn, Laura (Education – Tacoma)
      Beaudoin, Kathleen (Education – Tacoma)
      Student Perceptions of Behavior and Discipline in Middle and High Schools
    • Fourie, Carina (Philosophy)
      Discrimination, Distress, and Dissidence: Promoting Equity Through an Assessment of Social Injustice, Emotions, and Health Inequities
      RRF Scholar
    • Harvey, Brian (Environmental and Forest Sciences)
      A rare opportunity: Gaining insights into current and future forest resilience to wildfire in the western Cascade Mountains
    • Huh, Jang Wook (American Ethnic Studies)
      Transpacific Encounters: Race and Radicalism in the Making of “Afro-Korean” Literature
      RRF Scholar
    • Humphries, Thomas (Engineering and Mathematics – Bothell)
      Si, Dong (Computing and Software Systems – Bothell)
      Deep Learning for Computed Tomography Image Reconstruction
    • Jamison, Aaron (Art)
      Adapted Private and Limited-Access Sites as Vehicle for Capital Manipulation in the Arts
      RRF Scholar
    • Jung, Jin-Kyu (Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences – Bothell)
      Hiebert, Theodor (Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences – Bothell)
      Imagining the Details: Creative-Critical Engagement of Mapping and Imagining
      RRF Scholar
    • Kolodziej, Edward (Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences – Tacoma)
      Improving Environmental Forensics: Resolving and Apportioning Stormwater and Legacy Pollutant Sources with Non-Target High Resolution Mass Spectrometry
    • Kwon, Ronald (Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine)
      A Novel WNT Interaction Underlying Genetic Risk for Osteoporosis
    • Meyers, Stephen (Law, Societies, and Justice)
      What difference does a convention make? Comparing the disabled persons and older persons movements in Jamaica
    • Paparella, Pietro (Engineering and Mathematics – Bothell)
      Novel directions in nonnegative matrices and matrix analysis
    • Parrish, Jay (Biology)
      Molecular mediators of epidermal somatosensory neurite ensheathment
    • Pavlinac, Patricia (Global Health)
      The Epidemiology of Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamase and Macrolide Resistance Genes in Kenyan Children Discharged from Hospital
    • Rane, Swati (Radiology)
      Non-invasive Quantification of Glymphatic Flow in Early Alzheimer’s Disease
    • Scarlett, Jarrad (Pediatrics)
      Mechanisms of Central FGF1 Remission of Diabetic Hyperglycemia
    • Selover, Stephanie (Near Eastern Languages and Civilization)
      Excavating War in Prehistoric Anatolia: The Archaeology of Violence
      RRF Scholar
    • Shechner, David (Pharmacology)
      Elucidating The Assembly Pathway of the Mammalian Nucleolus
    • Tuttle, Sarah (Astronomy)
      Defining the Dark: Quantifying Lyman a Emitters to Map Diffuse Extended Gas
    • Unger, Jennifer (Obstetrics and Gynecology)
      Ronen, Keshet (Global Health)
      Does the message matter? Assessing the effect of SMS content and participant characteristics on engagement and care seeking outcomes from the Mobile WACh studies
    • Velian, Alexandra (Chemistry)
      Bottom-up Synthesis of Ordered, Atomically-Defined Inorganic Materials for Emergent Electronic Properties
    • Walter, Rebecca (Real Estate)
      Restorative Housing Pilot Project
    • Whalen, Caitlin (Applied Physics Laboratory)
      Observing the changing abyssal ocean
    • Williams, Owen (Aeronautics and Astronautics)
      Examination of supersonic retropropulsion flow instability to enable the landing of large payloads on Mars
    • Wirsing, Aaron (Environmental and Forest Sciences)
      Using accelerometers to understand the hunting success of cougars in a human-dominated landscape
    • Yadav, Smita (Pharmacology)
      Stem cell model to investigate early brain overgrowth in autism
    • Yazdan-Shahmorad, Azadeh (Bioengineering)
      A practical model of ischemic stroke for macaques
  • June 2018 Awardees

    • Adams, Marvin (Physiology and Biophysics)
      Determination of dystrophin tertiary structure using cryo-EM
    • Ahuvia, Mika (Jewish Studies)
      Calling on Angels: Jewish Magic, Prayer, Mysticism, and Culture in Late Antiquity
      RRF Scholar
    • Alkire, Matthew (Applied Physics Laboratory)
      Creating data products to evaluate the source(s) of the freshwater increase to the Arctic Ocean, 1990-2015
    • Bothwell, Mark (Physiology and Biophysics)
      CHCHD2 dysfunction in ALS
    • Brown, Andrew (Speech and Hearing Sciences)
      Optimization of hearing-protected auditory localization
    • Doulatov, Sergei (Medicine – Hematology)
      The role of autophagy in human hematopoiesis and bone marrow failure
    • Fu, Kai-Mei (Physics)
      Synthesis of a promising new defect for quantum information processing applications
    • Groening, Stephen (Comparative Literature, Cinema, and Media)
      Television and Collectivity
      RRF Scholar
    • Gunn, Olivia (Scandinavian Studies)
      Empty Nurseries, Queer Occupants: Reproduction and the Future in Ibsen’s Late Plays
    • Hajat, Anjum (Epidemiology)
      Hall, Crystal (Public Affairs)
      Klawitter, Marieka (Public Affairs)
      Stress and Family Finances for Low Income Workers: A Pilot Study of Workplace Financial Coaching
    • Hampson, Sarah (Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences – Tacoma)
      Mobilizing Title IX: Assessing Activist Goals and Institutional Responses
      RRF Scholar
    • Hiniker, Alexis (Information School)
      Preventing Unintended and Malicious Audio Capture on Android Devices
    • Hyde, Jennifer (Microbiology)
      Modulation of innate immune detection by viral RNA structure
    • Interlandi, Gianluca (Bioengineering)
      Effects of oxidation on the thermodynamic stability and binding properties of VWF A domains
    • Jirikowic, Tracy (Rehabilitation Medicine)
      Baylor, Carolyn (Rehabilitation Medicine)
      An exploratory study of environment-level rehabilitation interventions to enhance community participation for children with disabilities and their families
    • Joseph, Ralina (Communication)
      Generation Mixed Goes to School
    • Key, Joey (Physical Sciences – Bothell)
      UW Bothell Gravitational Wave Discovery Space
    • Lessard, Evelyn (Oceanography)
      Implementing and deploying an Imaging FlowCytobot on the Friday Harbor Labs Ocean Observatory for monitoring and studying harmful algal blooms in the northern Salish Sea
    • Levaniouk, Olga (Classics)
      Wedding Poetics in the Iliad
      RRF Scholar
    • Lin, James (Taiwan Studies)
      Taiwanese Agrarian Development in the Global South
      RRF Scholar
    • Mayo-Wilson, Conor (Philosophy)
      Likelihood: Law and Principle
      RRF Scholar
    • Nelson, Alshakim (Chemistry)
      Fabrication of hydrogel-based tubes as model systems toward the development of anatomical models and implants
    • Oehme, Annegret (Germanics)
      Entangled Traditions: Crossing Borders in Yiddish and German Arthurian Tales
      RRF Scholar
    • Park, James (Surgery)
      Wilbur, D. Scott (Radiation Oncology)
      Targeted Alpha-Particle Radioimmunotherapy of Hepatocellular Carcinoma
    • Perlmutter, Steve (Physiology and Biophysics)
      Developing an In Vitro Model of Corticospinal Connectivity and Regeneration
    • Sniadecki, Nathan (Mechanical Engineering)
      Thomas, Wendy (Bioengineering)
      DNA Nanospacing Platform for Multiscale Biomechanics
    • Snyder-Mackler, Noah (Psychology)
      Functional genomics of high-altitude adaptation in a nonhuman primate model
    • Sotoodehnia, Nona (Medicine – Cardiology)
      Establishing a Novel Rheumatic Heart Disease Screening Program: A Feasibility Study
    • Stromberg, Caroline (Biology)
      PhytAID (Phytolith Automated IDentification system): A proposal to develop and test an automated online phytolith identification system using computer vision and machine learning methods
    • Swaine, Michael (Art)
      RRF Scholar
    • Swann, Abigail (Atmospheric Sciences)
      Maize yield under a changing climate: The hidden role of vapor pressure deficit
    • Wang, Junlan (Mechanical Engineering)
      Arola, Dwayne (Materials Science and Engineering)
      Functionally Graded Intermetallic Metal Nanolaminates (IMNLs): A New Class of Advanced Engineering Materials
    • Welland, Sasha (Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies)
      Cancer Aesthetics: A Feminist Manifesto on the Meantime of Life and Death
      RRF Scholar
    • Yeung, Raymond (Surgery)
      Stevens, Kelly (Bioengineering)
      Cancer Seed: Building an artificial human cancer
  • January 2018 Awardees

    • Barbee, Lindley (Medicine – Allergy and Infectious Diseases)
      Intramuscular Gentamicin for the Treatment of Pharyngeal Gonorrhea: A Demonstration Study
    • Blinov, Boris (Physics)
      Development of 2-D Trapped Ion Crystals for Quantum Computing and Quantum Simulations
    • Butman, David (Environmental and Forest Sciences)
      Measurement capabilities for total carbon isotopes to trace the terrestrial and aquatic carbon cycle
    • Cho, Heekyoung (Asian Languages and Literature)
      Discontinuous Continuity: Seriality in Cultural Production in Modern and Contemporary Korea
      RRF Scholar
    • Dunham, Maitreya (Genome Sciences)
      The genetic basis of adaptation in hybrid yeast
    • Early, Jody (Nursing and Health Studies – Bothell)
      Preventing Farmworker Sexual Harassment: Developing and Evaluating a Community-Engaged Worksite Training Intervention with and for Agricultural Stakeholders
    • Eberhard, Marc (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
      Demonstration of Tsunami-Simulation Capability for New UW Wave Flume
    • Feintzeig, Benjamin (Philosophy)
      An Investigation of the Nature of Particles Through the Classical Limit of Quantum Field Theory
      RRF Scholar
    • Fuller, Sawyer (Mechanical Engineering)
      Aerial insect robotics powered by human-safe magnetically-coupled wireless power transfer
    • Gomez, Michael (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
      Investigating the Liquefaction Resistance of Bio-cemented Sands During Earthquake-Induced Cyclic Loading
    • Govindrajan, Radhika (Anthropology)
      Electoral Politics and Social Relations in Contemporary India
    • Haliski, Melissa (Pharmacy)
      Defining the role of presenilin 2 loss on seizure-induced cognitive deficits and neuropathology
    • Hodin, Jason (Friday Harbor Laboratories)
      The final approach of a larva to its shoreline habitat: From functional morphology and behavior to evolutionary ecology
    • Kim, Hyung (Physical Sciences – Bothell)
      Multi-Heme Cytochromes in Nitrification: Spectroelectrochemical Characterization of its Cytochrome Assemblies
    • Knopp, Lawrence (Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences – Tacoma)
      Brown, Michael (Geography)
      Shifting Spatialities and Ontologies of LGBTQ Life in Four U.S. Cities
    • Koelle, David (Medicine – Allergy and Infectious Diseases)
      Gardner, Jennifer (Medicine – Dermatology)
      Immune response to herpesvirus treatment of malignant melanoma
    • Licht, Alexis (Earth and Space Sciences)
      Reconstructing the chronology of the enigmatic uplift of the Cascade Range in northern Washington
    • Marhoefer, Laura (History)
      Homosexuality, Transgender, and the Nazi Dictatorship: A New History
      RRF Scholar
    • Merrikh, Houra (Microbiology)
      Determining the role of DNA topology in replication-transcription conflicts
    • Rumph, Stephen (Music)
      The Fauré Song Cycles: Poetic Negotiations, 1861-1921
      RRF Scholar
    • Said, Zahr (Law)
      IP Law and Norms in the Craft Brewing Community in Seattle: Interviews to Map Attitudes about Creativity, Innovation, Knowledge-Sharing, and Ownership Interests
    • Seslar, Stephen (Pediatrics)
      Murry, Charles (Pathology)
      Stem Cell Therapy to Treat Scar-Mediated Arrhythmias: Initial Evaluation in a Porcine Model
    • Sierschynski, Jarek (Education – Tacoma)
      Decolonizing STEM Practices and Technology Integration
    • Smith, Jason (Microbiology)
      Human Paneth Cell Culture
    • Turner, Jack (Political Science)
      Existential Democracy: Death and Politics in Walt Whitman
      RRF Scholar
    • Udell, Wadiya (Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences – Bothell)
      Assessing the Acceptability and Feasibility of an Electronic Personal Health Records System for Promoting Sexual and Reproductive Health among Detention Youth
    • Wang, Edith (Pharmacology)
      Function of N-TAF1 in Neurons and Neurodegeneration
    • Wang, Yuliang (Computer Science and Engineering)
      Predicting nutrient usage of cancer cells from multi-omic data by machine learning
    • Werk, Jessica (Astronomy)
      Mapping the Milky Way’s Galactic Fountain
    • Xu, Libin (Medicinal Chemistry)
      Werth Brian (Pharmacy)
      Targeting Altered Lipid Metabolism in Antibiotic-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus
    • Yetisgen, Meliha (Biomedical Informatics and Medical Education)
      Predicting Mortality During Hospitalization
    • Young, Jessica (Pathology)
      Role of HDAC2 as a modulator of aging in a human cellular model of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • June 2017 Awardees

    • Adeyemi, Adekemi (Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies)
      Making New Ground: Black Queer Women’s Geographies of the Neoliberal City
      RRF Scholar
    • Ainsley, Caitlin (Political Science)
      The Political Economy of Digital Currencies
    • Amrute, Sareeta (Anthropology)
      The Widow and the Orphan: Stories of Reform in Multigenerational India
    • Bessner, Daniel (International Studies)
      The RAND Corporation: A History
      RRF Scholar
    • Chapman, Rachel (Anthropology)
      Mugambi, Melissa (Global Health)
      Birthing Diversity in Seattle: Modelling Innovative Perinatal Care at the Intersection of Risks, Resources, and Resilience to Improve Maternal/Infant Outcomes in Underserved Urban Communities
    • Davis, Jennifer (Pathology)
      Tuning The Matrix To Repair An Injured Heart.
    • Deng, Xinxian (Pathology)
      Liu, Yajuan (Pathology)
      Functional study of cumulative haploinsufficiency of dosage-sensitive genes in congenital microdeletion syndromes
    • Garcia, Maria Elena (International Studies)
      Culinary Spectacles: Dancing Guinea Pigs and Other Tales of Race in Peru
    • Ghofrani, Mahmoud (Engineering and Mathematics – Bothell)
      Flexible and Responsive Scheduling for EV Charging/Discharging: Towards Clean and Sustainable Transportation
    • Gordon, Sharona (Physiology and Biophysics)
      Novel approaches for understanding TRPV1 ion channel gating mechanisms
    • Grant, Jenna (Anthropology)
      Detecting, Tracking, and Anticipating Malaria Drug Resistance in Cambodia
      RRF Scholar
    • Gu, Haiwei (Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine)
      Novel Multi-Platform to Enable Quantitative Metabolomics
    • Gupta, Subhadeep (Physics)
      Precision Laser Frequency Stabilization to Explore Novel Quantum Matter
    • Judd, Bettina (Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies)
      Feelin: Art, Pleasure Politics, and Black Feminist Thought
      RRF Scholar
    • Keller, Sarah (Chemistry)
      Lee, Kelly (Medicinal Chemistry)
      Novel use of cryo electron microscopy to image nanoscale lipid domains in membranes
    • Kenworthy, Nora (Nursing and Health Studies – Bothell)
      Berliner, Lauren (Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences – Bothell)
      Appealing to the Crowd: A Qualitative Study of Crowdfunding for Healthcare Costs
    • Khullar, Sonal (Art History)
      Fertile Grounds: Art, Primitivism, and Postcoloniality in Twentieth-Century India and Britain
      RRF Scholar
    • Kotsakis, Georgios (Periodontics)
      Dental Hygiene Procedures Disrupt Healthy Homeostasis in Tissues Surrounding Dental Implants
    • Lefthand-Begay, Clarita (Information School)
      Water insecurity impacts on the health and culture of American Indians and Alaska Natives in the United States
    • Levesque, Emily (Astronomy)
      The Weirdest Stars in the Universe: Multi-Messenger Studies of Thorne-Zytkow Objects
    • Locke, Jill (Speech and Hearing Sciences)
      Nehilla, Lauren (Speech and Hearing Sciences)
      Examining peer mentorship for college students with ASD
    • Long, James (Political Science)
      Reducing Corruption and Improving Government Performance with ICT and Digital Media in Developing Democracies
    • Majumdar, Arka (Electrical Engineering)
      Fast, sub-wavelength spatial light modulators via phase-change metasurfaces
    • Mihaylova, Stefka (Drama)
      Viewers in Distress: Staging the Socially Marked Body at the Turn of the Century
      RRF Scholar
    • Moody, William (Biology)
      In vivo through-skull imaging of spontaneous electrical activity in the neonatal mouse brain
    • Moulton, Melissa (Applied Physics Laboratory)
      Airborne remote sensing estimates of cross-shelf exchange
    • Naar, Devin (International Studies)
      City as Homeland: Alternatives to Nationalism and the Making of the Sephardic Diaspora
      RRF Scholar
    • Ochoa Camacho, Ariana (Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences – Tacoma)
      Sensuous Colombianidades: Racial Performance and Transnationalism in New York City
      RRF Scholar
    • Roberts, Carly (Education)
      E-Mentoring and Development of Teachers of Students with Significant Disabilities
    • Salviato, Marco (Aeronautics and Astronautics)
      Graphene Nanocomposites with Unprecedented Environmental Fatigue Properties
    • Servetnick, Marc (Biological Sciences – Bothell)
      Do brachyury and FoxA drive expression of similar genes during development of the cnidarian pharynx and the notochord?
    • Sletten, Ronald (Earth and Space Sciences)
      Using oscillating densitometers to determine brine dynamics in Don Juan Pond, Antarctica, the saltiest pond on Earth
    • Stoll, Stefan (Chemistry)
      Measuring the conformational dynamics of proteins
    • Sun, Min (Education)
      Using Text as Data to Understand School Improvement Strategies and Their Impacts
      RRF Scholar
    • Szuts, Zoltan (Applied Physics Laboratory)
      Oceanic electromagnetic fields to support new measurements of ocean velocity
    • Tobin, Patrick (Environmental and Forest Sciences)
      Build Me Up Buttercup: The Effects of Non-Native Plants on Invertebrate-Based Ecosystem Services
    • Totten, Patricia (Medicine – Allergy and Infectious Diseases)
      Characterization of the recombination regulon of Mycoplasma genitalium
    • Von Moltke, Jakob (Immunology)
      Developing new techniques for the in vitro culture of small intestinal tuft cells
    • Wacker, Douglas (Biological Sciences – Bothell)
      Abadi, Shima (Engineering and Mathematics – Bothell)
      Context-Dependence and Functional Relevance of Crow Vocalizations in Social Aggregations
      RRF Scholar
    • Wang, Ping (Asian Languages and Literature)
      Annotating Du Fu (712-770): Toward an Accurate and Scholarly Translation
      RRF Scholar
  • January 2017 Awardees

    • Biermann, Christine (Geography)
      When Biodiversity Becomes Genetic Purity: Restoring Trout Waters after the Molecular Turn
      RRF Scholar
    • Brush, Lucien (Materials Science and Engineering)
      A novel dip-coating process for complex liquids
    • Buckley, Lauren (Biology)
      Historic and modern grasshopper genetic clines: Local adaptation and responses to climate change
    • Bush, Matthew (Chemistry)
      Ion Mobility Spectrometry in Solvent Vapors
    • Calvi, Paolo (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
      Development of high-tech seismic protection devices based on sliding between variable-friction curved surfaces
    • Cao, Ning (Radiation Oncology)
      Meyer, Juergen (Radiation Oncology)
      Spatially Modulated Proton Minibeam for Cellular and Small Animal Research
    • Dabiri, Dana (Aeronautics and Astronautics)
      Tang, Gale (Surgery)
      Zheng, Ying (Bioengineering)
      Measuring Wall Shear Stress in Bioengineered Microvessels using Particle Image Velocimetry
    • Dorfman, Mauricio (Medicine – Metabolism, Endocrinology, and Nutrition)
      The role of microglial estrogen receptor beta in obesity pathogenesis
    • Dorsey, Shannon (Psychology)
      Pullmann, Michael (Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences)
      Understanding Supervision to Enhance Practice in Community Mental Health
    • Erosheva, Elena (Statistics)
      Lee, Carole (Philosophy)
      Measuring gender-based homophily in scientific collaborations
    • Francis, Megan (Political Science)
      Crimes of Capitalism: Race, Criminal Justice, and the Rise of the New South
      RRF Scholar
    • Garcia, Alejandro (Physics)
      Searches for New Physics in Nuclear Beta Decay
    • Guthrie, Brandon (Global Health)
      Setting the stage for prevention and treatment of hepatitis B virus among HIV-infected persons who inject drugs in Kenya
    • Guttman, Miklos (Medicinal Chemistry)
      Gas phase hydrogen/deuterium exchange to distinguish isomeric carbohydrates
    • Hampe, Christiane (Medicine – Metabolism, Endocrinology, and Nutrition)
      Roth, Christian (Pediatrics)
      Pilot Study of Synbiotics in Pre-diabetic Adolescents
    • Kumar, Nirnimesh (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
      Three-dimensional modeling of finite-crested wave-induced transient rip currents
    • Kuru, Selim (Near Eastern Languages and Civilization)
      The Baki Divan Project: Digital Approaches to Ottoman Manuscript Editing
    • MacKenzie, J. Devin (Materials Science and Engineering)
      Scalable Photonic Sol-Gel Nanocomposite Films for Improving Efficiency and Lifetime of Solar Modules
    • MacKenzie, Louisa (French and Italian Studies)
      Troubling Boundaries: Race and Species from La planète des singes to Cecil the Lion (1963-2015)
      RRF Scholar
    • Mack, David (Rehabilitation Medicine)
      Creation of a Neuromuscular Junction In Vitro Using Patient-specific Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
    • Nagana Gowda, G. A. (Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine)
      Probing the Role of Subcellular Coenzymes of Redox Reactions and Energy in Cancer Metabolism
    • Pace, Amy (Speech and Hearing Sciences)
      Thorne, John (Speech and Hearing Sciences)
      What You Know or How You Learn? Novel Diagnostic Markers for Language Impairment in Preschool Children
    • Padilla-Gamino, Jacqueline (Aquatic and Fishery Sciences)
      Mitigating the Effects of Global Change on Aquaculture in the Northeastern Pacific Ocean
    • Repacholi, Betty (Psychology)
      Emotion categorization in late infancy
    • Rounthwaite, V. Adair (Art History)
      The Politics of Public Art in 1970s Yugoslavia
      RRF Scholar
    • Snyder, Jaime (Information School)
      Visualizing Bipolar Disorder: Exploring the Representation of Personal Data in the Treatment of Serious Mental Illness
    • Stella, Nephi (Pharmacology)
      Develop the first allosteric modulators of kappa opioid receptors
    • Swalla, Billie (Biology)
      Building Genomic Tools for Molgulid Ascidians
    • Tao, Jing (Economics)
      Lederer, Johannes (Statistics)
      Using Big Data for Inference in Economics
    • Varghese, Manka (Education)
      Raciolinguistics, Migration, and Schooling in Contemporary Italy
      RRF Scholar
    • Watts, Gordon (Physics)
      Lubatti, Henry (Physics)
      Searching for Ultra Long Lived Particles at the Large Hadron Collider
    • Wood, Chelsea (Aquatic and Fishery Sciences)
      A rising tide of marine disease? Unraveling the dynamics of infection in a changing ocean
    • Ybarra, Megan (Geography)
      A 21st Century Border? Migration and Security in Southern Mexico
      RRF Scholar
    • Young, Jodi (Oceanography)
      Rubisco fractionation of stable carbon isotopes in diatoms: A new control on the use of 13C as a paleoproxy
  • June 2016 Awardees

    • Ahn, Ji-Hyun (Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences – Tacoma)
      Selling Aversion: Anti-Korean Sentiment and New Nationalism in Postcolonial East Asia
    • Berney, Rachel (Urban Design and Planning)
      Displacement, Resettlement, and Rebuilding: A History of Everyday Violence and Place in El Salvador
    • Cao, Hung (Engineering and Mathematics – Bothell)
      Wireless Electrocardiogram Micro Electrode Array Membranes for Investigations of Heart Regeneration in Small Animal Models
    • Christianson, Knut (Earth and Space Sciences)
      Glacier Velocity on Mt. Baker, Washington, USA
    • DeForest, Cole (Chemical Engineering)
      Spatiotemporally-resolved Subcellular Proteomics through Photomediated Protein Labeling
    • Dennison, Jean (Anthropology)
      Cultures of Accountability: Governing a Twenty-First Century Osage Nation
    • Eisenberg, Daniel (Anthropology)
      All you can eat: Exploring the impact of energetic constraints on natural selection for telomere length in urban primates
      RRF Scholar
    • Fine, Ione (Psychology)
      The neuronal basis of perceptual distortions due to vision loss
    • Fu, Dan (Chemistry)
      Simultaneous high-resolution structural, oxygenation, and calcium imaging for understanding neurovascular coupling
    • Gire, David (Psychology)
      Memory and sensory neural circuit function during natural behavior
    • Hansen, Ryan (Pharmacy)
      Basu, Anirban (Pharmacy)
      Legal And recreational Marijuana effects on PoPulatiOn health and coSTs (LAMPPOST)
    • Hofstetter, Christoph (Neurological Surgery)
      Ultrasound-based assessment of spinal perfusion following traumatic spinal cord injury
    • Kientz, Julie (Human Centered Design and Engineering)
      Design and Study of a Tool to Support Parental Mediation in Technology Use in Children
    • Madhyastha, Tara (Radiology)
      Novel Methods to Assess Intrinsic Activity and Cognition with Simultaneous EEG/fMRI
    • McNeil, Craig (Applied Physics Laboratory)
      Remus-ISS: Enabling Adaptive In-Flight Sampling for High Resolution Studies of Trace Metals
    • Michael, Forrest (Chemistry)
      Development of New Class of Organoselenium Catalysts for Alkene Additions and Allylic Activations
    • Motha, Mary (English)
      Desire and Race in English Language Teaching
      RRF Scholar
    • Naumova, Anna (Radiology)
      Yarnykh, Vasily (Radiology)
      Macromolecular proton fraction mapping as a new modality for non-invasive imaging of cardiac stem cell grafts based on endogenous collagen-dependent contrast
    • Pal, Soumik (Mathematics)
      The Aldous diffusion on continuum trees
    • Parichy, David (Biology)
      Establishing zebrafish scale development and regeneration as a new model system for morphogenesis of ossified tissues
    • Pauwels, Heidi (Asian Languages and Literature)
      Preparing the ground for the vernacular: Retelling the Epics in Fifteenth-Century Gwalior, North India
      RRF Scholar
    • Poolos, Nicholas (Neurology)
      Novel biomarkers in refractory epilepsy
    • Pozzo, Lilo (Chemical Engineering)
      Development of Process-Structure-Property Relationships for Novel Silica Membranes used in Flow Battery Applications
    • Radnitz, Scott (International Studies)
      The Institutional Roots of Belief in Conspiracy Theories in Georgia and Kazakhstan
    • Reniere, Michelle (Microbiology)
      A redox-responsive transcription factor is required for virulence of an intracellular pathogen
    • Rigby, Jessica (Education)
      Practical Measures to Improve Elementary Mathematics Leadership and Instruction
    • Robinson, Farrel (Biological Structure)
      Does the cerebellum correct variable motor commands?
    • Sadak, Tatiana (Psychosocial and Community Health)
      Promoting Caregiver Resilience During Medical Crises of Persons Living with Dementia
    • Schur, Ellen (Medicine – General Internal Medicine)
      An international collaboration to study hypothalamic inflammation and gliosis in obese children
    • Swanson, Willie (Genome Sciences)
      Fishing for sexy stickleback genes by high-throughput proteomic analysis
    • Tuthill, John (Physiology and Biophysics)
      Neural coding of proprioception in a genetic model organism
    • Tweedie, James (Comparative Literature)
      An Archaeology of Cinematic Objects: Production Design in the Classical Hollywood Studio
      RRF Scholar
    • West, Jevin (Information School)
      Employing Data Science at the University of Washington
    • Yip, Jason (Information School)
      Gonzalez, Carmen (Communication)
      Latino Youth Searching and Brokering Online Information for Their Families
  • January 2016 Awardees

      • Bosworth, David (English)
        A Briefer History of the End of the World
        RRF Scholar
      • Chang, Cynthia (Biological Sciences – Bothell)
        Impacts of woody plant establishment on plant community assembly at Mount St. Helens
        RRF Scholar
      • Chatterjee, Champak (Chemistry)
        Chemical approaches to study the function and regulation of a ubiquitin-like protein modifier in actinomycetes
      • Cui, Yue (Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences)
        Unveiling the 3-D Cistrome of PXR using CHIA-PET
      • Dahya, Negin (Information School)
        Teaching by Text: Mobile Text and Instant Messaging for Teacher Training in Refugee Camps
      • Detwiler, Jason (Physics)
        Stopped-Pion Neutrino Physics with an Array of NaI Crystals
      • Dudley, Shannon (Music)
        Salsa: Museum Curation and Community Arts Activism in the Caribbean
      • Frace, Jeffrey (Drama)
        Nightswimming, A Deep Dive into Staging Historical Fiction
      • Golden, Elizabeth (Architecture)
        Building from Tradition: Low-tech Strategies and Local Materials in Contemporary Architecture
        RRF Scholar
      • Harris, Alexes (Sociology)
        The Changing Marijuana Market in Seattle and its Impact on Communities of Color
      • Hoff, Michael (Radiology)
        Andre, Jalal (Radiology)
        Imaging Cerebrospinal Fluid with Artifact-Corrected Balanced Steady State Free Precession MRI
      • Kenagy, Richard (Surgery)
        Human Venous Progenitor Cells in Vein Graft Failure
      • Kleinhans, Natalia (Radiology)
        Investigation of Limbic System Alterations in ASD: An ERP Study of Olfactory Processing
      • Lin, Zhi (Art)
        In Search of Lost History in the 19th Century: Chinese American in Puget Sound
        RRF Scholar
      • Liu, Jonathan (Mechanical Engineering)
        Light-sheet microscopy (LSM) for rapid wide-area imaging and pathology of bread-loafed prostate specimens
      • Meeker, Kathleen (Education)
        Identification of Teacher Profiles to Support the Behavior of Young Children
      • Mitchell, Katharyne (Geography)
        Spaces of Sanctuary
      • Paik, Jisun (Comparative Medicine)
        Development of ALDH1A1 inhibitors for the treatment of obesity
      • Prat, Chantel (Psychology)
        Using Brain-Targeted Training to Improve Reading Comprehension: A Neuro-Feedback Approach
      • Riehle, Kimberly (Surgery)
        Development of a Specific Antibody for Fibrolamellar Hepatocellular Carcinomas
      • Rogers, Leoandra (Education)
        A Longitudinal Analysis of Racial and Gender Identity Development Among Black, White, and Mixed-Race Youth in Racially Diverse Schools
      • Roxby, Alison (Medicine – Allergy & Infectious Diseases)
        Fredricks, David (Medicine – Allergy & Infectious Diseases)
        McClelland, Raymond (Medicine – Allergy & Infectious Diseases)
        Changes in the vaginal microbiome after use of DMPA
      • Roy Chowdhury, Sohini (Electrical & Computer Engineering – Bothell )
        Alessio, Adam (Radiology)
        Novel Design of Automated CT Image Quality Detection System
      • Ruddell, Margaret (Comparative Medicine)
        mCLCA1 functions in lymphatic/immune system interactions
      • Saenger, Casey (Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean)
        Reconstructing hydrological variability using carbonate mineral triple oxygen isotopes
      • Shields, David (English)
        Untitled work in progress
        RRF Scholar
      • Shugar, Daniel (Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences – Tacoma)
        Morphology, flow, and sediment transport in the proglacial Slims River, Yukon, Canada
      • Smith, Maya (French & Italian Studies)
        Senegal Abroad: An Exploration of Linguistic Borders, Cultural Imaginaries, and Identity Construction
        RRF Scholar
      • Vaughan, Joshua (Chemistry)
        Next-Generation Cyanine Fluorophores for Super-Resolution Fluorescence Microscopy
      • Villen, Judit (Genome Sciences)
        A high-throughput proteomics approach for studying mode-of-action of therapeutic compounds
      • Walsh, Camille (Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences – Bothell)
        Racial Taxation: Schools, Segregation, and Taxpayer Citizenship, 1869-1973
      • Winebrenner, Dale (Applied Physics Laboratory)
        Sounding Temperature Structure in the Ice Crust of Europa Using Radio Noise from Jupiter as Illumination

    June 2015 Awardees

    • Barria-Roman, Andres (Physiology and Biophysics)
      Characterization of hippocampal RoR2 activation and signaling
    • Bou Ayash, Nancy (English)
      Translingual Activism: Negotiation of Language Difference in Urban Educational Landscapes
      RRF Scholar
    • Buick, Roger (Earth and Space Sciences)
      Fossil cycads as a proxy for atmospheric nitrogen isotopic composition and symbiosis stability over time
    • Cheng, Karen (Design)
      Matthews, Kristine (Design)
      Interaction Design for Waste Minimization
    • Dalcanton, Julianne (Astronomy)
      Beyond stars: Modeling the light from galaxies
    • Duvall, Alison (Earth and Space Sciences)
      Investigating the Enigmatic Rise of the Wallowa Mountains of NE Oregon
    • Fisher, Cynthia (Medicine – Allergy and Infectious Diseases)
      Auto-antibodies to lung antigens and chronic lung allograft dysfunction (CLAD)
    • Gonzalez, Sara (Anthropology)
      A Community-¬Based Approach to Tribal Historic Preservation in the Northwest Coast: A Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde/UW Partnership
      RRF Scholar
    • Gray, Heidi (Obstetrics and Gynecology)
      Cherrier, Monique (Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences)
      Thomas, Mary (Radiology)
      Behavioral and neural response to cognitive training in gynecologic cancer survivors
    • Hajjar, Adeline (Comparative Medicine)
      Germfree CFTR KO mice
    • Hankinson Nelson, Lynn (Philosophy)
      Biology and Feminism: A Philosophical Introduction
    • Hocking, Anne (Surgery)
      Mapping wound metabolism in a mouse model of type 2 diabetes
    • Kanter, Jenny (Medicine – Metabolism, Endocrinology, and Nutrition)
      Glucose and Endothelial Cells
    • Kaup, Monika (English)
      What Comes After Poststructuralism? New Ecological Realisms in Contemporary Theory and Post-Apocalyptic Narrative
      RRF Scholar
    • Kelly, Ryan (Marine and Environmental Affairs)
      A Method for Making Environmental DNA Surveys Quantitative
    • Kelly, Valerie (Rehabilitation Medicine)
      Effect of cognitive dysfunction on the response to gait rehabilitation in people with Parkinson’s disease
    • Kover, Sara (Speech and Hearing Sciences)
      Word Learning in Children with Fragile X Syndrome or Autism Spectrum Disorder: The Impact of Cognitive Processing, Linguistic Processing, and Social Factors
    • Liu, Shan (Industrial and Systems Engineering)
      Huang, Shuai (Industrial and Systems Engineering)
      Development and Analysis of Electronic Health Record Based Depression Screening and Monitoring Strategies
    • Lum, Christopher (Aeronautics and Astronautics)
      Vagners, Juris (Aeronautics and Astronautics)
      Navigation and Control Technologies for Unmanned Aerials Systems in Global Positioning System (GPS) Denied Environments
    • McQuinn, Matthew (Astronomy)
      Simulating diffuse gas around galaxies
    • Pallanck, Leo (Genome Sciences)
      Modeling traumatic brain injury-induced neurodegeneration in Drosophila melanogaster
    • Pittman, LaShawnDa (American Ethnic Studies)
      Coerced Mothering: Caregiving and African American Grandmothers
    • Rhew, Isaac (Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences)
      Duncan, Glen (Epidemiology)
      Neighborhood and genetic influences on alcohol misuse in a sample of twins
    • Riffell, Jeffrey (Biology)
      Thornton, Joel (Atmospheric Sciences)
      Pollution and Pollinators: The impacts of anthropogenic emissions on pollinator behavior
    • Smallwood, Stephanie (History)
      Africa in the Atlantic World: A Geopolitical History
      RRF Scholar
    • Summers, Adam (Biology)
      Bioprospecting for attachment mechanisms in a fouled environment
    • Thilen, Stephan (Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine)
      Outcomes Associated with Preoperative Medical Consultation in Medicare Patients
    • Van Volkenburgh, Elizabeth (Biology)
      Functional Significance of Leaf Shape in Tomato
    • Wiebe, Richard (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
      Experimental Path Following of Unstable Static Equilibria in Multistable Mechanical Systems
    • Wilcock, William (Oceanography)
      A Geodetic Instrument to Measure Tilt of the Seafloor
    • Wilson, Gregory (Biology)
      Vertebrate Extinction Dynamics Across the Cretaceous-Paleogene Boundary in India

    January 2015 Awardees

    • Buck, Steven (Psychology)
      Perceptual and neural processing of dark colors
    • Cargill, Kima (UW Tacoma – Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences)
      The Psychology of Overeating: Food and the Culture of Consumerism
      RRF Scholar
    • Carrington, Emily (Biology)
      Mussel adhesion in a high CO2 world: Uncovering the molecular basis of weak attachment
    • Crane, Johanna (UW Bothell – Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences)
      Aging and Care in Prison: An Ethnographic Study
      RRF Scholar
    • Di Stilio, Veronica (Biology)
      In search of the ancestral role of flowering genes
    • Drushka, Kyla (Applied Physics Laboratory)
      The Impact of Raindrops on the Near-Surface Ocean
    • Evans-Agnew, Robin (UW Tacoma – Nursing)
      Baker, Joel (UW Tacoma – Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences)
      Youth Environmental Justice and Woodsmoke Pollution – A Pilot Study
    • Frierson, Dargan (Atmospheric Sciences)
      The Interhemispheric Difference in Radiation
    • Gardner, Richard (Pharmacology)
      Characterizing the regulatory role of ubiquitination in ribosomal DNA (rDNA) transcription
    • Giacani, Lorenzo (Medicine – Allergy and Infectious Diseases)
      TP0126, A Novel Vaccine Candidate for Syphilis
    • Habell-Pallan, Michelle (Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies)
      Transmediating “American Sabor: U.S. Latinos in Popular Music” for the Digital Humanities
      RRF Scholar
    • Hafner, Brian (Rehabilitation Medicine)
      Endurance, energy expenditure, perceived function, and satisfaction of persons with transtibial limb loss using a running-specific prosthesis modified for walking
    • Hawkins, R. David (Medicine – Medical Genetics)
      Epigenetic inheritance of ovarian tumor drug resistance from cancer stem cells
    • Herbert, Steven (Law, Societies, and Justice)
      Facts of Life: Individual and Institutional Challenges of Aging Prisoners
    • Hladik, Florian (Obstetrics and Gynecology)
      The Role of Exosomes in Semen and their Small RNA Cargo in Suppressing Natural and Vaccine-Induced Immunity
    • Hujoel, Philippe (Oral Health Sciences)
      Putting Teeth into the Developmental Origins Hypothesis
    • Imaizumi, Takato (Biology)
      Photoperiodic Regulation of Redox Homeostasis
    • Jonas, Raymond (History)
      King Leopold’s Sister: A Global History of the Mexican Second Empire
      RRF Scholar
    • Kaminsky, Jessica (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
      Hofstede at the Head: Fuzzy Sets, Cultural Dimensions, and Sanitation Infrastructure
    • Knight, Jeffrey (English)
      The Shakespeare Enterprise: Literature and Library-Building in America
      RRF Scholar
    • MacKenzie, Donald (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
      Social equity implications of peer economy transportation services
    • Marshall, Colin (Philosophy)
      Grounding Morality in Truth and Compassion
      RRF Scholar
    • Morris, Robert (Oceanography)
      Autotrophic Denitrification: A Missing Link in the Marine Nitrogen Cycle
    • Narayanan, Hariharan (Statistics)
      Length-Scale Selection for Fitting Manifolds to High Dimensional Data
    • Odom, Guy (Neurology)
      Immune Epitope Redesign as a Therapeutic Strategy for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
    • Olson, Kristina (Psychology)
      Gender Nonconformity in Middle Childhood
    • Perkel, David (Otolaryngology)
      Genetic models of vocal communication disorders: From behavior to circuitry
    • Powers, Matthew (Communication)
      Comparing Metropolitan Journalism: An analysis of newsmakers in Toulouse, France and Seattle, USA
    • Queitsch, Christine (Genome Sciences)
      Fowler, Douglas (Genome Sciences)
      Discovery and characterization of the first prions in plants
    • Robins, Lori (UW Bothell – Physical Sciences)
      Development of Nicking Homing Endonucleases for Targeted Gene Modification
    • Schenkman, Kenneth (Pediatrics)
      Assessment of muscle oxygen consumption in children with congenital heart disease
    • Seshadri, Chetan (Medicine – Allergy and Infectious Diseases)
      Glycolipid-Specific T Cells During Tuberculosis Treatment
    • Tan, Xu (Economics)
      Migration and Networks: Theory and Evidence from Rwanda
    • Wiggins, Ellwood (Germanics)
      Performing Recognition: Ethical Knowledge in Homer, Shakespeare, and the German Romantics
      RRF Scholar
    • Zhang, Bo (Chemistry)
      Electron-Transfer and Molecular Transport in an Ultrathin Electrochemical Cell
    • Zhao, Zhongxiang (Applied Physics Laboratory)
      D’Asaro, Eric (Applied Physics Laboratory)
      Wind, rainfall, and wave breaking from underwater ambient sound in tropical cyclones

    June 2014 Awardees

    • Ahn, Eun Hyun (Pathology)
      Spatiotemporal control of stem cell fate using photo-activatable adhesive nanotopographic cues
    • Ailion, Michael (Biochemistry)
      Molecular mechanism of action of a selfish genetic element
    • Banas, Neil (JISAO)
      Laidre, Kristin (Applied Physics Laboratory)
      Modeling zooplankton life history to link climate to fish and mammal predators: A North Atlantic pilot study
    • Bet-Shlimon, Arbella (History)
      Kirkuk: Oil and the Politics of Identity in an Iraqi City
      RRF Scholar
    • Blondell, Ruby (Classics)
      Helen of Troy in Film and Television
      RRF Scholar
    • Blumenstock, Joshua (Information School)
      Segregation and “Silent Separation”: Using Large-Scale Network Data to Model the Determinants of Ethnic Segregation
    • Boechler, Nicholas (Mechanical Engineering)
      Experimental investigation of ultra high frequency coherent acoustic phonon scattering
    • Collier, Thomas (Music)
      Mallet Trilogy: Three Career Re-Defining Recordings Exploring Solos, Trios And Quintets
    • Conley, Kevin (Radiology)
      Mitochondrial mechanisms in disease and aging: Calibration in intact hearts
    • Cvencek, Dario (Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences)
      Singaporean Children’s Math–Gender Stereotypes and Math Self-Concepts: Relation to Standardized Math Achievement
    • Doty, Sharon (Environmental and Forest Sciences)
      Oil Producing Endophytic Yeast for Biofuel Production
    • Drpic, Ivan (Art History)
      Bosom Friends: Byzantine Enkolpia in Context
      RRF Scholar
    • Elkon, Keith (Medicine – Rheumatology)
      Initiation of Inflammation in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
    • Finke, John (UW Tacoma – Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences)
      Modulation of antibody blood-brain barrier penetration by glycan sialic acid (ITHS)
    • Gagnon, Alexander (Oceanography)
      Acid in the Past: A Pre-Instrumental History of Ocean Acidification Recorded by Puget Sound and Pacific Coast Cold-Water Corals
    • Gore, John (Urology)
      McCormick, Tyler (Statistics)
      Development and Usability of QOL Tracker to Measure and Display Quality of Life Outcomes for Prostate Cancer Care
    • Gottlieb, Geoffrey (Medicine – Allergy and Infectious Diseases)
      Novel Inhibitors for Antiretroviral Therapy of HIV-2
    • Herr, Alan (Pathology)
      Volatility of Mutator Phenotypes at Single Cell Resolution
    • Kucher, Michael (UW Tacoma – Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences)
      Métis Cartography as Source for Ecological History
    • Lewis, Katherine (Education)
      Into Uncharted Territories: Mathematical Learning Disabilities in Algebra
    • Lopez, Santiago (UW Bothell – Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences)
      Jung, Jin-Kyu (UW Bothell – Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences)
      A mixed-methods approach to analyzing the effects of climate change in the Tropical Andes
    • McLaughlin, Katie (Psychology)
      Violence Exposure and the Development of Neural Networks Underlying Social Cognition
    • Munson, Sean (Human Centered Design and Engineering)
      Field Evaluation of Adding Social Elements to a Positive Psychology Intervention
    • Nath, Abhinav (Medicinal Chemistry)
      Rational Drug Design for Unstructured Proteins: Inhibiting the Pathological Aggregation of Tau
    • Parrish, Jay (Biology)
      Toolkit for analyzing ion channel compensation with single cell resolution
    • Pfaendtner, W. James (Chemical Engineering)
      Multiscale Modeling Investigation of Peptide Self-Assembly in the Formation of Nanostructures
    • Posner, Jonathan (Mechanical Engineering)
      Two-step, disposable nucleic acid point-of-use diagnostic
    • Retman, Sonnet (American Ethnic Studies)
      Ethnography on the Color Line: Jim Crow Encounters in a Time of War
      RRF Scholar
    • Reyes, Morayma (Pathology)
      Investigation of topically delivered Sphingosine 1-Phosphate as a potential therapeutic for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (ITHS)
    • Roberts, Steven (Aquatic and Fishery Sciences)
      Maturation processes in the marine mollusc, Panopea generosa
    • Spector, June (Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences)
      Lieblich, Max (Mathematics)
      Development of a computer vision-based assessment tool for workplace musculoskeletal injury prevention
    • Sun, Huatong (UW Tacoma – Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences)
      Cross-cultural social media design: Critical design for networked sociality in a global village
      RRF Scholar
    • Taricani, JoAnn (Music)
      Revealing a Tangled Web of Invisible Music and Imagery
    • Teng, Fang-Zhen (Earth and Space Sciences)
      Development of method for high-precision potassium (K) isotope analysis of terrestrial and lunar samples by MC-ICPMS
    • Topper, Kathryn (Classics)
      The Hellenistic Banquet
      RRF Scholar
    • Woodward, Joshua (Microbiology)
      Exploring the antimicrobial effects of pyroptosis
    • Young, Glennys (History)
      Refuge Worlds: The Spanish Civil War, Soviet Socialism, Franco’s Spain, and Memory Politics
      RRF Scholar
    • Yu, Qiuming (Chemical Engineering)
      Keller, Sarah (Chemistry)
      Engineered Plasmonic Nanostructures for Label-Free Quantitative In Situ Probing of Biomembranes with High Spatial Resolution and Sensitivity Using SERS

    January 2014 Awardees

    • Beecher, Michael (Psychology)
      Bird song learning in a cooperative context
    • Berger, Daniel (UW Bothell – Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences)
      Captive Nation: Black Prison Organizing in the Civil Rights Era
      RRF Scholar
    • Bumgarner, Roger (Microbiology)
      Butler-Wu, Susan (Laboratory Medicine)
      Prevention of Surgical Site Infections (SSIs) by Propionibacteria
    • Catling, David (Earth and Space Sciences)
      Investigating low-temperature liquid and glassy states in icy environments using ultra-low temperature Differential Scanning Calorimetry
    • Cho, Heekyoung (Asian Languages and Literature)
      Translation’s Forgotten History: Russian Literature, Japanese Mediation, and the Formation of Modern Korean Literature
      RRF Scholar
    • Eadie, Tanya (Speech and Hearing Sciences)
      The Effect of Information on Listeners’ Attitudes Toward Speakers with Adductor Spasmodic Dysphonia (ITHS)
    • Fetz, Eberhard (Physiology and Biophysics)
      Deep Brain Stimulation Using a Recurrent Brain-Computer Interface
    • Gimbel-Sherr, Kenneth (Global Health)
      Rao, Deepa (Global Health)
      Prevalence, risk and protective factors, care seeking, and the sociocultural context for common mental disorders in Sofala Province, Mozambique
    • Gomez, Ricardo (Information School)
      Information, Technology, and Migration: Uses of ICT at the US-Mexico Border
    • Hauser, Lorenz (Aquatic and Fishery Sciences)
      Tackling the Meiofauna Paradox with Metagenetics: The effects of environment, biology, and geography on the distribution of interstitial sandy beach metazoan biodiversity
    • Holtgrieve, Gordon (Aquatic and Fishery Sciences)
      Sources and Sinks of Nitrate in Puget Sound Rivers
    • Ibrahim, Habiba (English)
      Out of Time: Black Temporality in the Neoliberal Postmodern Age
      RRF Scholar
    • Khalil, Munira (Chemistry)
      Adaptive pulse shaper for octave spanning tunable femtosecond mid-infrared pulses
    • Kwon, Ronald (Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine)
      Osteoactive Compound Screening in the Regenerating Zebrafish Fin
    • Lee, Jin (Information School)
      An Empirical Investigation of User Requirements for Cloud Music Services
    • Liu, Yajuan (Pathology)
      Yeh, Meng-Che (Pathology)
      New Markers for Hepatitis C-Dependent Liver Cancer (ITHS)
    • Lutz, Barry (Bioengineering)
      Exploitation of high-specificity biochemical tools for point of care diagnostics: Ligation-based multiplex target exchange for universal amplification (ITHS)
    • Maibaum, Lutz (Chemistry)
      Membrane Remodeling by Cell Penetrating Peptides
    • Maki, Jeffrey (Radiology)
      Patient-tailored contrast agent injection for optimized contrast-enhanced MR angiography: Software development and preliminary validation study
    • Marwick, Benjamin (Anthropology)
      Towards a robust understanding of the earliest and furthest: Micromorphology at key archaeological sites at the end of the arc of modern human dispersal
      RRF Scholar
    • Miller, Dana (Biochemistry)
      Merz, Alexey (Biochemistry)
      Revealing Rheb-1’s role in nutrient sensing and aging
    • Milutis, Joseph (UW Bothell – Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences)
      The New Translation: Writing Through Rewriting
      RRF Scholar
    • Mizumori, Sheri (Psychology)
      Decisions and Memory: The Effects of Old Age
    • Moore, Colette (English)
      Textual organization in late medieval English texts
      RRF Scholar
    • Otten, Jennifer (Health Services)
      Hirsch, Edward (Art)
      What’s on the Menu? Understanding How Regional Food Hubs Can Help Make Childcare Menus More Nutritious
    • Pacheco De Resende, Fernando (Environmental and Forest Sciences)
      Combining Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis and Hydropyrolysis for the Conversion of Lignin into Drop-in Fuels and High-Value Chemicals
    • Phipps, Amanda (Epidemiology)
      POLE Mutations in Colorectal Cancer: Identification and characterization of an emerging driver in colorectal cancer development
    • Popowics, Tracy (Oral Health Sciences)
      The Role of CD44 Receptor-Ligand Interactions in PDL Cell Migration
    • Rowhani-Rahbar, Ali (Epidemiology)
      Rivara, Frederick (Pediatrics)
      Zatzick, Douglas (Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences)
      Mental Illness and Risk of Subsequent Injury, Crime, and Death Following First Firearm-Related Injury: A Translational Epidemiologic Investigation (ITHS)
    • Sidorova, Julia (Pathology)
      Analysis of oncogene-driven DNA replication in cells with specific protein biomarkers of outcome
    • Simonen, Kathrina (Architecture)
      Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment: Application in Building Codes and Green Rating Systems
    • Tang, Gale (Surgery)
      The development of therapy to promote collateral arteries
    • Thomas, Rekha (Mathematics)
      Algebra and Geometry of the Pinhole Camera
      RRF Scholar
    • Walker, Ingrid (UW Tacoma – Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences)
      Understanding Desire: The Eros of Drugs and Altered Consciousness
      RRF Scholar
    • Whitehead, Nicholas (Physiology and Biophysics)
      Using confocal microscopy and ToF-SIMS to evaluate the lipid composition in dystrophic muscle sections and cells
    • Yang, Jinkyu (Aeronautics and Astronautics)
      Non-Invasive Assessment of Bone Mechanical Properties Using Soliton-Supporting Phononic Crystal Sensors (ITHS)

    June 2013 Awardees

    • Atkins, Paul (Asian Languages and Literature)
      Completion of a monograph on the works of the medieval Japanese poet Fujiwara no Teika
      RRF Scholar
    • Bakker, Jonathan (Environmental and Forest Sciences)
      Interactions Between Hemiparasites, Hosts, and Herbivores
    • Beamon, Benita (Industrial and Systems Engineering)
      Food Supply Chain Structure and Sustainability: An Agent-Based Framework
    • Blinov, Boris (Physics)
      Simultaneous trapping of Yb and Ba ions for scalable quantum information processing
    • Chi, Donald (Oral Health Sciences)
      Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Intake and Tooth Decay in Alaska Native (Yup’ik) Children: A Feasibility Study to Evaluate a Novel Biomarker for Use in Future Communiy-Based Oral Health Intervention Research
    • Clausen, Meredith (Art)
      Frantz Jourdain, Le Corbusier, and the Emergence of Modern Architecture
      RRF Scholar
    • Cossairt, Brandi (Chemistry)
      Role of Acid in InP-QD Precursor Conversion Reactions and New Strategies for Improved Crystallization
    • Covey, Ellen (Psychology)
      Seasonal Changes in Estrogen and Neural Response Properties in the Central Auditory System of the Big Brown Bat
    • Darvas, Felix (Neurological Surgery)
      Subcutaneous Electroencephalography Signal Characterization and Application to Brain-Computer Interface (ITHS)
    • Drton, Mathias (Statistics)
      Bayesian Information Criteria for Singular Model Selection Problems
    • Hajishirzi, Hannaneh (Electrical Engineering)
      Grounded Language Acquisition with Weak Supervision
    • Horner, Philip (Neurological Surgery)
      Dynamic imaging of nodal plasticity during myelin regeneration
    • Ishimaru, Ann (Education)
      Organizational Leadership and Learning for Educational Equity
      RRF Scholar
    • Kiviat, Nancy (Pathology)
      Identification and Characterization of Novel HPVs in Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma (ITHS)
    • Kolsch, Patrick (Bioengineering)
      Visualizing Fibril Formation within the Physical Microenvironment of Adherent Cells (ITHS)
    • Li, Xiaosong (Chemistry)
      Theoretical Investigations of Ion Diffusion Pathways in II-VI Semiconductor Nanocrystals
    • Max, Ludo (Speech and Hearing Sciences)
      Neurofeedback as a potential treatment for stuttering
    • Oshima, Junko (Pathology)
      Genetic Loci Controlling Epigenetic Gambling
    • Paredez, Alexander (Biology)
      Genetic and chemical validation of Giardia small-gatekeeper kinases as drug targets (ITHS)
    • Pearce, Katy (Communication)
      An exploratory study of the performance of dissent in the social media era
    • Pepper, Marion (Immunology)
      Visualizing the immune response to malaria
    • Pradhan, Sujata (Rehabilitation Medicine)
      Multimodal cognitive and physical exercise program in an enriched environment for individuals with Parkinson disease (ITHS)
    • Price, Rebecca (UW Bothell – Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences)
      Setting the stage for better evolution education: Exploring the efficacy of modules aimed to teach the nature and process of science and genetic drift
      RRF Scholar
    • Rodriguez-Silva, Ileana (History)
      Re-Articulating the US Imperial Field: Puerto Rico and the Browning of the Middle-Class, 1940-1980s
      RRF Scholar
    • Sandhu, Priti (English)
      Indian women and medium of education: A narrative study
    • Santana Mata, Sharlene (Biology)
      Ecomorphology and resource partitioning in tropical insectivores
    • Scatena, Marta (Bioengineering)
      Engineering Macrophage Polarization to Control the Inflammatory Response
    • Seelig, Georg (Electrical Engineering)
      Embedded control circuits for molecular robots
    • Slyker, Jennifer (Global Health)
      Missing from care: Home and clinic-based testing to identify undiagnosed children and adolescents with HIV-infection
    • Stekler, Joanne (Medicine)
      Preparing for PrEP in Seattle
    • Stuber, Jennifer (Social Work)
      Beam, Randal (Communication)
      A Framing Analysis of Media Coverage of Suicide, 1991-2012
    • Thaler, Joshua (Medicine)
      The role of hypothalamic atypical protein kinase C in body weight regulation and glucose homeostasis
    • Thorpe, Rebecca (Political Science)
      The Rural Prison Economy
    • Wang, Junlan (Mechanical Engineering)
      Novel Low-Emittance Thermochromic Coatings for Energy Efficient Windows
    • Watras, Melia (Music)
      Compact Disc Recording and Collaborative Creation of New Music for Viola
    • Yang, Mujeung (Economics)
      News Effects in Firm Dynamics

    January 2013 Awardees

    • Beck, David (Chemical Engineering)
      Burpee, Heather (Architecture)
      Meschke, John (Environmental and Occupational Health)
      Longitudinal Study of the Impact of Building Design & Materials on the Indoor Microbiome
    • Bozarth, George (Music)
      Brahms in Boston: Music, Philosophy, and Society
      RRF Scholar
    • Casey, Erin (UW Tacoma – Social Work)
      It Stops With Me: Adolescent Bystander Behavior in the Context of Teen Dating Violence and Bullying
    • Chude-Sokei, Louis (English)
      Discrepant Dispersals: Africans, Immigrants, and Black America
      RRF Scholar
    • Dabiri, Dana (Aeronautics and Astronautics)
      Development of High Resolution Wall Pressure and Wall Shear Stress Measurement System
    • De La Iglesia, Horacio O. (Biology)
      Sleep Regulation in a Socially Monogamous Non-Human Primate (ITHS)
    • Dubrow, Jennifer (Asian)
      The Novel and the Newspaper: Print Culture and Literary Publics in Colonial India
      RRF Scholar
    • Fu, Kai-Mei (Physics)
      A new sensing platform for bio-compatible magnetic nanoparticles
    • Gough, Heidi (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
      Assessing methanogenic diversity: Isolation of psychrotolerant freshwater methanogens
    • Hebard, Heather (Department of Education)
      Improving Writing Instruction and Student Achievement through a Professional Learning Community
      RRF Scholar
    • Hollmann, Alexander (Classics)
      Curse Tablets of the Roman and Byzantine Near East
      RRF Scholar
    • Hurley, Denzil (Art)
      Combinations and Change Involving Processes in Drawing, Painting and Printmaking
      RRF Scholar
    • Koelle, David (Department of Medicine)
      Immune signature of shingles vaccination in humans
    • Lee, Carole (Philosophy)
      Does Peer Review Promote Fairness and Innovation in Science? A Theory of Regulation for Procedural Accounts of Scientific Rationality
      RRF Scholar
    • Loftus, Geoffrey (Psychology)
      Distance-related information loss in the human visual system
    • Mock, Charles (Surgery)
      Strategically Address the Availability of Technology for Care of the Injured in Developing Countries
    • Monnat, Raymond (Pathology)
      New tools for phenylketonuria (PKU) point-of-care management (ITHS)
    • Motley, Michael (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
      Performance-based strength design and analysis of horizontal axis marine turbines
    • Ngai, Alphonsus (Neurological Surgery)
      Preclinical evaluation of nitrite therapy in rat proximal MCAO
    • Oberst, Andrew (Immunology)
      Mechanisms and consequences of programmed cell death
    • Oxford, Monica (Family and Child Nursing)
      Katz, Lynn (Psychology)
      Examining Biomarkers of Emotional Regulation in a Sample of Maltreated Toddlers
    • Papapetrou, Eirini (Department of Medicine)
      Development of an iPS cell-based model of myelodysplasia with chromosome 7 deletions
    • Peter, Beate (Speech and Hearing Sciences)
      Panagiotides, Heracles (International Studies)
      Electrophysiologic measures of processing speed in dyslexia (ITHS)
    • Quinn, Thomas (Aquatic and Fishery Sciences)
      Wirsing, Aaron (Environmental and Forest Sciences)
      Predation by brown bears on Pacific salmon
    • Rudell, Jacques (Electrical Engineering)
      Self-Calibrating Nanoscale Electronic Stimulation Integrated Circuits for Implantable BCIs
    • Savan, Ram (Immunology)
      The effect of HCV-induced myomiRs on IFNAR1 expression and signaling
    • Schur, Ellen (Department of Medicine)
      A translational neuroimaging approach to investigate structural changes in the hypothalamus of obese humans
    • Shoda, Yuichi (Psychology)
      Smith, Ronald (Psychology)
      Applying Computerized Feedback from Cognitive-Affective Processing System Analysis to Enhance Clinical Intervention: A Translational Approach (ITHS)
    • Spencer, Benjamin (Landscape Architecture)
      Bolton, Susan (Environmental and Forest Sciences)
      Voss, Joachim (Biobehavioral Nursing and Health Systems)
      Gardens, Green Space and Health in the Informal Urban Settlements of Lima, Peru
    • Stoll, Stefan (Chemistry)
      Protein control of tryptophan redox chemistry
    • Stone, Wendy (Psychology)
      Murias, Michael (Psychiatry)
      Welsh, John (Pediatrics)
      Early Associative Learning and Socially Contingent Behavior in Infant Siblings of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
    • Sullivan, Jane (Physiology and Biophysics)
      Are Akt-mediated homeostatic scaling defects present in an amyloid-based model of AD?
    • Wang, Edith (Pharmacology)
      Phosphorylation of TFIID subunits in driving cyclin D1 overexpression in human tumors
    • Werner, Lynne (Speech and Hearing Sciences)
      Development of a bias-free measure of infants’ auditory sensitivity
    • Witten, Daniela (Biostatistics)
      Fazel Sarjoui, Maryam (Electrical Engineering)
      Lee, Su-In (Computer Science and Engineering)
      Structured graphical lasso: Models, optimization, and applications

    June 2012 Awardees

    • Adams, Marvin (Physiology and Biophysics)
      Generation of Mouse Models of Long QT Cardiac Arrhythmia
    • Bair, Wyeth (Biological Structure)
      Multi-photon imaging in macaque visual cortex
    • Braester, Yomi (Comparative Literature)
      Cinephilia Besieged: Film, National History, and Global Consciousness in the People’s Republic of China
      RRF Scholar
    • Chatterjee, Champak (Chemistry)
      Semi-synthetic Approaches to Investigate Chromatin Regulation by the Small Ubiquitin-like Modifier Protein
    • Dechter, Aimee (Sociology)
      Is There a Consensus on Marriage? Socioeconomic and Ethnic Differences in Marriage Norms
    • Guerra, Juan (English)
      Enacting Citizenship: Language, Culture and Identity in the Writing Classroom
    • Ha, Renee (Psychology)
      Demonstrating the Use of New Technology: Applying Encounternet to Study Social Networks in a Highly Social Species
    • Haeseleer, Francoise (Physiology and Biophysics)
      Knockout mice to study the function of CaBP1 and CaBP2
    • Hinds, Stephen (Classics)
      Poetry Across Languages: Literature, Literalism and the Latin Tradition
      RRF Scholar
    • Jardine, David (Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine)
      The Role of Bax in Isoflurane Induced Neuroapoptosis in Infancy
    • Jirikowic, Tracy (Rehabilitation Medicine)
      The effects of a compression orthosis garment on sensorimotor organization and task engagement in young children with neurodevelopmental disabilities
    • Kelley, Deborah (Oceanography)
      Stoermer, Mark (Oceanography)
      Interactive Oceanography – A Prototype Digital Learning Environment
    • Kerr, Benjamin (Biology)
      The role of environmental change in evolutionary adaptation
    • Korf, Geoffrey (Drama)
      A New Methodology for Theatrical Lighting Design Using Digital Projectors
      RRF Scholar
    • Levaniouk, Olga (Classics)
      Herakles Epics in Archaic Greece
      RRF Scholar
    • Li, Jiangyu (Mechanical Engineering)
      Uncovering Nanoscale Electromechanical Couplings and Biological Ferroelectricity in Blood Vessel Walls
    • Long, Mark (Evans School of Public Affairs)
      Estimating an Altruism Adjusted Measure of the Value of a Statistical Life
    • Murray, Scott (Psychology)
      The pupillary light reflex and illusory brightness
    • Nemhauser, Jennifer (Biology)
      Establishing a crop plant as a comparative model for growth control
    • Neumann, Rebecca (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
      Methane Oxidation in the Rhizosphere of Rice Under Elevated Temperature and CO2: A Joint Visualization, Sampling, and Modeling Approach
    • Park, James (Surgery)
      Zhang, Miqin (Materials Science and Engineering)
      Nanoparticle-Based Gene-Silencing Therapy of Hepatocellular Carcinoma
    • Pauzauskie, Peter (Materials Science and Engineering)
      Resonant Optical Separation (ROS) of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes
    • Proksch, Gundula (Architecture)
      Cultivating Edible Cities: Integrated Approach to Agriculture and Building Design
      RRF Scholar
    • Rao, Rajesh (Computer Science and Engineering)
      Moritz, Chet (Rehabilitation Medicine)
      Information Coding and Learning in Brain-to-Brain Communication
    • Ratner, Daniel (Bioengineering)
      Label-free silicon photonics biosensors for use in clinical diagnostics
    • Rosen, Henry (Department of Medicine)
      A Screen to Develop Antibiotics that Act by a Novel Mechanism
    • Sachs, Julian (Oceanography)
      Developing a Quantitative Technique for Reconstructing Past Rainfall in the Tropics
    • Shields, Juliet (English)
      British Migration and American Literature, 1760-1840
      RRF Scholar
    • Stocco, Andrea (Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences)
      The Brain Bases of Rapid Instructed Task Learning and Their Educational Implications
    • Sullivan, Jessica (Speech and Hearing Sciences)
      Generalization of Improvements in Speech Recognition in Noise Following Auditory Training in Interrupted Noise for Children with Hearing Loss
    • Totten, Patricia (Department of Medicine)
      Identification and characterization of novel recombination genes
    • Traxler, Beth (Microbiology)
      Characterization of a novel mechanism for bacterial tolerance to toxic heavy metals
    • Wakimoto, Barbara (Biology)
      Paternal Effects on Chromosome Inheritance and Stability
    • Wilkerson, John (Political Science)
      The Power of Policy Ideas: Tracing Legislative Language in the Congressional Landscape
    • Wood, Stephen (Earth and Space Sciences)
      Development of an Icy Regolith Simulation Facility (IRSF) for Experimental Studies of Planetary Climate Microphysics
    • Wright, Jonathan (Urology)
      Detection and Isolation of Circulating Tumor Cells from Patients with Urothelial Cell Carcinoma of the Bladder Undergoing Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy
    • Yetisgen-Yildiz, Meliha (Biomedical Informatics and Medical Education)
      Xia, Fei (Linguistics)
      Annotating and Detecting Medical Events in Clinical Data
    • Zheng, Ning (Pharmacology)
      Hinds, Thomas (Pharmacology)
      Small molecule inhibitors of the COP9 signalosome in the ubiquitin-proteasome system

    January 2012 Awardees

    • Amieux, Paul (Pharmacology)
      Understanding Intercellular Communication Among Somatic Cells of the Testis
    • Bush, Matthew (Chemistry)
      A New Ion Mobility Cell for Protein Complexes
    • Cummins, Rebecca (Art)
      Seeing the Unseen: Visualizing Science
      RRF Scholar
    • Dabach, Dafney (Department of Education)
      Civic Lessons and Immigrant Youth: The Election Year Project
      RRF Scholar
    • Ferrante, Antonino (Aeronautics and Astronautics)
      High Fidelity Simulation of the Continuous Detonation Engine
    • Gao, Xiaohu (Bioengineering)
      Targeted and Efficient Delivery of siRNA using genetically engineered protein carriers
    • Hawkins, Brian (Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine)
      Mitochondria-to-Nucleus Retrograde Signaling via the Permeability Transition Pore
    • Hodge, Huck (Music)
      Composition and recording of a cycle of new works
    • Johnsen, Jill (Department of Medicine)
      Mouse models of human ABO blood groups
    • Ko, Amy (The Information School)
      Automatic, Individualized Instructional Feedback to Improve Learning in an Online Programming Game
    • Lalic, Gojko (Chemistry)
      Catalytic Anti-Markovnikov Hydroamination and Hydrocyanation of Alkenes
    • MacKenzie-Helnwein, Peter (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
      Shock-capturing particle method for simulation of seismic or blast waves in granular materials
    • Mitchell, Caroline (Obstetrics and Gynecology Administration)
      Immune Response of the Upper Genital Tract Mucosa to Bacterial Colonization
    • Morales, Miguel (Physics)
      Development of the MOFF Correlator for Next Generation Dark Energy and Epoch of Reionization Radio Observatories
    • Murakawa, Naomi (Political Science)
      Beckett, Katherine (Law Societies and Justice Program)
      The Shadow Carceral State: The Hidden Politics of Penal Expansion
      RRF Scholar
    • Neumann, Christopher (Microbiology)
      Biosynthesis of Fungal Toxins: Aspirochlorine as a Novel ETP Target
    • Nicoletta, Julie (Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (Tacoma))
      Unisphere: Architecture and Globalization at the New York World’s Fair of 1964-1965
    • Pendras, Jerome (Urban Studies (Tacoma))
      Williams, Charles (Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (Tacoma))
      The political economy of urban ‘stasis’: Investigating industrial transition in Tacoma, WA
      RRF Scholar
    • Pfaff, Steven (Sociology)
      Public Goods and the Propensity to Protest: A Factorial Survey of Participation in Collective Action
    • Polagye, Brian (Mechanical Engineering)
      Development of a Micropower Tidal Energy System
    • Reed, Brian (English)
      Lovers of the Quick World: The New York School of Poetry Goes Global
      RRF Scholar
    • Simpson, Christopher (Environmental and Occupational Health)
      Checkoway, Harvey (Environmental and Occupational Health)
      Nielsen, Susan (Environmental and Occupational Health)
      Zhang, Jing (Pathology)
      Preclinical Markers of Parkinsonism and Organophosphorus Pesticide Exposure in Washington State Farm Workers
    • Smith, Jason (Microbiology)
      Development of adenoviruses with low fidelity polymerases to elucidate molecular mechanisms of antiviral immune responses
    • Spencer, Kristie (Speech and Hearing Sciences)
      Feedback schedules and speech motor learning in Parkinson Disease
    • Subramanian, Savitha (Department of Medicine)
      The Role of Hepatic Macrophages in Obesity
    • Swarr, Amanda (Department of Women Studies)
      Forcing Sex: Violent Contestations Over South African Masculinities
      RRF Scholar
    • Tweedie, James (Comparative Literature)
      Mannerist Cinema: Film, New Media, and the Late Twentieth Century
      RRF Scholar
    • Wald, Anna (Laboratory Medicine)
      Boeckh, Michael (Department of Medicine)
      De Rosa, Stephen (Laboratory Medicine)
      Cytomegalovirus Reactivation and Immunosenescence
    • Wiggins, Paul (Physics)
      Capturing the dynamic E. coli localizome
    • Zheng, Ying (Bioengineering)
      Control of Fluidic Forces for Microvascular Growth and Remodeling

    June 2011 Awardees

    • Aliseda, Alberto (Mechanical Engineering)
      Flow Dynamics of Central Venous Catheters: Improving Pediatric Hemodialysis
    • Asah, Stanley (Environmental and Forest Sciences)
      Family Forest Owners and Bioenergy: Anticipating the Diffusion and Adoption of Sustainable Biofuels Production
    • Asuncion, Hazeline (Computing and Software Systems (Bothell))
      Connecting e-Science Information Sources Through Automated Data Provenance
      RRF Scholar
    • Bothwell, Mark (Physiology and Biophysics)
      Primary Cilia of Hypoxic Neural Stem Cells
    • Boydston, Andrew (Chemistry)
      Development of Mechanochemical Triggers for Self-Immolative Polymers
    • Brooks, Rechele (Psychiatry)
      Learning by Observing Others: Training Influences Social Cognition
    • Burstein, Jessica (English)
      “Face Value: The Aspects of Interdisciplinarity”
      RRF Scholar
    • Carlson, Steven (Physiology and Biophysics)
      The voltage-gated calcium channel as a pre-synaptic anchor for the active zone
    • Deming, Jody (Oceanography)
      Natural Exopolymers as Oil Spill Dispersants for the Cold Ocean
    • Farquharson, Gordon (Applied Physics Laboratory)
      Instrumentation to Measure Ocean and River Surface Topography
    • Heinekey, D. Michael (Chemistry)
      Catalytic Hydrogenolysis of Freons
    • Kamen, Deborah (Classics)
      Status in Classical Athens
      RRF Scholar
    • Kerwin, William (Radiology)
      Rapid MR Spectroscopic Imaging with Discrete Fourier Encoding Spectroscopic (DFENS) Prepulses
    • Kim, Jeansok (Psychology)
      Decision-Making in Aging Rats: Behavioral Analysis
      RRF Scholar
    • Kohen, Ruth (Psychiatry)
      Mitchell, Pamela (Biobehavioral Nursing and Health Systems)
      A Pilot study of Next Generation Sequencing of the Serotonin Transporter Gene
    • Levi, Margaret (Political Science)
      Creating Brand Responsibility: The Role of Universities as Institutional Consumers, An Oral and Digital History
    • Lewis, David (Radiology)
      Functional Brain Imaging of Pain Modulation by Virtual Reality in Burn Patients
    • Mahadevan, Sudhir (Comparative Literature)
      Contemporary Multiplex Cinema in India: Minor Traditions and their Genealogies
      RRF Scholar
    • Marzluff, John (Environmental and Forest Sciences)
      Neuroecology of American Crow Recognition of People
    • Matsueda, Ross (Sociology)
      Broken Windows, Collective Efficacy, and Norm Violation
    • Moskal, L. Monika (Environmental and Forest Sciences)
      Wolf, Kathleen (Environmental and Forest Sciences)
      Geospatial Relationships of Urban Forest Conditions, Stewardship Activity and Environmental Equity
    • Pauwels, Heidi (Asian)
      Intellectual and Cultural Exchange in Eighteenth-Century India: Poetry and Paintings by Savant Singh of Kishangarh
      RRF Scholar
    • Perry, Cynthia (Family and Child Nursing)
      Promoting Physical Activity with Latino Youth: A Feasibility Study of a Summer Physical Activity Program
    • Rai, Candice (English)
      Demos Rising: Rhetoric, Democracy, and Contested Publics
      RRF Scholar
    • Riffell, Jeffrey (Biology)
      Olfactory neural coding and behavior in the Anopheles gambiae mosquito
    • Rocap, Gabrielle (Oceanography)
      Characterization of the first known virus infecting the toxic diatom Pseudo-nitzschia
    • Sisneros, Joseph (Psychology)
      Saccular Hair Cell Morphology and Development Associated with Steriod-Dependent Seasonal Changes in Auditory Saccular Sensitivity of the Plainfin Midshipman Fish, Porichthys notatus
    • Stromberg, Caroline (Biology)
      Tracking the origins of C4 grasses and grasslands: A phytolith key to PACMAD grass phylogeny, physiology, and ecology
    • Vu, Cuong (Music)
      CD Recording – New Experimental Renditions of the Music of Duke Ellington and Charles Mingus
    • Werrett, Simon (History)
      Science and Recycling: A Comparative History
      RRF Scholar
    • Zhang, Qifeng (Materials Science and Engineering)
      Highly efficient photocatalyst based on doped hierarchical TiO2 nanostructure for hydrogen generation

    January 2011 Awardees

    • Barria-Roman, Andres (Physiology and Biophysics)
      Regulation of Glutamatergic Synaptic Transmission by Wnt Signaling
    • Chapman, Rachel (Anthropology)
      Reducing PMTCT Loss to Follow-Up from the Clinic to the Community in Central Mozambique
    • Dhavan, Purnima (History)
      Brave New Worlds? Literary Publics and Social Associations in Early Modern South Asia
      RRF Scholar
    • Feng, Qinghua (Pathology)
      The role of voltage-gated potassium channels in female lung adenocarcinomas
    • Fried, Amy (Mechanical Engineering)
      Ratner, Buddy (Bioengineering)
      Novel flow based enzyme immobilization on nanoporous scaffolds for enhanced electrochemical biosensor performances
    • Gorman-Lewis, Drew (Earth and Space Sciences)
      Nanomaterial Impacts on Microbial Populations: Calorimetric Investigations of Single Species and Microbial Communities
    • Horner-Devine, Alexander (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
      A new modeling platform for determining the input of toxic compounds to Puget Sound from the Duwamish River estuary
    • Imaizumi, Takato (Biology)
      Effects of Temperature Differences and Changing Photoperiods on Seasonal Flowering Response
    • Isoherranen, Nina (Pharmaceutics)
      Role of soluble carrier proteins in drug metabolism and substrate access to Cytochrome P450 enzymes
    • Kendall, Diane (Speech and Hearing Sciences)
      Ojemann, Jeffrey (Neurological Surgery)
      Reorganization of language prior to anterior temporal lobe surgery: Can deficits be mitigated?
    • Khullar, Sonal (Art)
      The Art of Dislocation: Conflict and Collaboration in Contemporary Art from South Asia
      RRF Scholar
    • Leache, Adam (Biology)
      Next-generation phylogenetics and phylogeography in North American phrynosomatid lizards
    • Lin, Ken-yu (Construction Management)
      Facilitating Project Learning from Construction Safety Audits — Practices, Technologies, and Opportunities
    • Ma, Hong (Materials Science and Engineering)
      Block Copolymers for Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage
    • Masiello, David (Chemistry)
      Controlling Molecular Optical Response Guided by High-Resolution Near-Field Imaging
    • Mayerfeld, Jason (Political Science)
      The Architecture of Human Rights
      RRF Scholar
    • McClelland, Raymond (Department of Medicine)
      Hepatic Cytochrome P450 2B6 Polymorphisms, Nevirapine Plasma Concentrations, and Clinical Outcomes of Nevirapine-Based Antiretroviral Therapy in HIV-1-Infected Kenyan Women
    • Miller, Michael (Physics)
      RF Measurement of Single-Electron Cyclotron Radiation for Precision B
      Spectrometry and Neutrino Mass Determination
    • Mittler, John (Microbiology)
      Greenberg, E. (Microbiology)
      Parsek, Matthew (Microbiology)
      Experimental and computational studies of “quorum sensing”
    • Morrissey, Colm (Urology)
      Sasaki, Tomikazu (Chemistry)
      Evaluation of Anti-cancer Activity of an Artemisinin Derivative in a Prostate Cancer Xenograft Model
    • Motha, Mary (English)
      Racializing English Language Teaching: Globalization, Linguistic Identities, and Language Ideologies
      RRF Scholar
    • Nishime, Leilani (Communication)
      People Won’t Know What You Are: Visual Culture and Multiracial Asian Americans
      RRF Scholar
    • Olavarria, Jaime (Psychology)
      Cross, Donna (Radiology)
      In Vivo Imaging of Rat Visual Cortex Plasticity Using Manganese-Enhanced MRI
    • Olden, Julian (Aquatic and Fishery Sciences)
      Non-market Economic Impacts of Aquatic Invasive Plants
    • Parker, Christopher (Political Science)
      The Tea Party and the Dynamics of Right-Wing Extremism in the United States
    • Solomon, Evan (Oceanography)
      Development of a Continuous, 3-D Subseafloor Fluid Sampler for Quantification of Fluid and Chemical Fluxes in Dynamic Hydrogeologic Environments
    • Staten, Henry (English)
      The Critique of Morality in Victorian Fiction
      RRF Scholar
    • Wyers, Giselle (Music)
      Evolving Trends in Choral Literature: The Solaris Vocal Ensemble Commissioning Project
    • Xu, Wenqing (Biological Structure)
      Structural and biochemical analysis of Protein PARsylation and PARsylation-dependent ubiquitination

    June 2010 Awardees

    • Campbell, Elena (History)
      Toward State Unity: ‘The Muslim Question’ in Late Imperial Russia
      RRF Scholar
    • Ceze, Luis (Computer Science and Engineering)
      Exploring Code-Centric Communication-Graphs for Software Debugging
    • Chalana, Manish (Urban Design and Planning)
      With Heritage So Rich: The History, Theory and Practice of Historic Preservation in India
      RRF Scholar
    • Cook, David (Department of Medicine)
      Mouse Model of Blast-Induced Repetitive Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
    • Dartt-Newton, Deana (American Indian Studies)
      Developing an Alternative Narrative to California Museum Portrayals of Indian History and Life
    • Dodd, Michael (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
      Sunlight-driven production of active chlorine from chloride ion using organic photosensitizers for point-of-use drinking water disinfection
    • Dunham, Maitreya (Genome Sciences)
      Fitness determinants associated with copy number changes in yeast
    • El-Anwar, Omar (Construction Management)
      Identifying Optimal Alternative Housing Plans for Displaced Populations after Natural Disasters
    • Fink, Kathleen (Radiology)
      Odderson, Ib (Rehabilitation Medicine)
      Denervation Changes on MRI and EMG-NCS after Muscular Injection of Botulinum Toxin A May Allow Assessment of Adequacy of Injection
    • Flynn, Galen (Physiology and Biophysics)
      Fluorescence high-throughput screening of HCN channel proteins
    • Garcia, Maria (International Studies)
      Transnational Guinea Pigs: an ethnography of the commercialization and consumption of Andean animals
    • Harris, Alexes (Sociology)
      The Assessment of Monetary Sanctions in Washington State
    • Hladik, Florian (Obstetrics and Gynecology Administration)
      The Role of Exosomes in Semen for HIV Infection in the Genital Mucosa of Women
    • Hohl, Tobias (Department of Medicine)
      Visualizing Neutrophil Trafficking and Function During Respiratory Fungal Infection
    • Kientz, Julie (The Information School)
      Design and Evaluation of a Computing System to Encourage Long-Term, Healthy Sleep Behaviors
    • Klein, Matthew (Surgery)
      Patrick, Donald (Health Services Main)
      Qualitative Interviews and Focus Groups with Burn Survivors: Phase I Development of A Novel Validated Patient Reported Outcome Measurement for Persons with Burn Injury
    • Leu, Janxin (Psychology)
      Negotiating cultural clashes between home and school: Stress and moral judgment among immigrant Asian youth
    • Lucero, Jose (International Studies)
      Extracting Culture: Filmmaking, Mineral Wealth, and Social Movements in the Andes and Amazon
    • Manicone, Anne (Department of Medicine)
      MMP28 as a Regulator of Hyperlipidemia and Atherosclerosis
    • Naidus, Beverly (Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (Tacoma))
      Eden Reframed: An Eco-Art Restoration Project for the Beall Greenhouses
    • Otis, Brian (Electrical Engineering)
      A Study of Songbird Society Using Encounternet Social Behavior Monitoring Technology
    • Selkin, Peter (Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (Tacoma))
      Magnetic and Mineralogical Characterization of Tacoma Smelter Emissions
    • Solorio, Maria (Health Services Main)
      The Impact of Patient Navigators on Glycemic Control Among Hispanic Patients with Type II Diabetes
    • Steptoe, Tyina (American Ethnic Studies)
      Houston Bound: Migration, Race, and Culture in the Western South, 1915-1965
      RRF Scholar
    • VanBlaricom, Glenn (School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences)
      Modifications of intertidal infaunal communities associated with harvest of cultured geoduck clams (Panope generosa) in southern Puget Sound.
    • VanDer Stoep, Ann (Psychiatry)
      Genetic Influences on Co-Occuring Depression and Conduct Problems in Adolescence
    • Wellman, James (International Studies)
      Getting High on God: Charisma, Ecstasy, and Power in American Megachurches
      RRF Scholar
    • West, Timothy (Department of Medicine)
      Investigation of a common TLR5 stop codon polymorphism in melioidosis
    • Zhang, Bo (Chemistry)
      Electrochemical Responses of Single Au Nanoparticles

    January 2010 Awardees

    • Amory, John K. (Department of Medicine)
      FSHß-Derived Peptide-Gonadotoxin Conjugates for Pet Sterilization
    • Bachmann, Olivier (Earth and Space Sciences)
      The importance of volatile elements during and after large explosive volcanic eruptions
    • Becker, Bonnie J. (Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (Tacoma))
      Determining geoduck larval distribution in situ using a novel molecular tool and adaptive trapping
    • Bogel, Cynthea J. (Physiology and Biophysics)
      Primary Cilia of Hypoxic Neural Stem Cells
      RRF Scholar
    • Brown, Jonathan A. C. (Near East)
      Marketing Links to the Past: A Case Study in Islamic Educational Institutions in Modern Malaysia
    • Cook, Joseph H. (Evans School of Public Affairs)
      How does improving access to safe water change household time use in rural Ethiopia?
    • Dhaka, Ajay (Biological Structure)
      Coding Temperature and Pain in the Somatosensory Nervous System
    • Gantt, Soren M. (Pediatrics)
      Casper, Corey (Department of Medicine)
      Activity of Artesunate to Inhibit Cytomegalovirus Viremia Replication In Vivo: A Sub-Study of Randomized Controlled Trials of Malaria Treatment in Ugandan Children
    • Gastil, John (Communication)
      Panel Survey Investigation of the Oregon Citizen Initiative Review
    • Govedare, Philip (Art)
      Prehistoric and Post-Apocalyptic Landscape
      RRF Scholar
    • Huntington, Katharine (Earth and Space Sciences)
      Development of a sample preparation system for measurement of clumped isotopes in carbonate for paleoclimate and paleoelevation reconstructions
    • Keister, Julie (Oceanography)
      Zooplankton community response to environment conditions in the Strait of Juan de Fuca/Puget Sound ecosystem
    • Li, Weiqing (Biological Structure)
      Characterization of Modifiers of Pro-survival Pathways in C. elegans
    • Lin, Lih (Electrical Engineering)
      Optical Switches for Remote Control of Cellular Activities and Cell Signaling with High Spatial and Temporal Precision through Quantum Dots
    • Powell, Janet (Rehabilitation Medicine)
      The Effect of Compensatory Eyeglasses for Visual Acuity on Visual Functions and Symptoms Following Traumatic Brain Injury
    • Reed, May (Medicine)
      Hyaluronan oligomers and their carrier(s) to improve wound repair in aging
    • Robinson, Farrel (Biological Structure)
      Can we rehabilitate damaged movements by increasing cerebellar plasticity?
    • Rolandi, Marco (Materials Science and Engineering)
      Nanobioprotonics: Investigation of proton conductivity in nanostructured biological fibers
    • Sheets, Benjamin (Oceanography)
      Linking delta and submarine sedimentary systems: A bathymetric and sub-bottom survey of northern Lake Chelan, WA.
    • Sommerville, Jessica (Psychology)
      The neurocognitive processes underlying action perception in adults and children
    • Turner, Jack (Political Science)
      Awakening to Race: Individualism and Social Consciousness in the American Tradition
    • Turnovsky, Geoffrey (French and Italian Studies)
      Intellectuals, Patronage, and the Problem of Hypocrisy: The Rhetoric and Social Dynamics of Freedom of Thought in France 1650-1789
      RRF Scholar
    • Varghese, Manka (Education)
      An Investigation of Factors Influencing English Language Learners’ Selection of Post-High School Pathways
      RRF Scholar
    • Walker, Joel (History)
      Jewel of the Palace and the Soul: Pearls in the Arts, Economy, and Imagination of Late Antiquity
      RRF Scholar
    • Wang, Haicheng (Art)
      Archaeology of Royal Spectacles in Early China
      RRF Scholar
    • Weinstein, Jonathan (Neurology)
      Role of Danger Associated Molecular Pattern (DAMP) Receptor Complex Proteins CD24 and Siglec-G in Modulating the Neuroinflammatory Response Following Stroke
    • Welland, Sasha (Women Studies)
      Experimental Beijing: Contemporary Art Worlds in China’s Capital
      RRF Scholar
    • Wilson, Gregory (Biology)
      Mammalian Recovery Following the End-Cretaceous Mass Extinction: Tracking Patterns in Dietary Niche Filling
    • Winer, Rachel (Epidemiology)
      Evaluation of Dry and Wet Transported Self-Collected Swabs for HPV Testing
    • Winn, Jane (Law)
      Mobile Banking in Developing Countries: Regulatory Challenges
    • Wirsing, Aaron (Forest Resources)
      Using snowshoe hare responses to forest stand structure and fragmentation to guide lynx recovery in Washington

    June 2009 Awardees

    • Amrute, Sareeta (Anthropology)
      Town and terminal: An ethnography of service workers in Pune’s IT industry
      RRF Scholar
    • Andrews, Walter G. (Near Eastern Languages)
      The Svoboda Diary Project
    • Bajjalieh, Sandra M. (Pharmacology)
      The role of multi-substrate lipid kinase in neuronal functioning
    • Brzovic, Peter S. (Biochemistry)
      Structural and functional characterization of bacterial effector proteins that hijack eukaryotic ubiquitin signaling pathways
    • Bumgarner, Roger E. (Microbiology)
      Development of a method to detect low frequency genotypes
    • Campbell, Jean S. (Pathology)
      Sildenafil inhibits liver fibrosis
    • Chickadel, C. Christopher (APL)
      Next generation airbone thermal mapping system for coastal science
    • Chung, Jae-Hyun (Mechanical Engineering)
      Bio-mimetic silicone cilia device for biomixing and reaction in microplates
    • Connolly, Andrew J. (Astronomy)
      Enhancing science and education with collaborative technologies
    • Coupe, James (Digital Arts and Experimental Media)
      Surveillance suite
    • De Leon, Jason P. (Anthropology)
      The migrant material culture project: An ethnoarchaeological and ethnographic analysis of undocumented migration in southern Arizona
    • Fu, Qiang (Atmospheric Sciences)
      Black carbon in the seasonal snow of western and northern China
    • Gottlieb, Geoffrey S. (Medicine)
      Susceptibility of HIV-2 to HIV-1 integrase inhibitors and CCR5 co-receptor antagonists
    • Heneghan, Aine (Music)
      Schoenberg’s Poiesis: Composing with Words and Music
      RRF Scholar
    • Hoffman, Lucas R. (Pediatrics)
      Community-level physiologic profiling to identify new therapies for polymicrobial infectious diseases: A pilot study
      Hull-Meichle, Rebecca L. (Medicine)
      Islet endothelial dysfunction in diabetes
    • Inanici, Mehlika N. (Architecture)
      Development and evaluation of image based sky modesl for daylighting simulation
    • Ivezic, Zeljko (Astronomy)
      The future is variable: Enabling large-scale science and surveys of the full AGN population
    • Kahn, Peter H. (Psychology)
      The biodiversity of the human experience
    • Lingo, Stuart P. (Art History)
      Bronzino’s Bodies: The Fate of Michelangelesque Art in an Age of Reform
      RRF Scholar
    • Mercer, Leigh (Spanish and Portuguese Studies)
      An Incoherent Voyage: Spanish Cinema Pioneers and the Ambivalence of Technology
      RRF Scholar
    • Moritz, Chet T. (Physiology and Biophysics)
      Reconnecting the brain and spinal cord after injury via an autonomous electronic device
    • O’Connor, Kathleen A. (Anthropology)
      Health initiatives for men: Pilot project
    • Osanloo, Arzoo (Anthropology)
      Gender and forgiveness in islamic criminal justice in Iran
      RRF Scholar
    • Palmer, John C. (Psychology)
      Distinguishing parallel and serial processing in divided attention
    • Poolos, Nicholas P. (Neurology)
      Efficacy of antiepileptic drug combination therapy in patients with refractory epilepsy
    • Pozzo, Danilo C. (Chemical Engineering)
      Relating the structure and rheology of novel organogel systems
    • Qiu, Bensheng (Radiology)
      MR monitoring of induced pluripotent stem cell-based gene therapy for gliomas
    • Rosenfeld, Jake H. (Sociology)
      Micro-Bargaining in the Second Gilded Age: The Growth of Wage Inequality in the U.S. and Great Britain
      RRF Scholar
    • Stein, William (Mathematics)
      Sage: Creating a viable free open source alternative to maple, mathematica, matlab and magma
      RRF Scholar
    • Tolnay, Stewart (Sociology)
      Tracking the participants in the great migration: A pilot study of intercensal record linkage
    • Way, Thaisa (Landscape Architecture)
      Richard Haag: Shaping the Pacific Northwest Landscape
      RRF Scholar

    January 2009 Awardees

    • Banks, John E. (Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (Tacoma))
      Conservation of a near-threatened East African bird: Linking East Coast Akalat population dynamics with arthropod resources in coastal Kenya
      RRF Scholar
    • Becker, Andrew C. (Astronomy)
      3.5 m transit timing observations at 100% duty cycle
    • Bosworth, David L. (English)
      From Moral Atom to Moral Field: The Rise and Demise of America’s ‘Lonesome Hero’
      RRF Scholar
    • Centurion-Lara, Arturo (Medicine)
      Mechanisms of transcription regulation in Treponema pallidum
    • Connors, Catherine M. (Classics)
      Roman Geographies
      RRF Scholar
    • Daniell, William E. (Environmental Health)
      Pesticide health effects in Cambodia
    • Frierson, Dargan M. (Atmospheric Sciences)
      Energy transports in warmer climates
    • Ghate, Archis V. (Industrial Engineering)
      Modeling financial contagion: A ‘complex networks’ approach
    • Harold, Christine L. (Communication)
      De/signing Rhetoric: Mass Consumption and Environmental Sustainability in the ‘Age of Aesthetics’
    • Ingalls, Anitra E. (Oceanography)
      A new method for determining the concentration, composition, and radiocarbon age of ‘living’ and ‘dead’ microbial membrane lipids: Insights into climate and carbon cycling on land and in the ocean
    • Jones, Janine M. (Educational Psychology)
      Multicultural counseling of children and adolescents: A universal model for successful counseling in schools
    • Klevit, Rachel E. (Biochemistry)
      Identification of novel GAF domain binding small molecules using STD-NMR
    • Klinger, Terrie (Marine Affairs)
      Biological impacts of ocean acidification
    • Landay, James A. (Computer Science and Engineering)
      Beyond speech recognition: Harnessing the power of voice for effective control of computer interfaces
    • Lin, Zhi (Art)
      Continuation of the project ‘Invisible and Unwelcomed People: Chinese Railroad Workers’
      RRF Scholar
    • Maly, Dustin J. (Chemistry)
      Protein engineering of a small molecule-regulated protein switch
    • Minin, Vladimir (Statistics)
      New estimation principle for continuous-time Markov chains to remedy the convergent evolution problem in phylogenetics
    • Mougous, Joseph D. (Microbiology)
      Identification of Type VI secretion substrates in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
    • Naish, Kerry (Aquatic and Fishery Sciences)
      Determining the number of males contributing to a leatherback turtle population using a molecular-based kinship analyses of hatchlings
    • Nelson, Elizabeth M. (Family and Child Nursing)
      Stress regulation in foster infants
    • Pettit, Becky M. (Sociology)
      The demographic implications of the prison boom
    • Queitsch, Christine (Genome Sciences)
      Polyglutamine length polymorphisms as a balancing act between tunability and toxicity
    • Radnitz, Scott B. (International Studies)
      Historical narratives and post-conflict reconciliation in the Caucasus: A psychological experiment
    • Reed, Susan D. (Obstetrics and Gynecology)
      DNA methylation in endometrial hyperplasia
    • Repacholi, Betty M. (Psychology)
      Can infants attribute emotional dispositions to other individuals?
    • Rosenthal, Michael A. (Philosophy)
      Sovereigns and Subjects: Politics, philosophy, and Jewish identity in Germany before WWII
    • Son, Dam T. (Physics)
      Gauge/gravity duality at finite density: Phases of matter from string theory
    • Swanson, Willie J. (Genome Sciences)
      Whole-organism 15N isotopic labeling in monkeyflowers for shotgun proteomic identification of plant reproductive proteins
    • Udell, Wadiya A. (Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (Bothell))
      What about the teens who didn’t wait? Sexual risk behaviors and religiosity among African American youth
    • Wong, Shawn H. (English)
      Anonymous Truths: A Novel
    • Wordeman, Linda G. (Physiology and Biophysics)
      Revisiting echinoderms as a model system to understand cell division

    June 2008 Awardees

    • Bakker, Jonathan D. (Forest Resources)
      Controls on woody plant encroachment into grasslands
    • Bassok, Miriam (Psychology)
      Coordination of arithmetic and semantic knowledge
    • Beecher, Michael D. (Psychology)
      Extra-pair mating in a monogamous songbird: Behavioral and molecular analyses
    • Brewer, Bonita J. (Genome Sciences)
      Replication origins and the evolution of genome structure
    • Brush, Lucien N. (Materials Science and Engineering)
      Modeling the behavior of non-Newtonian thin liquid films during materials processing
    • Buick, Roger (Earth and Space Sciences)
      Fractionations of selenium isotopes on the early Earth: A probe of planetary oxygenation
    • Cheryan, Sapna (Psychology)
      The influence of stereotypical and non-stereotypical role models on women’s interest in computer science
    • Cline, Erica T. (Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (Tacoma))
      Effects of shade trees on mycorrhizal diversity and abundance in Costa Rica coffee plantations
      RRF Scholar
    • Duncan, Cynthia K. (Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (Tacoma))
      Testimonial literature as a tool for sociocultural exploration: A look at the Special Period in Cienfuegos, Cuba
      RRF Scholar
    • Feld, Andrew E. (English)
      Raptor: Poems
    • Gupta, Subhadeep (Physics)
      An optical trap for ultracold polar molecules
    • Herranz, Joaquin (Public Affairs)
      Performance and change in multisectoral networks
      RRF Scholar
    • Johnson, Odai (Drama)
      London in a Box: Colonial Theatre and the Formation of America
      RRF Scholar
    • Kim, Yong-Woo (Construction Management)
      Validating a process-based approach in investigating sustainable impacts in the construction domain: A pilot study on rebar supply systems in building construction
    • La Porte, Charles P. (English)
      Victorian Poets and the Changing Bible
      RRF Scholar
    • Lambers, Janneke Hille Ris (Biology)
      Climate, competition, and tree growth: Transient dynamics following climate change
    • Magaret, Amalia S. (Laboratory Medicine)
      Diagnosis, clinical care, and suppressive antiviral therapy use among King County residents newly diagnosed with genital herpes
    • Matsuoka, Kenichi (Earth and Space Sciences)
      Unique opportunity to collaborate with Belgian Antarctic program
    • McMains, Juliet (Dance)
      Salsa Moves: Competing Histories of Dance Culture and Commerce
    • Nemhauser, Jennifer L. (Biology)
      Dissection and manipulation of plant hormone networks
    • Olson, Valerie G. (Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences)
      Characterization of neuronal changes that underlie dysregulation of prefrontal cortex in a mouse model of PTSD
    • Poorkaj-Navas, Parvoneh (Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences)
      Spinocerebellar ataxia type 14: Mouse models of human disease
    • Ratner, Daniel M. (Bioengineering)
      Characterizing carbohydrate-modified surfaces for microarray and biosensor applications
    • Scatena, Marta (Bioengineering)
      Improving generation of endothelial cells from human embryonic stem cells with hypoxia
    • Shields, David J. (English)
      Untitled work in progress
      RRF Scholar
    • Sidor, Christian A. (Biology)
      Paleontological and geological reconnaissance of the Permo-Triassic Argana Basin, Morocco
    • Wang, Edith H. (Pharmacology)
      Function of MBNL3 in the muscle pathology of myotonic dystrophy
    • Wolff, Hendrik (Economics)
      Air pollution and long-term behavioral consequences: The London Smog of 1952
    • Wright, Richard A. (Linguistics)
      PHOIBLE: PHOnetics Information Base and Lexicon
    • Xu, Mei (Pharmacology)
      Characterization of a new mouse model of trigeminal nerve injury
    • Yarov-Yarovoy, Vladimir M. (Pharmacology)
      Structure-function studies of the pore of the brain voltage-gated sodium channels
    • Yu, Xiaozhong (Environmental Health)
      Targeting p53-independent pathways for innovative arsenic chemotherapy

    January 2008 Awardees

    • Albertson, Bethany L. (Political Science)
      Family values in political campaigns
    • Barreto, Matthew A. (Political Science)
      2008 Latino voter mobilization post-election study
    • Berger, Paul E. (Art)
      High density image composites
    • Bura, Renata (Forest Resources)
      Bioconversion of solid waste to bioethanol sourced from the University of Washington: A local project with global consequences
    • Citko, Barbara (Linguistics)
      Symmetry in Syntax
      RRF Scholar
    • Di Stilio, Veronica S. (Biology)
      Dissecting gene function by viral induced gene silencing: Gene duplication, functional divergence, and the evolution of flower diversity
    • Dichek, Helen L. (Pediatrics)
      Investigating mechanisms that confer protection against diet-induced obesity in mice
    • Doorenbos, Ardith Z. (Biobehavioral Nursing and Health Systems)
      Dignified Dying: A survey of nursing interventions in Thailand
    • Doty, Sharon L. (Forest Resources)
      Analysis of novel yeast strains for improved biofuel production
    • Fitzpatrick, Annette L. (Epidemiology)
      The Nepal heart health pilot study
    • Gardner, Richard G. (Pharmacology)
      A comprehensive approach to understanding nuclear protein aggregation toxicity
    • Iritani, Brian M. (Comparative Medicine)
      Analysis of a novel protein ‘Yugioh’ in B lymphocyte development
    • Jones, Amanda L. (Pediatrics)
      Role of penicillin binding proteins in evasion of innate immunity by invasive bacterial pathogens
    • Kaeberlein, Matthew R. (Pathology)
      Diet-induced ubiquitin remodeling in caenorhabditis elegans
    • Kalyuzhnaya, Marina G. (Microbiology)
      Discovery of new enzymatic systems responsible for methanol oxidation in proteobacteria
    • Kim, Soo-Hyung (Forest Resources)
      Development of a generic model to estimate leaf area index from LiDAR data and its application to evaluate ecological functions of Washington Park Arboretum
    • Koh, Duk-Su (Physiology and Biophysics)
      Studies of secretory functions of epithelial cells in monolayers using a novel micro-imaging chamber
    • Morishima, Chihiro (Laboratory Medicine)
      Mechanisms of NK cell dysfunction in HCV/HIV coinfection
    • Myers, Kathleen M. (Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences)
      Telemental health to improve care for children living in underserved areas
    • Nash, Linda L. (History)
      Engineering a Modern World: Environments, Technology, Agency
      RRF Scholar
    • Patoux, Jerome (Atmospheric Sciences)
      Midlatitude cyclone intensification over the North Atlantic Ocean
    • Perlmutter, Steve I. (Physiology and Biophysics)
      Intraspinal stimulation to promote motor recovery following spinal cord injury
    • Pfaff, Steven J. (Sociology)
      Trust, heterogeneity, and high-risk collective action: An analysis of mutiny in the Royal Navy, 1700-1840
    • Ramakrishnan, Lalita (Microbiology)
      Development of the zebrafish embryo-Mycobacterium marinum model for tuberculosis drug discovery
    • Sanders, Nicole M. (Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences)
      The effect of recurrent hypoglycemia on astrocyte activation and signaling
    • Sniadecki, Nathan J. (Mechanical Engineering)
      Endothelium mechanics: A microfluidic device and model for studying traction forces, remodeling, and permeability in vascular tissue
    • Thomas, Lynn M. (History)
      Skin lighteners in Africa: A transnational history of race, gender, and commerce
      RRF Scholar
    • Thomson, James M. (APL)
      Instrumentation to measure wave-breaking dissipation
    • Torii, Keiko U. (Biology)
      Whole-genome approach to understanding cell-type differentiation in plants
    • Weinbaum, Alys Eve (English)
      The New Biologic: Human Reproduction, Transnationalism, Cultural Critique
      RRF Scholar
    • Wieczorek, Marek K. (Art)
      Visionary Spaces: Modernist abstraction across the disciplines

    June 2007 Awardees

    • Adams, Marvin E. (Physiology and Biophysics)
      Generation of a beta1-syntrophin tissue specific knockout mouse
    • Akey, Joshua M. (Genome Sciences)
      Genome-wide analysis of structural variation in the domesticated dog
    • Bernstein, Ilene L. (Psychology)
      Characteristics of amygdala neuronal firing during taste memory acquisition and expression
    • Betz, Stacy K. (Speech and Hearing Sciences)
      Event-related potential measures of syntactic processing in adults and children with and without language impairment
    • Brockerhoff, Susan E. (Biochemistry)
      The use of synapto-pHluorin to study cone photoreceptor synapse function in zebrafish
    • Chrisman, Laura H. (English)
      Black transnationalism between the US and South Africa, 1900-1945
      RRF Scholar
    • De Roos, Anneclaire J. (Epidemiology)
      Genetic polymorphisms as modifiers of the effects of dietary PCB and trans fat exposure on the risk of endometriosis
    • Doherty, Daniel A. (Pediatrics)
      Joubert syndrome gene identification using a combination of SNP genotyping and global expression profiling methods
    • Dong, Madeleine Yue (International Studies)
      Stories from the Wilderness: Unofficial Histories of the Qing Dynasty
      RRF Scholar
    • Dossick, Carrie S. (Construction Management)
      Analyzing the ramifications of new communication technologies for collaboration in architecture, engineering, and construction
    • Farquhar, Carey (Medicine)
      HSV-2 suppression among HIV-1 infected pregnant women to reduce plasma and genital HIV-1 levels and vertical transmission of HIV-1
    • Gaylard, Susan L. (French and Italian Studies)
      Material Men: Public image and authority in early modern Italy
      RRF Scholar
    • Golden, Matthew R. (Medicine)
      A preliminary cohort study of sexually inexperienced men who have sex with men
    • Hawes, Stephen E. (Epidemiology)
      Human Papillomavirus (HPV) viral load associated with HPV persistence and anal neoplasia in HIV- and HIV+ men who have sex with men
    • Iqbal, Amer (Mathematics)
      Mathematical aspects of S-duality
    • Kaiser, Cheryl R. (Psychology)
      Group identity and discrimination: Do high and low identified minorities experience different amounts of discrimination?
    • Kinney, Gregory A. (Rehabilitation Medicine)
      Cellular targets of GABA released via reversal of the GAT-3 GABA transporter
    • Li, Ge (Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences)
      Gender, hormone replacement therapy, and CSF AD biomarkers
    • Lundquist, Jessica D. (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
      Using diurnal cycles in streamflow to interpret surface and subsurface flow paths in mountain environments
    • Luscombe, Christine K. (Materials Science and Engineering)
      The development of air-stable semiconducting polymers for thermoelectrics
    • Mayer, James M. (Chemistry)
      Flash-kinetics studies of coupled proton-electron transfer
    • Meschke, John S. (Environmental Health)
      Genomic characterization and typing of environmentally isolated Clostridium perfringens: A novel approach to microbial source tracking
    • Morton, Gregory J. (Medicine)
      Effect of VTA leptin signaling on food intake
    • Noble, Peter A. (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
      Simultaneous quantification of multiple microbes in complex microbial mixtures
    • Pianko, Noam F. (International Studies)
      Breaking the Sovereign Mold: Jewish Political Thought and the Dilemma of Nationality in a Global Era
      RRF Scholar
    • Raschke, Markus (Chemistry)
      Optical antennas for vibrational spectroscopic imaging on the nanoscale
    • Reddy, Chandan C. (English)
      The Migrating Present: Citizenship, Migrant Cultures, and the US Racial State, 1890s – 1990s
      RRF Scholar
    • Rhodes, Lorna A. (Anthropology)
      The prison as ‘small society’: A focused ethnography of Her Majesty’s Prison Grendon
    • Steig, Eric J. (Earth and Space Sciences)
      Testing theoretical models of isotope fractionation during evaporation of water at the ocean surface with direct measurements
    • Urdahl, Kevin B. (Pediatrics)
      Induction of T regulatory cells that suppress immunity to tuberculosis by non-tuberculosis mycobacteria
    • Van Voorhis, Wesley C. (Medicine)
      Trypanosoma brucei TbruKin1: Role of a possible farnesylated kinesin in cellular function
    • Westenbroek, Ruth E. (Pharmacology)
      Genomic analysis of voltage-gated ion channels in trigeminal neuropathic pain

    January 2007 Awardees

    • Arduino, Pedro (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
      Development of a solid/fluid two-field material point method for modeling saturated granular materials
    • Barria, Andres (Physiology and Biophysics)
      Role of NMDA-R subunits in spines and synapses development
    • Beamon, Benita M. (Industrial Engineering)
      Inventory policies for pre-positioned response in humanitarian relief
    • Borriello, Gaetano (Computer Science and Engineering)
      Validation of new technologies and methodologies for measuring physical activity and location in real time-space
    • Bothwell, Mark A. (Physiology and Biophysics)
      Evolution of the neurotrophin signaling system
    • Dabiri, Dana (Aeronautics and Astronautics)
      Development of a 2D digital partical image velocimetry barometer and thermometry system (2DDPIBTV) for the study of fluid flow phenomena
    • DeYoung, Terri L. (Near Eastern Languages)
      Mahmoud Sami al-Barudi’s poetry: The exile years
      RRF Scholar
    • Goodreau, Steven M. (Anthropology)
      Evaluating the role of circular migration on population-level HIV prevalence
    • Henry, Barbara J. (Slavic Languages)
      Re-writing Russia: Jacob Gordin, Yiddish theatre, and Russian literature
      RRF Scholar
    • Hogan, Craig J. (Astronomy)
      Datamining dark energy
    • Hollingworth, William (Radiology)
      Does injury increase the risk of personal bankruptcy?
    • Horner-Devine, M. Claire (Aquatic and Fishery Sciences)
      The impact of invasive plants on sediment microbial communities and processes
    • Howard, Philip N. (Communication)
      Information access and telecommunications policy in developing countries: Is the digital divide narrowing or becoming a chasm?
    • Kaminsky, Werner (Chemistry)
      HAUP microscope
    • Keil, Richard G. (Oceanography)
      Isolation of DNA from actively growing heterotrophic bacteria using 5-bromo-2-deoxyuridine
    • Kennedy, Brian K. (Biochemistry)
      Unsaturated fatty acid toxicity and membrane dynamics
    • Kirk, Elizabeth A. (Pathobiology)
      Obesity and inflammation in PARP-1 deficient mice
    • Korotkova, Natalia (Microbiology)
      Interactions between Dr adhesins of Escherichia coli and CEA-related cell adhesion molecules of human epithelial cells and immune effector cells
    • Levi, Margaret A. (Political Science)
      Legitimating beliefs and government legitimacy in developing countries
    • Murray, Scott O. (Psychology)
      The spatial representation of objects in human visual cortex
    • Nurius, Paula S. (Social Work)
      Violence, stress, and distress: Integrating research of high-risk youth
      RRF Scholar
    • Oshima, Junko (Pathology)
      Contribution of heterozygosity on healthy aging
    • Otis, Brian P. (Electrical Engineering)
      Unique integrated circuit identification based on manufacturing variations
    • Ou, Henry C. (Otolaryngology)
      Evaluation of candidate otoprotective compounds in the mouse utricle
    • Richardson, Laura P. (Pediatrics)
      Screening for adolescent depression in primary care settings
    • Sparke, Matthew B. (Geography)
      Comparing approaches to global education through study abroad
    • Stone, Jennifer C. (Education)
      Secondary students’ in- and out-of-school literacy practices: Implications for pedagogy
    • Swalla, Billie J. (Biology)
      Stem cells and germ cells in colonial ascidians: Developing colonial ascidians as a model system for studying stem cell biology and plasticity
    • Thomas, Wendy (Bioengineering)
      Structural basis of the von Willebrand Factor: GpIbalpha bond and its relationship to thrombosis and von Willebrand diseases
    • Thurtle, Phillip S. (History)
      Extended Development: Toward a cultural history of evolutionary and developmental biology
      RRF Scholar
    • Tweedie, James A. (Comparative Literature)
      The Age of New Waves: The globalization of art cinema from 1959
      RRF Scholar
    • Warren, Edus H. (Medicine)
      Identification of genomic loci associated with graft-versus-leukemia activity after allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation
    • Xia, Fei (Linguistics)
      Towards automatic enrichment and analysis of linguistic data for threatened and endangered languages

    June 2006 Awardees

    • Alexander, Becky (Atmospheric Sciences)
      Development of a new method for high-resolution nitrate oxygen isotope measurements in aerosol, water, snow, and ice samples
    • Bierer, Julie A. (Speech and Hearing Sciences)
      Patient-specific speech processing designs based on neural survival patterns
    • Billey, Sara (Mathematics)
      Attacking P vs. NP using representation theory and combinatorics
      RRF Scholar
    • Blinov, Boris (Physics)
      Fiber-coupled single-photon source for quantum communication and cryptography using trapped atomic ions
    • Bushnell, Linda G. (Electrical Engineering)
      An inexpensive data-logging salinity sensor
    • Cichowski, Rachel A. (Political Science)
      The European Court of Human Rights and democratic participation
    • Eadie, Tanya L. (Speech and Hearing Sciences)
      The effect of listener experience on auditory-perceptual judgments of dysphonia
    • Ebeling, Carl (Computer Science and Engineering)
      Applying hardware acceleration to the protein-folding problem
    • Edwards, Karen L. (Epidemiology)
      Fine mapping of the Parkinson’s disease PARK10 region: A case-control genetic epidemiology study
    • Evans, Laura E. (Public Affairs)
      Cultivating capacity, organizing change: Policy environments and tribal governments
      RRF Scholar
    • Fan, Erkang (Biochemistry)
      Intracellular delivery agents built on guanidine backbones
    • Foster, R. Thomas (English)
      Ethnicity and Technicity: Nature, Culture, and Race in the Cyberpunk Archive
      RRF Scholar
    • Friedman, Seth D. (Radiology)
      Growth hormone releasing hormone and aging
    • Garvens, Ellen (Art)
      Photographing prosthetics/orthotics in Thailand, Lao, and Cambodia
    • Gilbert-Santamaria, Donald (Spanish and Portuguese Studies)
      Among Friends: Narrating Private Life in Early Modern Spain
      RRF Scholar
    • Harachi, Tracy W. (Social Work)
      Investigating the adjustment of Cambodian deportees
    • Jeffrey, Craig J. (Geography)
      Educated underemployment and intergenerational politics in India
      RRF Scholar
    • Kerr, Benjamin B. (Biology)
      Disease evolution in population networks
    • Li, Jiangyu (Mechanical Engineering)
      Electric conductive polymeric nanocomposites by nanoimprint lithography: Design, optimization, and fabrication
    • Li, Xiaosong (Chemistry)
      Exploring laser control of chemical reactions: Development and applications of ab initio Ehrenfest dynamics beyond the perturbative regime
    • Liu, Zi-Jun (Orthodontics)
      High prevalence of open bite malocclusion in East African Americans: A preliminary study of morphology and function
    • Lockwood, Thomas F. (English)
      Edition of plays by Henry Fielding
      RRF Scholar
    • Nestingen, Andrew K. (Scandinavian Studies)
      The Cinema of Aki Kaurismaki: Fantasy and Resistance
      RRF Scholar
    • O’Donnell, Sean (Psychology)
      Habitat fragmentation and the biology of top predators in tropical cloud forest
    • Parichy, David M. (Biology)
      Genetic and phenotypic analysis of zebrafish dwarf mutant shortstop
    • Reskin, Barbara F. (Sociology)
      Payday lending and inequality
    • Rose, Timothy M. (Pathobiology)
      Viral etiology of malignant lymphomas
    • Sirakaya, Sibel (Statistics)
      Sovereign lending under limited enforcement
      RRF Scholar
    • Sokourenko, Evgueni V. (Microbiology)
      Selection for anti-E. coli adhesive properties of Lactobacilli
    • Swarr, Amanda L. (Women Studies)
      Sex in Transition: Apartheid and the Remaking of Gender and Race
      RRF Scholar
    • Takamori, Akio (Art)
      Children of post-war Japan
      RRF Scholar
    • Thurlow, Crispin (Communication)
      Global mobilities: Super-elite travel and the discursive production of luxury, privilege, and class inequality
    • Totten, Patricia A. (Medicine)
      Gene variation in a minimal genome: Mechanism for generation and role of antibodies in selection of variants
    • Warren, Adam (History)
      Medical reforms and the popular politics of public health in Peru, 1750-1870
    • RRF Scholar
      Xia, Zhengui (Environmental Health)
      Role of ERK5 MAP kinase in cell cycle regulation

    January 2006 Awardees

    • Atkins, Paul S. (Asian Languages)
      The structure of sacrifice in the medieval Japanese jido legend and chigo tales
      RRF Scholar
    • Carlson, Stephanie M. (Psychology)
      Mapping executive function to brain activity in middle childhood
    • Chudler, Eric H. (Anesthesiology)
      Brain Works: A pilot television show about the brain for children
    • Clausen, Meredith L. (Art History)
      The Montparnasse Tower, presidential politics, and the urban fabric of Paris
      RRF Scholar
    • Covey, Ellen (Psychology)
      The role of audio-vocal learning in call development of the big brown bat
    • Davis, E. James (Chemical Engineering)
      Development of a bioaerosol detector
    • Domke, David S. (Communication)
      The God Strategy: How Republicans found religion and became the dominant political party
      RRF Scholar
    • Dudley, Shannon K. (Music)
      Salsa music in Puerto Rico
    • Dziwirek, Katarzyna (Slavic Languages)
      Complex emotions: A contrastive corpus-based study of Polish and English emotional expression
      RRF Scholar
    • Halmi, Nicholas (English)
      Norton critical edition of Wordsworth’s poetry and prose
      RRF Scholar
    • Hevner, Robert F. (Pathology)
      Genetic lineage tracing of cerebral cortex neurons derived from intermediate progenitor cells
    • Hinckley, Thomas M. (Forest Resources)
      Biological soil crusts in the subalpine and alpine zones of three National Parks
    • Horner-Devine, Alexander R. (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
      Sediment dispersal mechanisms in a high volume plume
    • Huang, Shih-shan S. (Art History)
      A new perspective on the making of Buddhist and Daoist visual culture in Song China, 960-1279
      RRF Scholar
    • Koelle, David M. (Medicine)
      Control of T-cell homing to skin in humans
    • Kutz, Jose N. (Applied Mathematics)
      Wave-guide arrays for optical fiber lasers
    • Mazza, James J. (Educational Psychology)
      Pilot testing a new curriculum to reduce suicidal behavior in adolescents
    • McGrath, Barbara B. (Psychosocial and Community Health)
      Pacific Island youth survey
    • Michael, Forrest E. (Chemistry)
      Development of chiral Bronsted acid catalysts for enantioselective organic synthesis
    • Moeller, Thomas (Neurology)
      The role of the IgA/IgM receptor Fca/mR in microglial activation
    • O’Keefe, Grant (Surgery)
      B-adrenergic blockade and inflammatory responses in post-traumatic sepsis
    • Phelps, Corey C. (Management and Organization)
      Corporate venture capital: Towards understanding who does it and why
    • Powers, Randall K. (Physiology and Biophysics)
      Investigating synaptic integration in single Purkinje neurons using a multi-electrode stimulus array
    • Ramamurthy, Priti (Women Studies)
      Cotton body politics and intergenerational responsibility in Andhra Pradesh, India
    • Rostomily, Robert C. (Neurological Surgery)
      A novel animal glioma model targeting aging glial progenitors and hosts
    • Ryan, Clare M. (Forest Resources)
      Fire science application: Assessing information dissemination and use
    • Shores, Molly M. (Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences)
      The effect of testosterone replacement on incident depressive illness in older men with low testosterone levels: A clinical database study
    • Starr, Larry (Music)
      George Gershwin, Broadway Master
      RRF Scholar
    • Strassler, Matthew J. (Physics)
      Model building, string theory, and jets at hadronic colliders
    • Swisshelm, Karen L. (Pathology)
      Metastasis suppression via interferon signaling and cancer antigens in breast cancer
    • Thornton, Joel A. (Atmospheric Sciences)
      Atmospheric HONO: In situ detection at parts per trillion levels by chemical ionization mass spectrometry
    • Waaland, J. Robert (Biology)
      Probing red algal relationships: New data for the family Ceramiaceae
    • Wang, Yinhai (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
      A system optimization approach for traffic signal timing at full-actuated intersections
    • Zhang, Shanrong (Radiology)
      Novel MRI thermometry based upon PARACEST agents
    • Zhang, Jian James (Mathematics)
      Quantum projective 3-spaces
      RRF Scholar

    June 2005 Awardees

    • Andrews, Stephanie K. (Digital Arts and Experimental Media)
      Stereoscopic and lenticular imaging using integrated 3D production process
    • Asbury, Charles L. (Physiology and Biophysics)
      Direct observation of interactions between microtubule-destabilizing kinesins and individual microtubules
    • Bartholomew, Glenn P. (Chemistry)
      A chemically ‘frozen’ p-i-n junction in an organic semiconductor
    • Behlmer, George K. (History)
      Cannibal Isles: ‘Savagery,’ Religion, and Colonialism in the Western Pacific
      RRF Scholar
    • Bonus, Enrique C. (American Ethnic Studies)
      The politics of retention: Engaging power and race through the PIPE project
      RRF Scholar
    • Braun, Robert E. (Genome Sciences)
      RNA editing in mammalian germ cells
    • Britz, Gavin W. (Neurological Surgery)
      Cerebral arteriolar reactivity following subarachnoid hemorrhage in a mouse model
    • Brody, David (Art)
      Formal and textual variations in figure/ground relationships
      RRF Scholar
    • Chaudhary, Zahid R. (English)
      Frames of violence: British photography in colonial India
      RRF Scholar
    • Chen, Yu-Chin (Economics)
      Is bigger always better? Optimal foreign reserve management for emerging economies
      RRF Scholar
    • Darling, Robert Bruce (Electrical Engineering)
      Thermoelectric effects in thin film transition metal oxides
    • De La Iglesia, Horacio O. (Biology)
      Role of retinal ganglion cells innverating the suprachiasmatic nucleus
    • Doran, Charles F. (Mathematics)
      The mathematics of string dualities: Computational approaches
      RRF Scholar
    • Grossman, Daniel J. (Computer Science and Engineering)
      Atomicity for Java using rollback and dynamic lock assignment
    • Haeseleer, Francoise J. (Ophthalmology)
      Study of CaBP5 function in the mouse retina
    • Hargus, Sharon L. (Linguistics)
      Northwest Sahaptin word order and case
    • Hoffman, Daniel J. (Anthropology)
      Building the Barracks: Labor and violence in contemporary West Africa
    • Kim, Francis (Medicine)
      The role of Toll Like Receptor-4 in mediating insulin resistance in endothelial cells
    • Kim, Jeansok J. (Psychology)
      Stress effects on the hippocampus: An electrophysiological analysis
      RRF Scholar
    • Lin, Lih Y. (Electrical Engineering)
      Design, modeling, and fabrication of a quantum dot nanophotonic waveguide
    • Llobera, Marcos (Anthropology)
      La Balagne pilot landscape project
    • Malte, Philip C. (Mechanical Engineering)
      Developing bio-oil utilization technology
    • Marro, Kenneth I. (Radiology)
      Gradient-enhanced FAWSETS perfusion measurements in skeletal muscle
    • Mitsumori, Lee M. (Radiology)
      Development of a lipoprotein-based molecular imaging MR contrast agent for the noninvasive detection of early atherosclerotic disease
    • Nelson, Bruce K. (Earth and Space Sciences)
      Natural stable isotope variations of the metals Cu, Zn, and Fe
    • Pallanck, Leo J. (Genome Sciences)
      Proteomic analyses of a Drosophila Parkinson’s disease model
    • Rathod, Pradipsinh K. (Chemistry)
      Microfluidic platforms for severe malaria
    • Roe, Gerard (Earth and Space Sciences)
      Patterns of precipitation in mountainous regions
    • Shen, I-Yeu (Steve) (Mechanical Engineering)
      Feasibility study of hybrid cochlear implants
    • Spencer, Kristie A. (Speech and Hearing Sciences)
      Speech motor programming in adults with cerebellar disease
    • Stenkamp, Ronald E. (Biological Structure)
      Correcting crystal symmetry
    • Terry, Carole R. (Music)
      The physiological aspects of organ technique
    • Tewksbury, Joshua J. (Biology)
      The price of chemical protection: Establishing tradeoffs between primary and secondary metabolite production
    • Watras, Melia (Music)
      Compact disc recording and creation of new experimental music for viola
    • Zabowski, Darlene (Forest Resources)
      Stabilization of reservoir sediments following dam removal on the Elwha River

    January 2005 Awardees

        • Beauchaine, Theodore P. (Psychology)
          Central nervous system reward processing in adolescent males with attention deficit disorder with and without co-morbid conduct disorder
        • Bogel, Cynthea J. (Art History)
          Kukai’s Catalogue of Imported Goods: The transmission of Esoteric Buddhist art, context, and thought to Japan
          RRF Scholar
        • Brabb, Thea L. (Comparative Medicine)
          Helicobacter-induced regulatory T cells prevent inflammatory bowel disease in a mouse model
        • Chen, Tai-Chang (Electrical Engineering)
          Development of novel GaN-based dilute magnetic semiconductor device for spintronic applications
        • Dale-Crunk, Beverly A. (Oral Biology)
          Defense mechanisms in human tooth pulp
        • Devine, Emily B. (Pharmacy)
          Characterizing medication errors using an ambulatory computerized prescriber order entry system
        • Gallagher, Evan P. (Environmental Health)
          A hematopoietic stem cell model for childhood leukemia
        • Gordon, Sharona E. (Physiology and Biophysics)
          Regulation of TRPV1 ion channels by calcium-calmodulin
        • Harkins, Gillian H. (English)
          Legal Fantasies: Domestic Belonging and the American Incest Scene
          RRF Scholar
        • Hauck, Scott A. (Electrical Engineering)
          Self-assembled nano-FPGAs
        • Hoffman, Lisa M. (Urban Studies (Tacoma))
          The homeless on homelessness: Learning to listen and reconsidering solutions
          RRF Scholar
        • Hoffman, Christopher E. (Mathematics)
          Applications of ergodic theory to models in statistical physics and mathematical biology
          RRF Scholar
        • Horner, Philip J. (Neurological Surgery)
          Real-time imaging of neurogenesis: A new model of the instructive stem cell niche
        • John-Stewart, Grace C. (Medicine)
          Treatment of helminth co-infection: Effects on HIV-1 progression markers and immune activation
        • Jung, Moon-Ho (History)
          Race, roots, radicalism: Asian American political struggles in the age of empire
          RRF Scholar
        • Kearn, Christopher S. (Anesthesiology)
          THC and HIV susceptibility: A complexed receptor issue
        • Klavins, Eric (Electrical Engineering)
          A synthesis method for DNA machines
        • Langdale, Lorrie A. (Surgery)
          Mechanisms of injury control after liver ischemia-reperfusion
        • Parson, William W. (Biochemistry)
          NMR structures of human catechol-O-methyltransferase
        • Parviz, Babak A. (Electrical Engineering)
          Initial study of patterning and bottom-up device fabrication using a self-assembled molecular photoresist
        • Phillips, Paul E.M. (Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences)
          Development of miniaturized instrumentation for multisite, real-time dopamine detection in behaving animals
        • Portner, Claus C. (Economics)
          Causes and consequences of sex abortion in India
          RRF Scholar
        • Prezhdo, Oleg V. (Chemistry)
          Ab initio real-time atomistic simulation of the quantization effects on the relaxation dynamics of photogenerated carriers in quantum dot solar cells
        • Psaty, Bruce M. (Medicine)
          Neighborhood walkability, physical activity, and cardiovascular risk
        • Sackett, Gene P. (Psychology)
          The study of cognitive development in infant monkeys using computer technology
        • Singh, Nikhil P. (History)
          Exceptional Empire: A short history of U.S. imperialism
          RRF Scholar
        • Sisneros, Joseph A. (Psychology)
          Steroid-dependent auditory plasticity for the encoding of social and reproductive-related communication signals
        • Smith, Kelly D. (Pathology)
          A new mouse model for Salmonellosis
        • Staten, Henry J. (English)
          Art as Techne
          RRF Scholar
        • Stella, Nephi (Pharmacology)
          CB2 receptors as target for astrocytomas
        • Wiley, Hannah C. (Dance)
          Contextualizing and preserving the heritage of American modern dance
        • Zheng, Natalie N. (Pathology)
          Maintenance of HIV-specific CD4+ T help function in HIV-2 infected patients

    June 2004 Awardees

        • Altemeier, William A. (Medicine)
          Differential activation of transcriptional regulatory pathways by mechanical ventilation and by lipopolysaccharide
        • Anderson, C. Leigh (Public Affairs)
          Dimensions of risk and discount rates in financial and environmental health decisions
        • Bajjalieh, Sandra M. (Pharmacology)
          The role of SV2 in neurotransmission
        • Boers, Geoffrey P. (Music)
          University of Washington collection of Baltic choral repertoire and resources, Stage I: Development, initial collection, and implementation
        • Christakis, Dimitri (Pediatrics)
          Community-based kiosks to improve evidence-based health care for underserved children in Seattle
        • Davies-Vollum, K. Sian (Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (Tacoma))
          Studying modern peats to understand the formation of ancient coals
        • Doty, Sharon L. (Forest Resources)
          Nitrogen fixation within poplar by endophytic bacteria
        • Essington, Timothy E. (Aquatic and Fishery Sciences)
          Spatial and temporal variation in food web structure of Puget Sound
        • Flum, David R. (Surgery)
          Understanding mechanisms of weight loss in bariatric surgery: Development of an animal model
        • Geurtsen, Werner K. (Restorative Dentistry)
          ROS formation and abasic site generation in DNA due to ‘sub-toxic’ concentrations of triethyleneglycoldimethacrylate (TEGDMA) and camphorquinone (CQ)
        • Gillespie, Alan R. (Earth and Space Sciences)
          Paleoclimate in Central Asia
        • Ginger, David S. (Chemistry)
          Internal photoemission studies of charge injection across molecular monolayers
        • Gold, Warren G. (Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (Bothell))
          The patterns and mechanisms of vegetation change in a restored floodplain ecosystem
        • Gu, Yansong (Radiation Oncology)
          The chemopreventive use of amifostine
        • Gustafson, Richard R. (Forest Resources)
          Use of x-ray microtomography to examine 3-D structure of cambium in softwoods and hardwood
        • Huebner, Colleen E. (Health Services)
          Learning Links: Home literacy experiences and reading readiness at age four
        • Katz, Lynn F. (Psychology)
          Domestic violence, parenting, and child stress reactivity
        • Keyes, Charles F. (Anthropology)
          Migration, development, and the persistence of a rural community in Northeastern Thailand
        • Li, Xingde (Bioengineering)
          Molecular imaging of early neoplasia using contrast agent assisted optical coherence tomography
        • MacCoss, Michael J. (Genome Sciences)
          Measuring the effect of the ubiquitin proteasome pathway on protein dynamics using ‘shotgun’ proteomics
        • Mackenzie, Louisa (French and Italian Studies)
          Landscape, poetry, and power: The case of sixteenth-century France
          RRF Scholar
        • McMillin, Divya C. (Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (Tacoma))
          International media studies
          RRF Scholar
        • Morris, David R. (Biochemistry)
          Methodology for cell-specific transcript profiling in complex tissues
        • Neuzil, Kathleen M. (Medicine)
          Risk of stroke following clinically evident herpes zoster reactivation
        • Parsons, Jeffrey D. (Oceanography)
          Listening to hydrothermal vents: Using measurements of turbulent acoustic energy to estimate black smoker fluid velocities
        • Pun, Suzie H. (Bioengineering)
          Dynein-mediated transport of macromolecules for intracellular drug delivery
        • Purcell, Mark (Urban Design and Planning)
          Neoliberal globalization and urban democracy in Seattle
        • Rojas, Eddy M. (Construction Management)
          Evaluating a general-purpose situational simulation environment for construction education
        • Rose, Elaina (Economics)
          Marriage and well-being
        • Schenkman, Kenneth A. (Pediatrics)
          Cardiac mitochondrial energetics
        • Shoda, Yuichi (Psychology)
          A novel approach to investigating the social-cognitive processes underlying sexual intent misperception
        • Sullivan, Jane M. (Physiology and Biophysics)
          Development of a viral mutant system to study the role of synaptotagmin I in retrieval of synaptic vesicles
        • Sullivan, Mark D. (Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences)
          Shared decision-making for chronic opioid treatment: Meeting the ethical challenge of primary care patients with chronic non-malignant pain
        • Woody, Andrea I. (Philosophy)
          Handbook of the Philosophy of Science series: Philosophy of Chemistry volume

    January 2004 Awardees

        • Agol, Eric (Astronomy)
          Imaging a black hole
        • Bae, Chang-Hee Christine (Urban Design and Planning)
          The exposure of minority and poor populations to mobile source air pollution
        • Becker, Kyra J. (Neurology)
          Sensitization to brain antigens in stroke
        • Beecher, Michael D. (Psychology)
          Female preferences for an indicator of male learning proficiency in song sparrows: A developmental study
        • Bermingham-McDonogh, Olivia (Otolaryngology)
          Postnatal requirement of neurotrophins for spiral ganglion cell survival
        • Buck, Steven L. (Psychology)
          Rod influence on human chromatic discrimination ability
        • Cobden, David H. (Physics)
          Coupling of liquid flow to electrons in carbon nanotubes
        • Cohen, Wendy A. (Radiology)
          Pilot investigation: Validation of CO2 challenge CT perfusion compare to 15O PET in detection of diminished cerebrovascular reserve
        • Daggett, Valerie D. (Medicinal Chemistry)
          Development of a simulation package for macromolecules
        • Failing, Patricia A. (Art)
          Dia patronage and contemporary art history
        • Fetz, Eberhard E. (Physiology and Biophysics)
          Implantable brain-computer interface for primates
        • Foot, Kirsten A. (Communication)
          Cross-national comparative analysis of electoral Web practices
        • Freitag, Nancy E. (Pathobiology)
          Functional analysis of a potentially novel secretion system in Listeria monocytogenes
        • Gale, Ann E. (Art)
          Portrait painting
        • Gastil, John W. (Communication)
          Civic awakening in the jury room
        • Hing, Anne V. (Pediatrics)
          Homozygosity mapping of Oculo-oto-facial dysplasia in a Native Alaskan community
        • Kahr, Bart E. (Chemistry)
          Experimental test of Cairns-Smith’s ‘crystals-as-genes’ hypothesis
        • Kaup, Monika (English)
          Neobarroco: Transamerican fictions of modernity and counterconquest
          RRF Scholar
        • Koeller, Kathryn M. (Chemistry)
          Small molecule probes of cellular protein acetylation
        • Kyes, Randall C. (Psychology)
          Bi-directional pathogen transmission between humans and primates in Thailand: Implications for human health and primate conservation
        • Navas, Parvoneh Poorkaj (Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences)
          Candidate genes for Parkinson’s disease with variably penetrant spasticity
        • Plaks, Jason E. (Psychology)
          Lay theories of stability and controllability: Implications for social explanation and judgment
        • Polyak, Stephen J. (Laboratory Medicine)
          Hepatitis C virus core protein interactions with human liver cells
        • Riddiford, Lynn M. (Biology)
          Size control in Drosophila
        • Schwartz, Ilene S. (Education)
          The potential of family dinner: An observational study examining the social interactions of families with children with and without disabilities
        • Simpson, Christopher (Environmental Health)
          Effect of diesel exhaust exposure on plasma 3-nitrotyrosine and NHPA levels in humans, as measured by HPLC-ESI-MS/MS
        • Smith, Mark A. (Political Science)
          The triumph of conservatism: Economic arguments and the power of ideas
        • Sommerville, Jessica A. (Psychology)
          Infants’ developing understanding of goal-directed action
        • Spieker, Susan J. (Family and Child Nursing)
          The influence of postpartum depression on infant cortisol levels, observed temperament, and the developing mother-infant relationship
        • Stone, John O. (Earth and Space Sciences)
          The baseline for sustainable land use in the Pacific Northwest: A geochemical approach
        • Thomas, Carol G. (History)
          Alexander in His World
          RRF Scholar
        • Turecek, Frantisek (Chemistry)
          Reactive landing of polyatomic ions on metal surfaces
        • Zheng, Ning (Pharmacology)
          Structural studies of SCF-mediated ubiquitination of the tumor suppressor protein p27

    June 2003 Awardees

        • Bamford, Nigel (Neurology)
          Excitotoxic glutamatergic corticostriatal projections mediate striatal damage in Huntington’s mutant mice
        • Banks, John (Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (Tacoma))
          Insect biodiversity and vegetation complexity in a tropical agroecosystem
        • Bosworth, David (English)
          Hamlet’s Nutshell: Mapping the Mindscape of Postmodernity
          RRF Scholar
        • Bourgeois, Joanne (Earth and Space Sciences)
          A new window on coastal evolution and morphotectonics: Ground penetrating radar applied to paleoseismology and archaeology, North Pacific and Beringia
        • Bruce, Neil (Economics)
          Identifying the tax determinants of charitable giving
        • Collier, Thomas (Music)
          Mallet Jazz: Original works for double mallet jazz ensemble
        • D’Ambrosio, Raimondo (Neurological Surgery)
          An in-vivo screening tool for antiepileptogenic drugs
        • Dalcanton, Julianne (Astronomy)
          Gas rich galaxies in the galactic backyard
        • Hallstrand, Teal (Medicine)
          Functional genomic analysis of exercise-induced bronchoconstriction
        • Howard, Philip (Communication)
          Archiving progress: Information communication technology in developing countries
        • Javidi, Tara (Electrical Engineering)
          Distributed reverse link rate control in broadband wireless systems
        • Jerome, Keith (Laboratory Medicine)
          Negative signaling to cytotoxic T lymphocytes by herpes simplex virus-infected cells
        • Jonas, Raymond (History)
          Adwa: Europe and Africa in the age of empire
          RRF Scholar
        • Karch, Andreas (Physics)
          Nuclear physics applications of string theory
        • Kenney, Nancy (Psychology)
          Egg donation: Social attitudes, preferred donor characteristics, and motivation/experiences of past egg donors
        • Klinger, Terrie (Marine Affairs)
          Detecting variability in intertidal temperature and thermal stress in Washington State
        • Kuru, Selim (Near Eastern Languages)
          Sex in the text: Critical edition, translation with annotations and analysis of a 16th-century Ottoman Turkish collection of stories
          RRF Scholar
        • Lagunoff, Michael (Microbiology)
          Comprehensive identification of Kaposi’s Sarcoma-associated herpesvirus viral protein interactions
        • Lape, Peter (Anthropology)
          The archaeology of colonial East Timor
        • Li, Min (Education)
          Enhancing the validity of TIMSS-R science test using a knowledge framework for science achievement
        • Lovell, George (Political Science)
          This is not civil rights: Rejected civil rights claims and the development of legal consciousness in the 1940s
        • Malone, Stephen (Earth and Space Sciences)
          Multiparameter monitoring of Erta ‘Ale lava lake, Ethiopia
        • Miao, Carol (Pediatrics)
          Development of safe and improved vectors for Wiscott-Aldrich Syndrome (WAS) gene therapy
        • Morgansen, Kristi (Aeronautics and Astronautics)
          Modeling and control of coupled mechanical-fluid systems with applications for bio-inspired robotics
        • Muchowski, Paul (Pharmacology)
          A novel mouse model to screen compounds for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease
        • Pampin, Juan (Music)
          Surround-sound recording of Percussion Cycle
        • Perkel, David (Otolaryngology)
          Forebrain mechanisms of pattern generation
        • Pham, Tony (Psychiatry and Behavioral Science)
          Regulation of experience-dependent plasticity in the cortex by the CRE/CREB pathway
        • Pollack, Daniel (Mathematics)
          Evolution of wormholes and connected sums of initial data in general relativity
          RRF Scholar
        • Prakash, Aseem (Political Science)
          The political economy of voluntary regulation: An empirical analysis of the efficacy and the adoption rates of ISO 14001 across US states
        • Reichard, Sarah (Forest Resources)
          Is western hemlock dwarf mistletoe (Arceuthobium tsugense) a key resource for pollinators in Pacific Northwest old-growth forests?
        • Richardson, Thomas (Statistics)
          Likelihood inference in regression systems in the presence of multimodality
        • Stoel-Gammon, Carol (Speech and Hearing Sciences)
          Developing a protocol for eliciting infant vocalizations
        • Swanson, Brian (Earth and Space Sciences)
          Where does freezing begin in a supercooled droplet?
        • Varani, Gabriele (Chemistry)
          Structure-based design of telomerase inhibitors
        • Young, Glennys (History)
          Violence, politics, and culture in the Russian revolution, 1917-1991
          RRF Scholar

    January 2003 Awardees

        • Bailkin, Jordanna (History)
          Making faces: Economies of color in imperial Britain
          RRF Scholar
        • Bergstrom, Carl (Zoology)
          The biology of information: Dynamic models of evolution and innovation in animal communication systems
        • Bernards, Christopher (Anesthesiology)
          Endocannabianoid anti-nociception by spinal FAAH knockdown
        • Blau, Herbert (English)
          As If: An Autobiography
          RRF Scholar
        • Dabiri, Dana (Aeronautics and Astronautics)
          Development and application of 3-dimensional digital particle image velocimetry and thermometry to study a heated mixing layer
        • Eicher, Theo (Economics)
          Financial market crises: Links to policy and development
        • Feeney, M. Patrick (Otolaryngology)
          Development of the acoustic reflex threshold
        • Fitzpatrick, Annette (Epidemiology)
          Telomeres and biologic aging: Is TRF length related to mortality in the elderly?
        • Garden, Gwenn (Neurology)
          The role of caspase-8 in neuronal differentiation
        • Gundlach, Jens (Physics)
          Improved nanopore DNA sequencing technique
        • Hautala, Susan (Oceanography)
          The role of near-bottom tidal flow in determining spatial patterns of benthic larval recruitment on the Juan de Fuca Ridge
        • Iritani, Brian (Comparative Medicine)
          Investigation of Myc oncoprotein function in murine B lymphocyte progenitors
        • Kaminsky, Werner (Chemistry)
          Study of relaxation processes in birefringent media with a novel polarimetric microscope
        • Ladner, Richard (Computer Science and Engineering)
          Tactilization of graphical images
        • Landis, Carol (Biobehavioral Nursing and Health Systems)
          Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) of cognitive executive function in obstructive sleep apnea
        • Lawarree, Jacques (Economics)
          Endogenous limited liability in hierarchical agency
        • Lin, Zhi (Art)
          Invisible people: Chinese railroad workers
          RRF Scholar
        • McDonald, David (Information School)
          Technology in transition: The cooperative appropriation of wireless networking
          RRF Scholar
        • Mizumori, Sheri (Psychology)
          Estrogen regulation of neural plasticity during old age
        • Nuckley, David (Mechanical Engineering)
          Development of a computational model to investigate the potential for pediatric spinal cord injury
        • Olavarria, Jaime (Psychology)
          Neonatal epileptic seizures: Deleterious effects on the development of central nervous circuits, and possible cellular mechanisms
        • Powell, Janet (Rehabilitation Medicine)
          Prism lenses to compensate for diplopia following traumatic brain injury: Effect on functional performance
        • Power, Timothy (Classics)
          Demodes Mousike: Continuity and transformation in Athenian musical culture
          RRF Scholar
        • Repacholi, Betty Mae (Psychology)
          Infants’ use of emotional signals to regulate their imitative behavior
        • Robinson, Farrel (Biological Structure)
          Motor function of norepinephrine-containing input to the cerebellum
        • Schwarze, Ulrike (Pathology)
          Detection of mosaicism for COL3A1 mutations in EDS type IV, and investigation of tissue differences in mutant allele abundance
        • Steele, Cynthia (Romance Languages)
          Shards of history: Subalteran stories from Chiapas
        • Stone, Jennifer (Otolaryngology)
          Transplantation of purified hair cell progenitors: Early studies of a potential method to restore injured hair cells
        • Stout, Edgar (Mathematics)
          Polynomial convexity
        • Strunz, Kai (Electrical Engineering)
          Control and management technology for efficient use of stochastic renewable energy sources
        • Tseng, Paul Yun (Mathematics)
          Approximation algorithms for the steiner tree problem
        • Wagner, Amy (Psychiatry and Behavioral Science)
          Application of behavioral activation to recent trauma survivors
        • Wassink, Alicia Beckford (Linguistics)
          Vowel overlap indication software (VOIS) project
        • Weeks, Robin (Earth and Space Sciences)
          Mapping urbanization from air and space – new techniques in the remote sensing of impervious surfaces
        • Wright, Richard (Linguistics)
          Annotated corpus of spoken language variation
        • Zhu, Tuofu (Laboratory Medicine)
          Characterization of minimal levels of HIV-1 infection in vaccine recipients

    June 2002 Awardees

        • Abramson, Daniel (Urban Design and Planning )
          Seattle’s Chinatown / International District: Transnational communities, local identities, and the making of place
        • Andrews, Walter (Near Eastern Languages)
          Ottoman text edition project / Ottoman text archive project / Ottoman historical dictionary project
        • Bird, Thomas (Neurology)
          Gene identification in paroxysmal nonkinesigenic dyskinesia
        • Cherrier, Monique (Psychiatry and Behavioral Science)
          Development of a novel virtual reality spatial memory test
        • Cordes, Dietmar (Radiology)
          Using independent components analysis to analyze functional magnetic resonance data
        • D’Asaro, Eric (APL)
          Lagrangian Biofloat feasibility study
        • Friedman, Kathie (International Studies)
          Refugees, transnationalism, and acculturation: Bosnian Muslims and Soviet Jews
        • Govedare, Philip (Art)
          Nature and industry: The Duwamish waterway series
          RRF Scholar
        • Governato, Fabio (Astronomy)
          Understanding galaxy evolution in rich galaxy clusters
        • Gowing, Alain (Classics)
          Empire and memory: The representation of the Roman Republic in imperial culture
          RRF Scholar
        • Harrington, Robert (Medicine)
          Development of a simple, rapid bioassay for infectious HIV-1
        • Herrenkohl, Todd (Social Work)
          Childhood exposure to family violence and later health-risk behaviors among adolescents
        • Huey, Raymond (Zoology)
          Into thin air: The paradox of flying insects at high altitude
        • Hunn, Eugene (Anthropology)
          Ethnobiological knowledge, native language conservation, and transnational labor migration in rural Oaxaca, Mexico
        • Jarosz, Lucy (Geography)
          Eating locally: The cultural economy of community-supported agriculture on Vashon Island, WA
          RRF Scholar
        • Killien, Marcia (Family and Child Nursing)
          School-based interventions for recurrent headaches in adolescents: A feasibility study
        • Labossiere, Paul (Mechanical Engineering)
          From MEMS to NEMS: Response and reliability
        • Larimer, Mary (Psychiatry and Behavioral Science)
          Prevalence of problem and pathological gambling in primary care
        • Levaniouk, Olga (Classics)
          A Dorian dilemma: Local myths in panhellenic context
          RRF Scholar
        • Li, Wei (Mechanical Engineering)
          Resistance heat-assisted self piercing riveting (SPR) for new generation auto body assembly
        • Maronian, Nicole (Otolaryngology)
          Direct measurement of subglottic pressure in control subjects and patients with laryngeal disorders
        • Marshall, Donald (Mathematics)
          Harmonic measure
        • Moody, William (Zoology )
          Use of an in vitro brain slice preparation to study the genesis and long-term effects of pediatric seizures
        • Nelson, Ann (Physics)
          Astrophysics and cosmology of low energy supersymmetry
        • Nerad, Maresi (Education)
          International women assistant professors and tenure at the University of Washington
        • Olswang, Lesley (Speech and Hearing Sciences)
          Tapping into social communication problems
        • Quay, Paul (Oceanography)
          Acquisition of a sample preparation system for measuring the D/H of molecular hydrogen in air
        • Reinhardt, William (Chemistry)
          Free energies for the stretching of polymers: A new computational paradigm and analysis of the method of Jarzynski
        • Rysdyk, Rolf (Aeronautics and Astronautics)
          Advanced flight control design for low-cost UAV mission robustness
        • Sasaki, Tomikazu (Chemistry)
          A peptide mimic for glycosphingolipid signaling domain
        • Schmidt, Benjamin (History)
          Inventing exoticism: The project of Dutch geography and the expansion of the world circa 1700
          RRF Scholar
        • Schnapp, Lynn (Medicine)
          Identification of integrin alpha-8 and beta-1 ligands with phage display peptide libraries
        • Sears, Laurie (History)
          History, memory, and the poetics of violence in Java
        • Shields, David (English)
          Body Politic: Sport and Culture
          RRF Scholar
        • Souza, Pamela (Speech and Hearing Sciences)
          Linking acoustic, physiological, and behavioral measures: A new technique for studying hearing aid benefit
        • Steig, Eric (Earth and Space Sciences)
          Validation of ice core analysis for reconstruction of North Pacific climate variability
        • Wakefield, Jonathan (Statistics)
          Efficient survey design strategies as a solution to the ecological inference problem
          RRF Scholar
        • Whiting, Susan (Political Science)
          The rule of law and dispute resolution in China’s transitional political economy
        • Wibbels, Erik (Political Science)
          Evolving federations: State politics and fiscal policy around the world
        • Zhang, Miqin (Materials Science and Engineering)
          Magnetic nanoparticle-conjugates as MRI contrast medium for cancer diagnosis
        • Zivot, Eric (Economics)
          Bootstrapping instrumental variables regression: What works and what doesn’t

    January 2002 Awardees

        • Ames, Eric C. (Germanics)
          Wild things: Hagenbeck, Kafka, and early German cinema
        • Banks, Cherry A. M. (Education)
          Educating immigrant children: Intercultural education 1929-1935
          RRF Scholar
        • Bornfeldt, Karin E. (Pathology)
          Novel effects of insulin on macrophage proliferation
        • Burton, Kimberly A. (Pharmacology)
          Genetic mutations in protein kinase A and male infertility
        • Callus, Helen S. (Music)
          Music written for viola by British women composers recording project
        • Chen, Zhen-Qing (Mathematics)
          Censored stable processes
          RRF Scholar
        • Cowan, Darrel S. (Earth and Space Sciences)
          A thermochronologic test of hypotheses for the uplift of the Avawatz Mountains, California
        • Durand, Joel F. (Music)
          Recording on CD of six works of mine
        • Dutro, Elizabeth (Education)
          Stories Count: Children’s experiences in mathematics and literacy
        • Frank, Natia L. (Chemistry)
          Probing the mechanism of DNA (6-4) photolesion formation and repair by (6-4) photolyases
        • Gamelin, Daniel (Chemistry)
          Magneto-optical spectroscopy of doped quantum dots
        • Halmi, Nicholas (English)
          The genealogy of the Romantic symbol
          RRF Scholar
        • Heinekey, D. Michael (Chemistry)
          Preparation and spectroscopic properties of hydrogenase active site models
        • Hunt, Robyn (Drama)
          The quest for physical expression: Slow tempo and silence
        • Lukehart, Sheila A. (Medicine)
          Interactions between Treponema denticola and human B-defensins
        • MacCready, Parker (Oceanography)
          Development of a prototype, robotic electric boat and Lagrangian drifter
        • Meila, Marina (Statistics)
          Pairwise clustering by random walks
        • Muczynski, Kimberly A. (Medicine)
          Identification of a novel antigen processing gene by retroviral library complementation of 2.7.93
        • Nash, Linda L. (History)
          The nature of illness and health: A history of body and environment in California’s Central Valley
          RRF Scholar
        • Overney, Rene M. (Chemical Engineering)
          Nanoscale investigation of the mobile surface layer theory in polymers
        • Petersen, Suzanne H. (Romance Languages)
          Online pan-Hispanic oral ballad project
        • Pollack, Gerald H. (Bioengineering)
          Long range forces between biological specimens
        • Qian, Hong (Applied Mathematics)
          Mesoscopic thermodynamic basis of nano-scale motion
        • Reed, Brian M. (English)
          After His Lights: Hart Crane and Onwards
          RRF Scholar
        • Richards, Jane M. (Psychology)
          The cognitive consequences of emotion regulation
        • Rubin, Brian P. (Pathology)
          Mouse model of gastrointestinal stromal tumors
        • Shumway-Cook, Anne (Rehabilitation Medicine)
          The effect of an environmental approach to mobility training on mobility function and physical disability in older adults
        • Sze, Raymond W. (Radiology)
          Ultrasound diagnosis of craniosynostosis
        • Thomas, David B. (Epidemiology)
          Liver and biliary tract cancer among female textile workers in Shanghai, China
        • Thornton, Judith A. (Economics)
          The incentive effects of fiscal federalist relations in Russia
        • Totten, Patricia A. (Medicine)
          Characterization of the antiphagocytic activity of Haemophilus ducreyi
        • Vavilala, Monica S. (Anesthesiology)
          Cerebral autoregulation following pediatric traumatic brain injury
        • Wakimoto, Barbara T. (Zoology)
          Development of in vitro assays for sperm function in Drosophila
        • Walker, Jamie S. (Art)
          Flowers as sculpture
        • Werner, Lynne A. (Speech and Hearing Sciences)
          The role of audition in infants’ attention to infant-directed speech
        • Yokoyama, Kohei (Chemistry)
          Protein prenylation and subsequent processing in Trypanosomatids
        • Zatzick, Douglas F. (Psychiatry and Behavioral Science)
          Post-traumatic stress disorder and functional impairment in injured adolescents

    June 2001 Awardees

        • Anderson, Todd A. (Aeronautics and Astronautics)
          Rapid manufacturing of multifunctional structures
        • Beckett, Katherine Ann (Sociology)
          Regulating midwifery: Law, medicine, and the cultural meaning(s) of childbirth
          RRF Scholar
        • Bernstein, Ilene L. (Psychology)
          Sensitization of salt appetite and neural plasticity
        • Braester, Yomi (Comparative Literature)
          Commemoration and forgetting in Chinese cinema
        • Brown, Angus McLeod (Neurology)
          Ischemic injury of identified white matter astrocytes
        • Byers, Peter H. (Pathology)
          Determination of the structure of the C-terminal propeptide of fibrillar collagen
        • Cameron, Caroline Elizabeth (Medicine)
          Identification of Treponema pallidum fibronectin-binding proteins
        • Cheng, Karen (Art)
          Type design: A study in form
        • Chiu, Daniel T. (Chemistry)
          Controlling transport of organic liquids in microfluidic systems
        • Critchlow, Cathy W. (Epidemiology)
          Epidemiology of M. genitalium infection in young adults
        • D’Costa, Anthony P. (Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (Tacoma))
          The long march to capitalism: Embourgeoisment and the internationalization of the auto industry in India
          RRF Scholar
        • Drevdahl, Denise J. (Nursing (Tacoma))
          The journey from welfare to work: How women are faring under WorkFirst
        • Gardner, Jill C. (Radiology)
          Structural joint damage in rheumatoid arthritis
        • Glenny, Robb William (Medicine)
          Identification of candidate genes in hypoxic pulmonary hypertension
        • Gneiting, Tilmann J. (Statistics)
          Self-similarity: Roadblock or breakthrough?
        • Hargus, Sharon L. (Linguistics)
          Yakima Sahaptin lexicon
        • Hechter, Michael (Sociology)
          From class to cultural conflict
          RRF Scholar
        • Hicks, Ramona R. (Rehabilitation Medicine)
          Neurogenesis and recovery after fluid percussion brain injury
        • Kahn, Miriam (Anthropology)
          The ‘place’ of tourism in French Polynesia
        • Keller, Sarah L. (Chemistry)
          Darkfield microscopy of domain formation in self-assembled hybrid bilayers
        • Kirchhoff, Katrin (Electrical Engineering)
          Automatic summarization of recorded lectures
        • Mamishev, Alexander V. (Electrical Engineering)
          Heat transfer technology for microelectronics and MEMS
        • McCune, Jeannine S. (Pharmacy)
          The influence of cytochrome P450 3A5 polymorphisms and age on the prevalence of nephrotoxicity in cancer patients who receive ifosfamide
        • Pettit, Becky (Sociology)
          The educational consequences of residential mobility during childhood
        • Pfaff, Steven (Sociology)
          The structure of spontaneous mobilization: Analyzing causal mechanisms in the East German revolution, 1989-1990
          RRF Scholar
        • Popovic, Zoran (Computer Science and Engineering)
          Reusable motion-style libraries
        • Rubel, Edwin W. (Otolaryngology)
          A model system for detecting intrinsic determinants of inner ear hair cell loss
        • Rudd, Michael E. (Psychology)
          Tests of a computational model of brightness perception
        • Smith, Eric A. (Anthropology)
          Modeling social processes using evolutionary game theory and agent-based simulations
          RRF Scholar
        • Stephens, Matthew (Statistics)
          New statistical tools for interpreting linkage disequilibrium across large genomic regions
        • Szkody, Paula (Astronomy)
          Utilizing the fruits of the UW investment in SDSS: Exploring faint cataclysmic stars
        • Thomas, Rekha Rachel (Mathematics)
          Theory and computation in integer programming via algebraic tools
        • Willett, Sean D. (Geological Sciences)
          Distinct element modeling of tectonic deformation and erosion of mountain ranges
        • Wilson, Denise M. (Electrical Engineering)
          Radio frequency identification for precision forestry applications
        • Wright, Robin K. (Burke Museum)
          James Deans’ Haida house and totem pole models
        • Yagi, Mayumi (Medicine)
          Regulation of mitosis in polyploidizing normal megakaryocytes
        • von der Emde, Gerhard (Psychology)
          Use of a computer-controlled behavioral observation system to investigate exploration behavior and train electric fish

    January 2001 Awardees

        • Astley, Susan (Epidemiology)
          Design and development of an integrated FAS facial photographic analysis program
        • Bowen-Pope, Daniel F. (Pathology)
          Mesenchymal endothelial cell progenitors
        • Burgett, D. Bruce (Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (Bothell))
          American Sex: Cultures of sexual reform in the antebellum United States
          RRF Scholar
        • Casseday, John H. (Psychology)
          Neural mechanisms of vocal signal perception in songbirds
        • Cattolico, Rose A. (Botany)
          Sequence analysis of chloroplast DNA in a golden brown alga
        • Dunham, Scott Thayer (Electrical Engineering)
          Computational prototyping of microstructures: Oxidation sharpening of microtips
        • Ebrey, Patricia (History)
          Book on Huizong (r. 1100-1125) and his China
          RRF Scholar
        • Edwards, Karen L. (Epidemiology)
          A candidate gene for early-onset stroke in women
        • Forehand, Mark R. (Marketing and International Business)
          Unconscious processing of spokesperson information: The influence of implicit cognition
        • Fuchs, Barbara (English)
          Passing for Spain: Cervantes and the limits of Spanish identity
          RRF Scholar
        • Goettler, Christine Eva (Art)
          Securing space in a foreign place: The patronage of the Portuguese merchants in Antwerp
          RRF Scholar
        • Hansen, Ralph Scott (Medicine)
          Microarray analysis of gene expression in the ICF syndrome
        • Jagadeesh, Bharathi (Physiology and Biophysics)
          The relationship between neural responses to visual object stimuli and perceptual similarity of the stimuli
        • Jandhyala, Vikram (Electrical Engineering)
          Electronic design automation tools for the analysis of GHz range circuits
        • Kelley, Deborah (Oceanography)
          Development of a new micro-observatory to explore the limits to life in submarine hydrothermal systems
        • Levi, Margaret A. (Political Science)
          WTO History / Global Citizen Project
        • Montgomery, David R. (Geological Sciences)
          The environmental history of Puget Sound rivers
        • Moody, Joycelyn (English)
          Silent language: Enslaved women and the production of literature without literacy
          RRF Scholar
        • Olmstead, Richard G. (Botany)
          Evolution of flower symmetry
        • Parsons, Marilyn (Pathobiology)
          The Toxoplasma gondii apicoplast
        • Pettigrew, Karen (Library and Information Science)
          Health information behavior of residents and stakeholders in Central Washington: Implications for information system design
        • Raines, Elaine W. (Pathology)
          Modulation of macrophage cathepsin expression in vitro and in vivo to test the role in atherogenesis
        • Shapiro, Michael C. (Asian Languages)
          A linguistic introduction to Hindi
          RRF Scholar
        • Staley, James T. (Microbiology)
          Tubulin genes discovered in the bacterial phylum Verrucomicrobia: Implications for the origin of the eukaryotic cell
        • Stein, Sarah Abrevaya (International Studies)
          Circulating Zhargon: The creation of Yiddish and Ladino newspaper cultures in the Russian and Ottoman empires
          RRF Scholar
        • Torii, Keiko U. (Botany)
          Regulation of organ shape in plants: Properties and specificity of the Arabidopsis ERECTA receptor-like kinase
        • Troia, Gary (Education)
          Teachers’ writing instruction: Outcomes for high- and low-ability elementary school children
        • Waddington, Edwin Donald (Geophysics)
          Separating precipitation and evaporation in polar snow to recover valuable new information about paleoclimate
        • Wang, Edith H. (Pharmacology)
          Regulation of TAFII250 histone acetyltransferase activity
        • Weinbaum, Alys Eve (English)
          Reproducing race: Sexual politics and nationalism in trans-Atlantic modern thought
          RRF Scholar
        • Zoellner, Lori (Psychology)
          Effectiveness of treatment for chronic PTSD

    June 2000 Awardees

        • Abkowitz, Janis L. (Medicine)
          Neural stem cells (NSC) as hematopoietic stem cells: Preclinical studies to determine the behavior of NSC after transplantation
        • Anderson, Gail D. (Pharmacy)
          Investigation of potential drug/herbal interactions
        • Bix, Mark (Immunology)
          Cytokine gene regulation
        • Blake, Kathleen A. (English)
          Book project: Victorian literature and political economy
          RRF Scholar
        • Bordia, Rajendra K. (Materials Science and Engineering)
          A novel low-temperature technique for joining/coating of ceramics and ceramic matrix composites
        • Burstein, Jessica (English)
          The authentic copy: Competing aesthetics of reproduction and originality
          RRF Scholar
        • Campbell, Patricia S. (Music)
          How musical we are: An analysis and re-interpretation of Blacking’s Venda society in the justification of musical studies for children
          RRF Scholar
        • Chase, Prescott B. (Radiology)
          Physiological consequences of mutations in the calcium regulatory protein troponin T in cardiomyopathies
        • Collins, Jeffrey L. (Art)
          Into the realm of Hypnos: The mythopictorial imagination of Giulio Carpioni
        • Deming, Jody W. (Oceanography)
          An arctic voyage of re-discovery
        • Holt, Victoria L. (Epidemiology)
          Risk factors for adenomyosis
        • Kenney, Richard L. (English)
          RRF Scholar
        • Klevit, Rachel E. (Biochemistry)
          Determination of the high-resolution NMR structure of the core alpha-crystallin domain of human alphaB-crystallin
        • Kohlenberg, Robert J. (Psychology)
          Refining our understanding of depression: A three-phase study
        • Linehan, Marsha M. (Psychology)
          Psycho-physiological correlates of borderline personality disorder: A field study
        • Marzluff, John M. (Forest Resources)
          Regulation of growth in an expanding bird population
        • Moore, Christopher A. (Speech and Hearing Sciences)
          Application of a new ultrasound technology to three-dimensional tracking of tongue movement during speech production
        • Pauwels, Heidi R. M. (Asian Languages)
          In praise of holy men: Imagining religious communities in medieval India (hagiographical poems by and about Hariram Vyas)
          RRF Scholar
        • Poiger, Uta G. (History)
          Empire and commodity culture in Germany, 1890-2000
        • Reid, Philip J. (Chemistry)
          Spectroscopic investigations of chemical reaction dynamics in supercritical fluids
        • Seidler, Gerald T. (Physics)
          The structure and dynamics of granular materials
        • Sivaramakrishnan, K. (Anthropology)
          Regional displacements: Globalization, labor circulation, and livelihood security in India
        • Stayton, Patrick S. (Bioengineering)
          Design and synthesis of endosomal disruptive polymers for antisense oligodeoxynucleotide delivery to hepatocytes
        • Stella, Nephi (Pharmacology)
          The cannabinoid signaling system: A new pharmaceutical target in multiple sclerosis therapy
        • Swalla, Billie J. (Zoology)
          Development and metamorphosis of ascidians in the Pacific Northwest
        • Walker, Joel Thomas (History)
          History and archaeology of late Roman Anatolia: The Tahirler survey and the world of St. Theodore of Sykeon (560-613 CE)
          RRF Scholar
        • Xu, Wenqing (Biological Structure)
          Structural studies of protein kinase B (PKB/Akt)
        • Yee, Shirley J. (Women Studies)
          Crossing boundaries, making community: Women in New York City, 1880-1920
        • Yuen, Eric C. (Neurology)
          The role of microglia in the pathogenesis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

    January 2000 Awardees

      • Brett, Michael T. (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
        A novel direct test of the HUFA limitation hypothesis for aquatic herbivore production
      • Bumgarner, Roger E. (Microbiology)
        Identification of secondary targets of indinavir
      • Burns, Jane L. (Pediatrics)
        Functional analysis of B. cepacia LlpE
      • Camp, Stephanie M. H. (History)
        Viragoes: Enslaved women’s everyday politics in the Old South
        RRF Scholar
      • Carlson, Stephanie M. (Psychology)
        Understanding other minds: Origins in self-control and pretend play
      • Corey, Eva (Urology)
        Studies of direct inhibitory effects of bisphosphonates on prostate cancer
      • Curzan, Anne L. (English)
        A history of gendered English
        RRF Scholar
      • Feathers, James K. (Anthropology)
        Upgrade of radioactivity measurement for luminescence laboratory
      • Fuchs, Albert F. (Physiology and Biophysics)
        Local feedback in the saccadic eye movement system
      • Haxton, Wick C. (Physics)
        An exact effective theory approach to the canonical nuclear structure problem
      • Hitti, Jane E. (Obstetrics and Gynecology)
        Genetic variation in cytokine production: A risk factor for early preterm birth?
      • Jacobs-Young, Chavonda (Forest Resources)
        Determining the topochemical effects of enzyme pretreatment on delignification in conventional kraft pulping
      • John, Grace C. (Medicine)
        The effect of breastfeeding on maternal HIV-1 disease progression
      • Keil, Richard G. (Oceanography)
        Development of an analytical technique for measuring the isotopic composition of dissolved organic nitrogen in environmental samples
      • Kenagy, George J. (Burke Museum)
        Unraveling the historical biogeography of Northwest mammals: A comparative molecular approach
      • Kim, Hyojoung (Sociology)
        The emotional and the rational in collective action: A pilot study of suicide protest in South Korea, 1970-1997
        RRF Scholar
      • Koelle, David M. (Medicine)
        Role of HSV-reactive lymphocytes in herpes simplex virus interstitial keratitis in humans
      • Lee, Ann S. (Asian Languages)
        Early modern Korean literature
        RRF Scholar
      • Maravilla, Kenneth R. (Radiology)
        Pharmacologic testing of neurovascular mechanisms underlying BOLD fMRI
      • Matsueda, Ross L. (Sociology)
        Symbolic interaction, deterrence, and social control: Expanding a theory of delinquency
      • Modiano, Raimonda (English)
        The Norton Critical Coleridge: An edition of selected poems and prose writings by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
      • Morrison, Steven J. (Music)
        Brain activation patterns in highly trained musicians: A cross-cultural comparison
      • Murray, James W. (Oceanography)
        Iron analysis in seawater at the subnanomolar level
      • Ohuchi, Fumio S. (Materials Science and Engineering)
        In-situ / real-time Raman spectroscopy measurements of lattice damages imposed by plasma etching
      • Raskind, Wendy H. (Medicine)
        Mapping a gene for hereditary spontaneous pneumothorax
      • Richard Shi, C.-J. (Electrical Engineering)
        Deep-submicron VLSI interconnect modeling and optimization for performance and manufacturability
      • Shores, Molly M. (Psychiatry and Behavioral Science)
        The association between hypogonadism and depression in middle-aged and elderly men
      • Thome, Diane D. (Music)
        Monographic CD recording
      • Tremblay, Kelly L. (Speech and Hearing Sciences)
        Stability of neurophysiological and behavioral changes following listening training
      • Van Galen, Jane A. (Education (Bothell))
        Teachers and class
      • Wieczorek, Marek K. (Art)
        Proposal for research on De Stijl
      • Zhang, Jian James (Mathematics)
        Noncommutative projective surfaces
        RRF Scholar

    June 1999 Awardees

      • Aebersold, Rudolf H. (Molecular Biotechnology)
        Development of a new technology for comparative quantitative analysis and identification of cell surface proteins
      • Anagnost, Ann S. (Anthropology)
        The ‘child’ as a figure of modern national identity in China
        RRF Scholar
      • Bassok, Miriam (Psychology)
        Applying mathematics to real-life situations
      • Ceccarelli, Leah M. (Speech Communication)
        Seeking interdisciplinarity: E.O. Wilson’s Consilience
        RRF Scholar
      • Centurion-Lara, Arturo (Medicine)
        Genetic arrangement of the Tpr K genes of Treponema pallidum
      • Coldwell, Susan E. (Dental Public Health Sciences)
        Effect of estrogen on taste perception in older women
      • Dalcanton, Julianne (Astronomy)
        Constraining the density of low surface brightness ‘ghost’ galaxies
      • Dudley, Shannon K. (Music)
        Steelband music and politics in Trinidad and Tobago
        RRF Scholar
      • Eversley, Shelly J. (English)
        Intangible truths: Black literature in the age of integration
        RRF Scholar
      • Feagin, Jean E. (Pathobiology)
        Characterization of a Plasmodium falciparum RNA polymerase gene
      • Gammon, Richard H. (Chemistry)
        Molecular speciation of organic matter in atmospheric aerosols, clouds and rainwater
      • Gastil, John W. (Speech Communication)
        The effect of small-group deliberation on ideological constraint
      • Ghiorso, Mark S. (Geological Sciences)
        High-pressure high-temperature experimental facility
      • Graham, Elinor A. (Pediatrics)
        How do poor non-English speaking patients in Seattle use health services?
      • Hinds, Stephen E. (Classics)
        The poet in exile: Ovidian self-construction between Rome and the Black Sea
        RRF Scholar
      • Idzerda, Rejean L. (Medicine)
        Cloning of novel testosterone-regulated genes in testicular Sertoli cells
      • Levy, Alon (Computer Science and Engineering)
        Flexible construction of data intensive web sites
      • Magnier, Eugene Allen (Astronomy)
        Discovery and follow-up observations of supernovae
      • Maron, John Lawrence (Botany)
        Do biological control targets evolve resistance/tolerance to biological control agents? A test case using St. John’s Wort: Hypericum perforatum
      • Morrison, Richard S. (Neurological Surgery)
        Characterization of a novel gene upregulated in malignant astrocytes
      • Neumaier, John F. (Psychiatry and Behavioral Science)
        Viral mediated gene transfer of 5-HT1B receptors in rat brain as a model of depression
      • Patterson, David R. (Rehabilitation Medicine)
        Virtual reality for burn pain control during wound care
      • Prezhdo, Oleg V. (Chemistry)
        Excited state dynamics in conjugated polymers
      • Rossing, Mary A. (Epidemiology)
        Epidemiology of smoking cessation: Genetic influences
      • Ruohola-Baker, Hannele (Biochemistry)
        Establishment of a rapid RNAi based method for functional analysis of new genes in Drosophila oogenesis
      • Tarr, Phillip I. (Pediatrics)
        Mobility of the Escherichia coli rfb region
      • Teller, Davida Y. (Psychology)
        Infant color constancy
      • Walker, Cindy M. (Education)
        Using differential item functioning analyses as a step in construct validation
      • Warren, John Robert (Sociology)
        Student employment and school performance: A new theory and better data

    January 1999 Awardees

      • Austin, Melissa A. (Epidemiology)
        Is small, dense low density lipoprotein (LDL subclass phenotype B) a biomarker for insulin resistance in lean and obese subjects?
      • Bean, Jennifer M. (Comparative Literature)
        Bodies in shock: Gender, genre and the cinema of modernity
      • Bernard, Jonathan W. (Music)
        Rock meets modern music, 1965-75
      • Bradshaw, Harvey D. (Forest Resources)
        Studying the genetic basis of adaptive evolution: A combined molecular and ecological approach
      • Brody, David (Art)
        Confrontational imagery and painterly beauty
      • Bronner, Mary P. (Pathology)
        Cost effective screening for HNPCC using immunohistochemistry on adenomas for MSH-2 and MLH-1
      • Burns, Edward M. (Speech and Hearing Sciences)
        Music perception in users of cochlear implants
      • Collingwood, David H. (Mathematics)
        Whole-genome analysis of chromosome replication
      • Dalton, Larry R. (Chemistry)
        Theoretical characterization of the ordered phases of highly polarizable molecules
      • Deeb, Samir S. (Medicine)
        Phospholipid hydroperoxide glutathione peroxidase knockout mice
      • Fain, Samuel C. (Physics)
        Measuring forces in intermittent-contact force microscopy
      • Gill, Anthony J. (Political Science)
        Regulating religion: The political economy of the religious marketplace
      • Grierson, John R. (Radiology)
        Synthesis and fluorine-18 labeling of a HIV-1 protease inhibitor for positron emission tomographic imaging of AIDS
      • Gromala, Diane J. (Communications)
        Tracing the body: Antecedents of virtual interface design
      • Grunbaum, Daniel (Zoology)
        Quantifying zooplankton responses to spatially variable environments
      • Heuving, Jeanne D. (Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (Bothell))
        Devastating poetry: Love and sexuality in H. D. Laura (Riding) Jackson, and Edna St. Vincent Millay
        RRF Scholar
      • Howard, Jonathon (Physiology and Biophysics)
        Mechanoelectrical transduction by murine touch receptor cells
        Kapur, Raj P. (Pathology)
        Inducing sacral crest cells to form enteric neurons
      • Korshin, Gregory V. (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
        Electrochemical reactions of environmentally-occuring halogenated species and exploration of relevant dehalogenation technologies
      • Lawson, Victoria A. (Geography)
        Modern cowboys and rednecks: Class conflict and rural restructuring in the American West
      • Lockwood, Thomas F. (English)
        Edition of plays by Henry Fielding
        RRF Scholar
      • Manoil, Colin C. (Genetics)
        A protein tag screening procedure for gene identification in Escherichia coli and other bacteria
      • Mirza, Sohail K. (Orthopaedics)
        Vertebral strength following percutaneous vertebroplasty: A comparison between the standard technique and a novel approach to stabilizing osteoporotic
      • O’Hara, Edgar (Romance Languages)
        Luis Hernandez
        RRF Scholar
      • Phillips, James O. (Otolaryngology)
        Evaluation of vestibular function in hearing impaired infants and children
      • Shell-Duncan, Bettina (Anthropology)
        Iron deficiency anemia and cellular immune function among rural Kenyan children
      • Sparke, Matthew B. (Geography)
        Transnationalism and the cultural geography of borderlands
        RRF Scholar
      • Stuve, Eric M. (Chemical Engineering)
        Dual electrolyte flow system for evaluation of catalyst function and performance for direct methanol fuel cells
      • Tempel, Bruce L. (Otolaryngology)
        Mutant screen for genes causing epilepsy
      • Thomas, Lynn M. (History)
        Regulating reproduction: Gender, generation, and the state in rural Kenya, c. 1920-70
        RRF Scholar
      • Vaezy, Shahram (Bioengineering)
        Treatment of uterine fibroids using high intensity focused ultrasound
      • Vance, Eugene (Romance Languages)
        Dante’s Paradiso, the Byzantine art of Ravenna, and the poetics of vision

    June 1998 Awardees

      • Andersen, Niels H. (Chemistry)
        Miniprotein design and folding thermodynamics
      • Armstrong, William D. (Mechanical Engineering)
        High tensile strain rate absorptoin and subsequent strain recovery response of a NiTi shape memory alloy actuated polymer articficial muscle composite
      • Baneyx, Francois C. (Chemical Engineering)
        Engineering GroEL for nanostructure design
      • Bell, Jr. (Surgery)
        Characterization of a new pancreatic cell responsible for fibrogenesis
      • Campbell, Mark E. (Aeronautics and Astronautics)
        On-line monitoring/modeling for autonomous spacecraft control
      • Dong, Madeleine Yue (International Studies)
        The making of republican Beijing, 1911-1937
        RRF Scholar
      • Failing, Patricia A. (Art)
        Degas sculpture in America
      • Gale, Ann E. (Art)
        Visual measuring
        RRF Scholar
      • Glenn, Susan A. (History)
        Female spectacle: Popular theater and the new woman
        RRF Scholar
      • Goverman, Joan M. (Molecular Biotechnology)
        The role of MHC class I-restricted T cells specific for myelin basic protein in the pathogenis of central system autoimmune disease
      • Hagstrum, Melissa B. (Anthropology)
        An ethnoarchaeology of the Andean household economy: Investigating complementary and intersecting technologies
      • Herrenkohl, Leslie Rupert (Education)
        Classroom at sea: Sharing ocean exploration
      • Hinckley, Thomas M. (Forest Resources)
        Nutrient cycling in hybrid poplars
      • Hol, Wim G. J. (Biological Structure)
        A phage display system to screen for new antimalaria drugs
      • Hutterer, Karl L. (Burke Museum)
        Evolutionary directions for natural history museums
      • Jones, Diane Carlson (Education)
        Peer amplification of the culture of thinness: The roles of media and peers in the development of body image
      • Lepore, Paul C. (Sociology)
        Choosing your alma mater: A discrete choice model of high school selection
      • Marlatt, G. Alan (Psychology)
        A secondary prevention program for problem gambling among college students
      • Morris, David R. (Biochemistry)
        Analysis of translationally controlled genes by cDNA arrays
      • Myler, Peter J. (Pathobiology)
        Transcription of protein coding genes in Leishmania
      • Robinson, Nancy M. (Psychiatry and Behavioral Science)
        Genetics of mathematics ability
      • Rubino, Nancy Ignazia (Romance Languages)
        Androgyny and modernity
        RRF Scholar
      • Sahr, John D. (Electrical Engineering)
        Development of prototype systolic array for gigaflop real time radar signal processing
      • Schwartz, Stephen M. (Epidemiology)
        Carcinogen metabolizing enzyme genotypes and renal cell carcinoma risk
      • Schwartz, Jeffrey L. (Radiation Oncology)
        p53 and tumor response to radiotherapy
      • Shulman, Robert Philip (English)
        Radical political art in cold war America
      • Starr, Lawrence (Music)
        Aaron Copland’s ‘Twelve Poems of Emily Dickinson’: A critical study
        RRF Scholar
      • Strathmann, Richard R. (Zoology)
        Climate change, dispersal capabilities and population structure of benthic marine gastropods of the Northeastern Pacific Rim
      • Traxler, Beth A. (Microbiology)
        A new protein targeting mechanism in bacteria

    January 1998 Awardees

      • Babcock, Donner F. (Physiology and Biophysics)
        Klinosensory transduction in sperm chemotaxis
      • Blundell, Mary W. (Classics)
        Character in dialogue: Plato’s use of dramatic characterization and its significance for philosophical method
        RRF Scholar
      • Booth, Cathryn L. (Family and Child Nursing)
        Internal state language, attachment security, and social competence in 4-year-old children
      • Carlson, Steven S. (Physiology and Biophysics)
        Neurexin as a mediator of glial-axonal interactions
      • Connell, Frederick A. (Health Services)
        Is continuity of care associated with improved health care outcomes in children?
      • Cooper, Mark S. (Zoology)
        Production of transgenic zebrafish through transient pronuclear membrane permeabilization
      • Demorest, Steven M. (Music)
        Building choral excellence: A guide to teaching sight-singing in the choral rehearsal
        RRF Scholar
      • Hazlet, Thomas (Pharmacy)
        Health outcomes with reference based pricing
      • Hodge, Paul W. (Astronomy)
        A multiwavelength study of the Local Group starburst galaxy IC 10
      • Jumars, Peter A. (Oceanography)
        Effects of laminar shear on formation and size distribution of marine polymer gels
      • Kahr, Bart Evan (Chemistry)
        On the mechanism of room temperature phosphorescence
      • Kaplan, Sydney J. (English)
        Circulating genius: Virginia Woolf, Katherine Mansfield, T. S. Eliot, and John Middleton Murry
        RRF Scholar
      • Kelly, Jean F. (Family and Child Nursing)
        Training and early intervention to promote quality parent-child interaction in homeless families
      • Khalil, Fahad A. (Economics)
        Ex-post choice of monitoring
      • Lind, Douglas A. (Mathematics)
        Spatial dynamical systems
      • Pallanck, Leo (Genetics)
        Genetic analysis of neurotransmitter release mechanisms in Drosophila
      • Richardson, Barbra Ann (Biostatistics)
        Survival distribution estimates when test sensitivity and specificity for outcome are less than 100%
      • Rogers, Margaret A. (Speech and Hearing Sciences)
        Isolation of speech apraxia using a perceptual-physiologic method
      • Schindler, Daniel E. (Zoology)
        Human impacts on habitat coupling in lakes of the Pacific Northwest
      • Scott, George W. (Art)
        The Whitehall project
      • Shaw, Dennis W. W. (Radiology)
        Evaluation of cerebral edema with diffusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging
      • Sigurdsson, Snorri T. (Chemistry)
        Selection of ribozymes with novel catalytic functions
      • Simon, Adam Fredric (Political Science)
        The winning message? Candidate behavior, campaign discourse, and democracy
      • Souza, Pamela E. (Speech and Hearing Sciences)
        Audiometric correlates of performance with compression amplification
      • St. Pierre, Louise M. (Art)
        Integrated display furniture
      • Taylor, Catherine S. (Education)
        Investigation of scoring methods for performance-based assessments
      • Turecek, Frantisek (Chemistry)
        Mass spectrometric monitoring of enzyme deficiencies
      • Uhlmann, Gunther A. (Mathematics)
        Electrical impedance tomography
      • Venkatraman, Manorama M. (Nursing)
        The psychosocial context of midlife, menopause, and health: A pilot study of women in India
      • Willerford, Dennis (Medicine)
        A genetic pathway to chromosome translocation in lymphoma
        Wiseman, Robert W. (Radiology)
      • Alterations in cellular energy metabolism and gene expression in skeletal muscle
      • Xia, Zhengui (Environmental Health)
        Role of protein kinases in apoptosis
      • Xia, Younan (Chemistry)
        Fabrication, characterization, and applications of nanochannel membranes

    June 1997 Awardees

      • Arduino, Pedro (Civil Engineering)
        Elasto-plastic constitutive driver for geomaterials
      • Avery, David H. (Psychiatry and Behavioral Science)
        Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment of major depression
      • Azizoglu, Murat (Electrical Engineering)
        Recursive error correction coding for mobile wireless networks
      • Beeson, Craig C. (Chemistry)
        Monitoring redox reactions in living cells
      • Bosma, Martha M. (Zoology)
        Developmental expression of ion channels and secretion in GnRH neurons
      • Cao, Guozhong (Materials Science and Engineering)
        Synthesis of hybrid organic/inorganic aerogels by ambient pressure sol-gel processing
      • Chrisman, Noel J. (Psychosocial and Community Health)
        Latino household health: A community partnership research project
      • Dale-Crunk, Beverly A. (Oral Biology)
        Expression of antimicrobial defensin-like peptide in human gingiva
      • Davis, Trisha N. (Biochemistry)
        Centrosome assembly in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
      • Durfy, Sharon J. (Medical History)
        Informed consent for genetic testing for susceptibility to breast cancer: Attitudes of consumers and genetic counselors
      • Hurley, James B. (Biochemistry)
        Characterization of a zebrafish mutant with a red cone deficiency
      • Kahn, Miriam (Anthropology)
        Research for Pacific Voices exhibit catalogue
      • Katz, Lynn F. (Psychology)
        Emotional intelligence theory of adolescent depression
      • Kujawa, Sharon G. (Otolaryngology)
        Auditory function after outer hair cell compromise: Alterations in otoacoustic and electrophysiologic responses from the cochlea
      • Lengua, Liliana J. (Psychology)
        Specificity in temperament-symptom relations
        RRF Scholar
      • Madison, John J. (Public Affairs)
        State cooperative technology policies: State legislative and university relationships
      • Majeski, Stephen J. (Political Science)
        Cooperation and community: Growing artifical worlds based on the spatial iterated prisoners dilemma
      • Manusov, Valerie L. (Speech Communication)
        Cognitions and accommodation in couples’ interactions
      • Mazza, James J. (Education)
        The effects of exposure to violence on negative psychosocial outcomes: Test of a model
      • O’Donnell, Sean (Psychology)
        Factors promoting social cooperation in tropical wasps
      • Olswang, Lesley B. (Speech and Hearing Sciences)
        Evaluating effectiveness of early intervention
      • Psaty, Bruce M. (Medicine)
        Metoprolol and the risk of myocardial infarction among poor metabolizers
      • Richardson, Thomas S. (Statistics)
        Bayesian software tools for causal model search
      • Rubens, Craig E. (Pediatrics)
        Streptococcus pyogenes vaccine development: A test of protective-epitope identification via genome analysis
      • Saari, John C. (Ophthalmology)
        Molecular characterization and cloning of retinol dehydrogenase
      • Sanders, Joan E. (Bioengineering)
        Blow-molded fibrous materials (BMFs): A new kind of biomaterial for soft-tissue biomechanical applications?
      • Schwartz, Michael W. (Medicine)
        Leptin regulation of the hypothalmic melanocortin system in the control of body weight
      • Shields, David J. (English)
        Black planet: The NBA, race and American guilt
        RRF Scholar
      • Shoda, Yuichi (Psychology)
        The cognitive-affective dynamics of coping: Analyzing features of stressful situations to identify ‘coping signatures’
      • Staley, James T. (Microbiology)
        Genetics of biosurfactant production in Rhodococcus N01-1
      • Van Volkenburgh, Elizabeth (Botany)
        Is the peptide systemin or an electric signal the primary messenger to a planet-wide expression of tomato defense proteins?
      • Wald, Priscilla B. (English)
        Cultures and carriers: Contagion, Americanism and the science of social control
        RRF Scholar
      • Weiss, Noel S. (Epidemiology)
        Ovarian cancer and prescription drug use
      • Will, Richard J. (Music)
        On music’s meanings: Programmatic symphonies and listening experience in the 18th and early 19th centuries
        RRF Scholar

    January 1997 Awardees

      • Babbitt, W. Randall (Electrical Engineering)
        Smart pixels with smart illumination
      • Bosworth, David L. (English)
        Killing the covenants: The demise of virtue in virtual America
        RRF Scholar
      • Bradley, Katharine A. (Medicine)
        Primary care discussions of alcohol use: A pilot study audiotaping appointments of heavy drinking veterans
      • Checkoway, Harvey (Environmental Health)
        Genetic polymorphisms associated with mitochondrial dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease
      • Eicher, Theo S. (Economics)
        The human capital dimension to direct foreign investment
      • Fabien, Brian C. (Mechanical Engineering)
        Design and contruction of a high energy density flywheel
      • Foe, Victoria E. (Zoology)
        Does F-actin motor on microtubules? Evidence from drug studies and multi-probe 3-D reconstructions of serial laser scanning confocal micrographs
      • Goldberg, Karen I. (Chemistry)
        Homogeneous catalysts for the selective hydration of alkenes
      • Hackett, Murray (Medicinal Chemistry)
        Preparative microcapillary HPLC using an improved flow cell
      • Jarvik, Gail P. (Medicine)
        Genetic predictors of carotid artery disease
      • Kinsella, Michael G. (Pathology)
        Intracellular interactions of syndecan-1 cytoplasmic domain
      • Knechtges, David R. (Asian Languages)
        Handbook on classical Chinese literature
      • Lundin, Norman K. (Art)
        Description and abstraction
        RRF Scholar
      • Mailer, Colin (Chemistry)
        Multifrequency EPR studies of biological molecules
      • McCann, Michael W. (Political Science)
        Law and the reshaping of modern American labor unions
      • Mescher, Ann M. (Mechanical Engineering)
        Continuous process approach for manufacture of graded-index polymer fibers
      • Nelson, Bruce K. (Geological Sciences)
        Metal deposits from deep-sea hydrothermal systems
      • Olavarria, Jaime F. (Psychology)
        Can we make mice see color? A transgenic model of color vision in animals
      • Overney, Rene M. (Chemical Engineering)
        Nanoconfinement of complex liquids studied by scanning probe microscopy
      • Pearson, Jon Steven (Drama)
        Opium: An experiment in synthesis of Japanese and American performance
      • Reid, Brian J. (Medicine)
        Therapies to target p53 mutant Barrett’s cells
      • Root, Maria P. P. (American Ethnic Studies)
        A developmental inquiry into the co-construction of gender and race
      • Sasso, Eric H. (Medicine)
        Immunoglobulin VH gene polymorphism as a risk factor for hepatitis C-associated cryoglobulinemia
      • Staton, Ann Q. (Speech Communication)
        The rhetoric of educational reform in America
        RRF Scholar
      • Steele, Cynthia (Romance Languages)
        Oaxaca and the New World baroque
        RRF Scholar
      • Stein, Julie K. (Burke Museum)
        The origins of social complexity on the Northwest Coast
      • Storm, Daniel R. (Pharmacology)
        Regulation of P68 RNA helicase activity by calmodulin and PKC
      • Totten, Patricia A. (Medicine)
        Generation of molecular mutants for the study of attachment and invasion of H. ducreyi
      • Villacres, Enrique C. (Pharmacology)
        PKC sensitive adenylyl cyclases in neuroplasticity

    June 1996 Awardees

      • Abramson, Evan H. (Chemistry)
        Metals at high pressure
      • Bajjalieh, Sandra M. (Pharmacology)
        Purification and cDNA cloning of synaptic vesicle-associated ceramide kinase
      • Bassuk, James A. (Biological Structure)
        Regulation of extracellular proteins that control cellular adhesion
      • Bilge, Sima (Pediatrics)
        Mechanisms of secretion of Escherchia coli 0157:H7 virulence factors
      • Catterall, William A. (Pharmacology)
        Synaptic vesicle docking at Ca2+ channels: A quantitative assay for protein-protein interactions in transmitter release
      • Corina, David P. (Psychology)
        Visual processing in deaf signers
      • Crane, Gregg D. (English)
        The American cultural jurisprudence of race, rights and community
        RRF Scholar
      • Frost, Bruce W. (Oceanography)
        Evolution of freshwater adaptation and implications for species invasions
      • Garvens, Ellen J. (Art)
        Exploring new metaphors of the body with digital imaging
      • Goodlad, Lauren M. E. (English)
        Victorian literature and the Victorian state
      • Gretch, David R. (Laboratory Medicine)
        Molecular mechanisms employed by hepatitis C virus to resist interferon therapy
      • Heerwagen, Dean R. (Architecture)
        Developing architectural design guidelines for improving speech intelligibility in K-12 classrooms
      • Hille, Merrill B. (Zoology)
        Focal adhesion contacts during Zebrafish development
      • Ho, Rodney J. Y. (Pharmaceutics)
        Intrathecal delivery vehicles for high-dose CNS chemotherapy
      • Hwang, Jenq-Neng (Electrical Engineering)
        Automated 3-D heart border detection using ultrasound echocardiography
      • Jarvik, Jeffrey G. (Radiology)
        Evaluation of diagnostic accuracy of magnetic resonance imaging in patients with suspected carpal tunnel syndrome
      • Kohlenberg, Robert J. (Psychology)
        Factors leading to successful psychosocial treatment of depression
      • Kronmal, Richard A. (Biostatistics)
        Does the use of calcium channel blockers reduce the risk of prostate cancer?
      • Langdon, Merle K. (Classics)
        Plotting the boundary inscriptions of Attica
      • Leigh, John A. (Microbiology)
        Regulation of carbon dioxide fixation in Methanococcus
      • Lewellen, Thomas K. (Radiology)
        Improved accuracy and artifact suppression for tomographic nuclear medicine imaging with T1-201
      • Lilley, Marvin D. (Oceanography)
        The abiotic production of organic carbon in mid-ocean ridge hydrothermal systems
      • Mitchell, Katharyne (Geography)
        Contemporary Chinese diasporas and the spatial politics of Chinatown
      • Parker, Rip (Dance)
        Publishing dance
      • Parrish, Julia K. (Zoology)
        Technique assessment for seabird tracking
      • Perry, Mary J. (Oceanography)
        Control of phytoplankton distribution and photosynthesis by wind-driven mixing
      • Raible, David W. (Biological Structure)
        Regional specification of Zebrafish neural crest
      • Rhim, Jonathan A. (Pathology)
        A system of analyzing how aflatoxin B1 causes human liver cancer
      • Sears, Laurie J. (History)
        Rethinking area studies: Desire and sexuality in colonial and postcolonial Indonesia
      • Stubbs, Christopher W. (Astronomy)
        A compositional survey of the near-earth objects
      • Syrjala, Karen L. (Psychiatry and Behavioral Science)
        Delirium and competency to consent in patients undergoing marrow transplantation
      • Tewson, Timothy J. (Radiology)
        The evaluation of F-18 fluoro t-butyl nitrone as an agent for in vivo imaging of oxygen radicals
      • Turnblom, Eric C. (Forest Resources)
        Modeling interaction dynamics among vegetation layers in young Douglas fir plantations
      • Twine, Frances Winddance (Women Studies)
        Transracial motherhood: White birth mothers of racialized ‘others’ in Britain
        RRF Scholar
      • Unis, Alan S. (Psychiatry and Behavioral Science)
        Early observation of four populations of children at risk for the development of self-directed behaviors
      • Williams, Michelle A. (Epidemiology)
        Apolipoprotein E polymorphisms and preeclampsia in Zimbabwean women
      • Winn, William D. (Education)
        Building bridges for place-bound students: A virtual classroom

    January 1996 Awardees

      • Baker, Marcia B. (Geophysics)
        A laboratory investigation of a possible ice particle multiplication mechanism
      • Beyers, William B. (Geography)
        Contemporary development forces in the rural West: Exploring bases of the new economy
      • Bohm, Karl-Heinz (Astronomy)
        Unsteady accretion onto magnetized stars as a launching mechanism for stellar jets
      • Brenowitz, Eliot A. (Psychology)
        Neural basis of song perception in birds
      • Brown, Gardner M. (Economics)
        Compliance costs and environmental laws
      • Calderon, Rosemary (Psychiatry and Behavioral Science)
        Outcomes of early intervention for children with moderately-severe to profound hearing loss
      • Clopton, Ben M. (Bioengineering)
        Optimization of channel independence for cochlear implants
      • Collins, Jeffrey L. (Art)
        Arsenals of art: The patronage of Pope Pius VI and the end of the ancien regime
        RRF Scholar
      • Corson, Marshall A. (Medicine)
        Peptide mapping of type III nitric oxide synthase
      • Dean, Timothy J. (English)
        Modernism and the ethics of ‘impersonality’
        RRF Scholar
      • Dizhoor, Alexander M. (Biochemistry)
        Guanylyl cyclase activating protein: Structure and function
      • Hankins, Thomas L. (History)
        Tables, graphs and the spirit of systems
      • Howard, Randall F. (Pathobiology)
        Analysis of the covalent modification of a Plasmodium falciparum rhoptry protein
      • Hughes, James P. (Biostatistics)
        Assessing greenhouse effects on local precipitation in Southwestern Australia: Model development and validation
      • Hunter, John C. (Radiology)
        The Harborview Trauma Radiology Reference: A self-sustaining CD-ROM teaching program
      • Icard, Larry D. (Social Work)
        Black families and AIDS prevention: A pilot study
      • Jolles, Carol Zane (Anthropology)
        Yupik women: Narratives of Eskimo women’s lives
      • Jonsson, Hannes (Chemistry)
        Structure and dynamics at the surface of ice
      • Kohn, Alan J. (Zoology)
        Snail spears and scimitars: The conotoxin delivery system
      • Lewis, David H. (Radiology)
        Brain perfusion imaging of controlled multi-level toluene exposure
      • Lewis, David B. (Pediatrics)
        Impact of cysteine proteases on osteoporosis in vivo
      • Loftus, Geoffrey R. (Psychology)
        Integrating theories of time and intensity
      • Marra, Christina M. (Medicine)
        Role of antiretrovirals in the pathogenesis of hearing loss in Human Immunodeficiency Virus infection
      • Martell, Louise K. (Family and Child Nursing)
        Women’s recovery after birth
      • Nelson, Charles R. (Economics)
        Estimation and inference using instrumental variables: Guidance for practioners
      • Newell, Laura L. (Anthropology)
        Inheritance of bone mass and turnover in the macaque
      • Pemberton, John (Anthropology)
        Consuming time: Narrative, exorcism, Java
      • Pollack, Gerald H. (Bioengineering)
        Nanofabricated transducers for biological force measurement
      • Reid, Philip J. (Chemistry)
        Reactions with resonance Raman spectroscopyl determining the ultrafast dynamics of environmentally important chemical
      • Rose, Timothy M. (Pathobiology)
        Association of a new simian herpes virus with retroperitoneal fibromatosis
      • Sasaki, Tomikazu (Chemistry)
        Nano-scale patterning of solid surface with macrocyclic peptides
      • Sbragia, Albert (Romance Languages)
        Modernity in Rome
        RRF Scholar
      • Schneider, Sara K. (Drama)
        Collection and analysis of primary data on undercover roleplaying techniques
      • Shen, I. Y. (Steve) (Mechanical Engineering)
        Applications of self-sensing active constrained layer damping treatments (SACL)
      • Streitberger, William R. (English)
        Revels at the court of Elizabeth I, 1558-1603
      • Thompson, Arthur R. (Medicine)
        Antithrombotic agents with low hemorrhagic risk: A safer approach to antithrombotic therapy
      • Truman, James W. (Zoology)
        Steroid control of the cell cycle in Drosophila melanogaster
      • Ward, Peter D. (Geological Sciences)
        Bio- and chemostratigraphy across the Permo Triassic extinction interval in the Karroo Basin of South Africa

    June 1995 Awardees

      • Aebersold, Rudolf H. (Molecular Biotechnology)
        A phage display library of SH2 domains for signal transduction research
      • Anderson, Marjorie E. (Rehabilitation Medicine)
        Development of an implanted perselective tubing to modulate dopamine actions
      • Bentzen, Paul (Fisheries)
        Development of genetic markers for Dungeness crabs and their application to paternity analysis
      • Boltz, William G. (Asian Languages)
        Language and script in ancient China
      • Bowen-Pope, Daniel F. (Pathology)
        Organ culture
      • Brengelmann, George L. (Physiology and Biophysics)
        Aging and body temperature regulation in the thermoneutral zone
      • Brewer, Bonita J. (Genetics)
        Analyzing the replication of yeast artificial chromosomes (YACs)
      • Brixey, Shawn A. (Art)
        To develop and construct a research quality LCD Computer Holography Recorder (CHR) for artistic and technical research
      • Buchwald, Dedra S. (Medicine)
        Development of a CFS/FM twin registry
      • Butchart, Ronald E. (Education)
        Classroom practices in historical perspective: The freedmen’s schools, 1861-1875, as a case study
      • Carmichael Olson, Heather (Psychiatry and Behavioral Science)
        The development of young children prenatally exposed to cocaine
      • Cheng, Edith Y. (Obstetrics and Gynecology)
        Nondisjunction in human oogenesis
      • Chrisman, Nicholas R. (Geography)
        The social practice of GIS: Comparing the siting procedures for low-level radioactive waste
      • Collins, Steven W. (Liberal Studies (Bothell))
        Creating regional advantage? A comparative study of regional innovation systems in biotechnology in Japan and the U.S.
      • Dager, Stephen R. (Psychiatry and Behavioral Science)
        Investigation of brain metabolic effects of caffeine using 2-D PEPSI with phased-array
      • Dogan, Fatih (Materials Science and Engineering)
        Growth of large high temperature YBa2Cu307-x superconductor single crystals for device applications
      • Drobny, Gary P. (Chemistry)
        Solid state NMR methods applied to biomaterials
      • Edwards, Scott V. (Zoology)
        Large-scale sequencing and the evolutionary tree for birds
      • Ellingson, Ter J. (Music)
        Music of the Tibetan Karmapa ‘Bskang gso’ ritual
      • Farrow, Diana C. (Epidemiology)
        Determinants of Barrett’s esophagus risk in patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease
      • Feathers, James K. (Anthropology)
        Luminescence dating of pottery from Southeastern Mesoamerica
      • Fink, Pamela J. (Immunology)
        Veto cell mediated suppression of peptide-specific cytotoxic T cells in vitro
      • Haile, Sossina M. (Materials Science and Engineering)
        Cerium-oxide based fuel cell materials
      • Hallett, Christopher H. (Art)
        Completion of book: The Nude Portrait in Roman Art
        RRF Scholar
      • Hodgson, Kevin T. (Forest Resources)
        Steric stability mechanisms of colloidal water-based inks
      • Hudson, Leonard D. (Medicine)
        Medical futility and end-of-life decision-making for persons with AIDS
      • Jaeger, C. Stephen (Germanics)
        Book length study of love and friendship in the Middle Ages
      • Kasaba, Resat (International Studies)
        Cohabitation? Islamists and secularists in modern Turkey
      • Keyes, Charles F. (Anthropology)
        Ethnic change among highland minorities in Vietnam
      • Keyt, David (Philosophy)
        An edition of books V and VI of Aristotle’s ‘Politics’
        RRF Scholar
      • Koutsky, Laura A. (Epidemiology)
        A cohort study of HPV 16 or 18 serum antibodies and development of CIN 2 or 3
      • Macklin, John W. (Chemistry)
        Development of a new chemo-optical method for selective surface sensing based on Raman spectrometry
      • McTigue, David F. (Geological Sciences)
        Rheology of concentrated suspensions
      • Moe, Karen E. (Psychiatry and Behavioral Science)
        Sex steroids and cognition in post-menopausal women
      • Morrison, Richard S. (Neurological Surgery)
        Does reduced p53 expression favor cell survival in seizure models of neuronal damage?
      • Riskin, Eve A. (Electrical Engineering)
        Image compression and restoration for noisy communications channels
      • Rogers, James W. (Chemical Engineering)
      • Sabath, Daniel E. (Laboratory Medicine)
        Isolation of embryonic-specific genes from a hematopoietic cell line
      • Sampson, Paul D. (Statistics)
        Automatic construction of 3D heart models from ultrasound images
      • Stapleton, Ann E. (Medicine)
        A pig model for studying the molecular pathogenesis of urinary tract infection
      • Terry, Carole R. (Music)
        New recordings and editions of German composers of the Berlin, Dresden, Weimar and Munich organ schools
      • Verdugo, Pedro J. (Bioengineering)
        Application of the theory of swelling of polyionic polymer gels to investigate the role of the vitreous gel in glaucoma
      • Wright, Robin L. (Zoology)
        Rapid isolation of regulated genes in yeast by ‘ADE-trapping’
      • van den Berg, Sara J. (English)
        The shape of difficulty: Body and identity in 17th century English literature

    January 1995 Awardees

      • Behler, Diana I. (Germanics)
        Nietzsche translation: ‘The Birth of Tragedy’
        RRF Scholar
      • Bergantz, George W. (Geological Sciences)
        Interplay between crustal growth, mantle magmatism, and chemical diversity
      • Bosch, Marnix L. (Pathobiology)
        Protective mucosal immunity against HIV-1
      • Bradshaw, Harvey D. (Biochemistry)
        Chromosome mapping of Mimulus
      • Cabeen, Louise (Art)
        Art on the edge: The tactile computer
      • Castner, David G. (Chemical Engineering)
        The effect of fluorocarbon surface structure on endothelial cell growth
      • Cho, Paul S. (Radiation Oncology)
        Quantitative volume CT using high-energy photons
      • Daniel, Thomas L. (Zoology)
        Physics and physiology of insect flight
      • DeYoung, Terri L. (Near Eastern Languages)
        Mucarada and hybrid textuality in Arabic poetry
        RRF Scholar
      • Dempster, Stuart R. (Music)
        Authoring a multi-media edition on CD-ROM of ‘The Modern Trombone’
      • Dethier, Megan N. (Environmental Studies Institute)
        Induction of chemical defenses in kelps
      • Detmer, Paul R. (Surgery)
        3-D alignment of noninvasive image data with histology
      • Engel, Thomas (Chemistry)
        Construction of an atomic resolution AC scanning tunneling microscope
      • Gill, Anthony J. (Political Science)
        Church-state relations in contemporary Mexico
      • Goldberg, Ellis J. (Political Science)
        An evolutionary theory for social coalitions: Explaining corporatism
      • Goolsby, Thomas W. (Music)
        Verbal and nonverbal instructional behaviors in music classes: A comparison of experienced and novice teachers
      • Hanafi, Zakiya A. J. (Romance Languages)
        An archival study of erotic exchange in seventeenth century Venice
        RRF Scholar
      • Heuving, Jeanne D. (Liberal Studies (Bothell))
        The Offering: A Bildungsroman in Parts
      • Hille, Bertil (Physiology and Biophysics)
        Mitochondrial participation in the intracellular Ca2+ network
      • Jacobs, Sue-Ellen (Women Studies)
        Translation of Eastern Pueblo Tewa stories into English, with Tewa and English narration and notation
      • Kaplan, David B. (Physics)
        Search for the excited quark
      • Kimelman, David (Biochemistry)
        The role of Znot in zebrafish development
      • Kingsolver, Joel G. (Zoology)
        Modeling insect growth: Temperature, nitrogen and catepillar chemostats
      • Le Boeuf, Renee C. (Medicine)
        Molecular nutrition: Quantitative trait linkage analysis in the mouse
      • Manoil, Colin C. (Genetics)
        Bacterial paralysis of the nematode ‘Caenorhabditis elegans’
      • Marshall, Donald E. (Mathematics)
        Conformal mapping
      • Morris, C. Patrick (Liberal Studies (Bothell))
        International indigenous peoples higher education movement
      • Nazar-Stewart, Valle (Epidemiology)
        Role of debrisoquine hydroxylase and epoxide hydrolase polymorphisms in determining susceptibility to lung cancer
      • Pearsall, Thomas P. (Materials Science and Engineering)
        Nano-lithography of silicon quantum wires using the scanning tunneling microscope
      • Quinn, Thomas R. (Astronomy)
        The stability of the solar system
      • Richardson, Michael L. (Radiology)
        A World Wide Web radiology teaching file server on the Internet
      • Rose, Elaina (Economics)
        Differential mortality selection and educational attainment of girls and boys in rural India
      • Rosenfeld, Michael E. (Pathobiology)
        Neutral cholesteryl-ester hydrolase activity and macrophage foam cell formation
      • Salomon, Richard G. (Asian Languages)
        Edition and translation of newly discovered Buddhist manuscripts
        RRF Scholar
      • Schepp, Karen G. (Psychosocial and Community Health)
        Family centered self management program for emotionally disturbed adolescents
      • Sheppard, Elizabeth A. (Biostatistics)
        Borrowing strength to reduce measurement error bias in occupational epidemiology studies
      • Simpson, Caroline C. (English)
        Re-orienting the oriental body: A rereading of Toshio Mori and Hisaye Yamamoto
      • Somani, Arun K. (Electrical Engineering)
        LAN to LAN communication through wide area ATM network
      • Stygall, Gail (English)
        The discourse of divorce
      • Tsang, Leung (Electrical Engineering)
        Intersubband transitions at 1.55 um in CaF2/Si quantum wells for optical device applications
      • Wedgewood, Lewis E. (Chemical Engineering)
        Fractionation of flexible macromolecules
      • Wiley, Hannah C. (Dance)
        Reconstructing the legacy of American modern dance
      • Wingfield, John C. (Zoology)
        Cell and molecular bases of the environmental control of reproduction in birds
      • Wordeman, Linda G. (Physiology and Biophysics)
        The role of kinesin-related proteins in myofibril formation
      • Young, John T. (Art)
        To survey, photograph and document contemporary outdoor public art in China
      • Zivot, Eric W. (Economics)
        Testing for co-integration in the presence of structural change

    June 1994 Awardees

      • Andersen, Niels H. (Chemistry)
        New tools and a strategy for determining peptide conformational dynamics
      • Baneyx, Francois C. (Chemical Engineering)
        Approaches to maximize recombinant protein production in the growth medium of E. coli
      • Battaglia, David E. (Obstetrics and Gynecology)
        Egg maturation and embryo production using ovaries from endangered species
      • Beresford, Shirley A. (Epidemiology)
        Intestinal absorption of folic acid in women with infants with neural tube defects
      • Berk, Bradford C. (Medicine)
        Regulating vascular smooth muscle cell growth by 3CH134 antisense oligonucleotides
      • Brown, J. Michael (Geophysics)
        Improved methods of generating high pressure
      • Chavkin, Charles (Pharmacology)
        Molecular regulation of opioid receptor signal transduction
      • Comai, Luca (Botany)
        Genes controlling axillary development in plants
      • Deolalikar, Anil B. (Economics)
        The economic impact on bride and groom households of dowry transactions
      • Duisberg, Robert A. (Music)
        A temporal neural network for real-time gesture tracking
      • Durand, Joel F. (Music)
        Recording of four works of mine for CD
      • Edwards, John S. (Zoology)
        Composition and action of assassin bug venum
      • Fortson, E. Norval (Physics)
        Feasibility of measuring parity violation in a single atom ion
      • Gustafson, Richard R. (Forest Resources)
        New pulping and bleach technology for the conversion of old corrugated containers into high value bleached fiber
      • Hallet, Bernard (Quaternary Research Center)
        Erosion and sedimentation by a surging glacier
      • Halvorsen, Robert F. (Economics)
        Economic valuation of recreational fishing in Washington
      • Hamilton, Gary G. (Sociology)
        Families and friends: Business networks in Hong Kong during the 1940s and their relevance to postwar industrialization
      • Hughes, Kelly T. (Microbiology)
        Role of microbial symbionts in secondary metabolite production by ascidians: A genetic analysis
      • Huppert, Daniel D. (Marine Affairs)
        Federal auctions of natural resources: Applicability to the marine fisheries
      • Johnson, Richard S. (Biochemistry)
        Application of mass spectrometrically determined amide hydrogen exchange rates in the study of proteins
      • Keifer, Matthew C. (Environmental Health)
        A controlled evaluation of neurobehavioral performance in a cohort of chronically pesticide exposed residents
      • Koenig, Jane Q. (Environmental Health)
        The effects of dietary antioxidants on ozone-induced bronchial hyperresponsiveness
      • Kushmerick, Martin J. (Radiology)
        Human muscle myoglobin oximeter
      • Merritt, Ethan A. (Biological Structure)
        Protein engineering of candidate vaccines from cholera toxin
      • Olmstead, Marjorie A. (Physics)
        Kinetics of ordering in Si-Ge heteroepitaxy
      • Omiecinski, Curtis J. (Environmental Health)
        Genetic epidemiology of epoxide hydrolase
      • Pagliaro, Leonard J. (Bioengineering)
        Fluorescence resonance energy transfer as a probe for molecular interactions in living cells
      • Parks, Richard W. (Economics)
        The effects of consumption horizon on portfolio risk
      • Petroff, Catherine (Civil Engineering)
        Mechanisms of boulder transport by tsunamis
      • Roy, Ronald A. (APL)
        The stability and acoustics of oceanic bubbles
      • Ruzzo, Walter L. (Computer Science and Engineering)
        Computational problems in genetic mapping
      • Schmid, Peter J. (Applied Mathematics)
        Fingers and bubbles in Hele-Shaw cells
      • Sorensen, Larry B. (Physics)
        GIESXRF: Grazing Incidence Electron Stimulated X-Ray Fluorescence
      • Stoel-Gammon, Carol (Speech and Hearing Sciences)
        Acoustic studies of the speech of Swedish and American children
      • Tait, Jonathan F. (Laboratory Medicine)
        Targeted disruption of the Annexin V gene in embryonic stem cells
      • Thompson, Marie D. (Education)
        American Indian parents and their infants: Early intervention project
      • Turecek, Frantisek (Chemistry)
        High-energy chemistry of hydrochlorofluorocarbon radicals
      • White, David M. (Rehabilitation Medicine)
        Development of a microprocessor-based system to help protect skin integrity among wheelchair users
      • Yuan, Chun (Radiology)
        In vivo analysis of atherosclerotic plaque development using magnetic resonance imaging

    January 1994 Awardees

      • Allan, G. Graham (Forest Resources)
        Enhanced oxygenation of wastewater with oxygen carriers
      • Bernards, Christopher M. (Anesthesiology)
        Effect of chronic cocaine administration on hemodynamic response to vasopressors, hemorrhage, and pain thresholds
      • Chudler, Eric H. (Anesthesiology)
        Responses of basal ganglia neurons to noxious stimulation
      • Dawson, Geraldine (Psychology)
        Early diagnosis of children with autism: A study of home videotapes
      • Garbini, Joseph L. (Mechanical Engineering)
        In-process control of microstructure in microcellular plastic parts
      • Gardner, Jill C. (Radiology)
        Interhemispheric asymmetries: Is there a structural correlate for dyslexia?
      • Goverman, Joan M. (Molecular Biotechnology)
        Mechanisms and consequences underlying the induction of immunological tolerance to myelin basic protein
      • Handwerk, Gary (English)
        Nietzsche translation (Human, All Too Human)
      • Hanks, Steven J. (Computer Science and Engineering)
        Planning for surprises
      • Hedges, John I. (Oceanography)
        Feasibility study for automation of carbohydrate analysis
      • Kahn, Stuart J. (Pediatrics)
        SA85-1.1, a T. cruzi lectin: Generation of blocking antibodies and correlation of SA85-1.1 binding with parasite homing
      • Klawitter, Marieka (Public Affairs)
        Psychological characteristics, economic incentives, and welfare use
      • Koepsell, Thomas D. (Health Services)
        Medicaid managed care and access to services
      • Lampe, Mary F. (Medicine)
        Molecular analysis of a Chlamydia trachomatis cytolysin
      • Lawson, Victoria A. (Geography)
        Household strategies, gender relations, and the consequences of women’s migration
      • Lessard, Evelyn J. (Oceanography)
        Development of an rRNA-targeted fluorescent probe method for measuring in situ growth rates of heterotrophic protists
      • Monnat, Raymond J. (Pathology)
        A genetic approach to the generation of gene-specific reagents for animal and human cells
      • Moody, William J. (Zoology)
        Expression of foreign ion channels in developing Xenopus muscle
      • Petra, Philip H. (Obstetrics and Gynecology)
        Cloning of the sex steroid-binding protein receptor
      • Quinn, Michael L. (Drama)
        Stage figures: Semiotic studies in the history of acting
      • Rabinovitch, Peter S. (Pathology)
        A new approach to flow-cytogenetics: PCR libraries from single sorted chromosomes and chromosome fragments
      • Ramsay, Douglas S. (Pedodontics)
        Headgear monitoring for orthodontics
      • Richards, Todd L. (Radiology)
        Functional and biochemical changes in sudden sensorineural hearing loss as measured by MRI and MRS
      • Salesin, David H. (Computer Science and Engineering)
        Computer-generated illustration
      • Scheidemann, Adi A. (Chemistry)
        Buckminsterfullerenes for the generation of ultra-hard materials
      • Sheehan, Florence H. (Medicine)
        Morphologic coronary angiogram analysis
      • Sibley, Carol H. (Genetics)
        Transfection of P. falciparum
      • Stoebe, Thomas G. (Materials Science and Engineering)
        Development of an innovative radiation sensor
      • Synovec, Robert E. (Chemistry)
        Optical based dynamic surface tension detection for liquid chromatography and flow injection analysis
      • Takahashi, Gail A. (Speech and Hearing Sciences)
        Temporal envelope processing in the profoundly hearing impaired
      • Vaughan, Miceal F. (English)
        An electronic edition of the manuscripts of Piers Plowman A
      • Vogel, Viola (Bioengineering)
        A new look at peptides at interfaces: A study on their nonlinear optical responses
      • Waaland, J. Robert (Botany)
        Why are there so few marine algal species?
      • Winans, Edgar V. (Anthropology)
        Goals of museum collecting from East Africa
      • Wolf, Norman S. (Pathology)
        Hematopoietic stem cells: Cytokines and genes which control proliferation and differentiation
      • Wright, Robin K. (Art)
        Albert Edward and Charles Edenshaw: Artist-chiefs of Haida Gwaii
      • Yager, Paul (Bioengineering)
        Self-organization of lipopeptides: Potential antifungal, antibacterial, and antitumor agents
      • Yang, Andrew T. (Electrical Engineering)
        Current estimation and switching-noise analysis for low-power, high-speed integrated circuits
      • Yates, John R. (Microbiology)
        A new approach to database searching

    June 1993 Awardees

      • Bomsztyk, Karol (Medicine)
        Cytokine-responsive nuclear kinase
      • Boynton, Paul E. (Astronomy)
        Structure in the early universe
      • Brown, Jane (Germanics)
        Festspiel: Allegory and mimesis in European drama from Shakespeare to Wagner
      • Burstein, Paul (Sociology)
        Family, gender, paid work, and the Congressional policy agenda
      • Campbell, Charles T. (Chemistry)
        Scanning tunneling microscopy studies of metal films on oxides
      • Carlson, Steven S. (Physiology and Biophysics)
        Brain tumor edema
      • Crum, Lawrence A. (APL)
        Synchronous picosecond sonoluminescence
      • Davis, E. James (Chemical Engineering)
        Electrokinetic remediation of soils
      • Diaz, Jaime (Psychology)
        Non-genetic transmission of a diabetic pathology in animals
      • Disteche, Christine M. (Pathology)
        In situ amplification of DNA and RNA: New techniques for gene mapping and analysis of gene expression
      • Grierson, John R. (Radiology)
        Labeled compounds for imaging proteins, ribosomes, and mRNA
      • Hayes, Cecil E. (Radiology)
        Magnetic resonance imaging of the brachial plexus using an MR phased array
      • Hogan, Craig J. (Astronomy)
        Imaging the early universe from Apache Point
      • Kerr, Stephen T. (Education)
        A critical biography of V.F. Matveev
      • Majeski, Stephen J. (Political Science)
        Conflict and cooperation in international relations: An experimental analysis of iterated prisoners dilemma games among groups
      • Marks, Robert J. (Electrical Engineering)
        Tune and prune adaptation of fuzzy inference engines
      • McKee, Cecile M. (Linguistics)
        Cross-linguistic studies of morphosyntactic acquisition
      • Meldrum, Deirdre R. (Electrical Engineering)
        Quick, precise minipositioner with tools for manipulating drops of reagents and DNA samples
      • Montgomery, David R. (Geological Sciences)
        A method for reconstructing the paleo-relief of mountain ranges
      • Ohuchi, Fumio S. (Materials Science and Engineering)
        Development of functionally graded coatings for high temperature applications
      • Sakata, Hiromi L. (Music)
        The Radif of Persian classical music
      • Sanders, Joan E. (Bioengineering)
        A modular prosthesis force transducer
      • Schemske, Douglas W. (Botany)
        Evolutionary dynamics of diploid and polyploid cytotypes in populations of Epilobium angustifolium
      • Schurr, J. Michael (Chemistry)
        Monte Carlo and Brownian dynamics studies of supercoiled DNAs
      • Seales, Marc A. (Music)
        Pushing the envelope of jazz composition and performance: Recording project
      • Sherk, Helen A. (Biological Structure)
        Neural mechanisms of vision during locomotion
      • Skerrett, Shawn J. (Medicine)
        Molecular mechanisms of pulmonary inflammation in neonates
      • Stenkamp, Ronald E. (Biological Structure)
        Crystallographic studies of myohemerythrin derivatives
      • Taylor, Catherine S. (Education)
        Evaluating grassroots change: Curriculum reform and performance-based assessment in the Seattle School District
      • Teller, Davida Y. (Psychology)
        Infant color VEP’s
      • Thomas, James H. (Genetics)
        Molecular cloning of a C. elegans olfaction gene
      • Thomas, David B. (Epidemiology)
        Kaposi’s sarcoma and sexually transmitted diseases
      • Venkata, Subrahman S. (Electrical Engineering)
        A versatile active power quality conditioner
      • Wakimoto, Barbara T. (Zoology)
        Molecular mapping of the heterochromatin of Drosophila
      • Witherspoon, Gary (Anthropology)
        Anaa’ji ndaa’: The formulation and re-formulation of gender and sexuality in the performance of a Navajo ceremony

    January 1993 Awardees

      • Behler, Ernst H. (Comparative Literature)
        Nietzsche indexes
      • Bernstein, Ilene L. (Psychology)
        Induction of C-Fos protein in rat brain after taste aversion learning
      • Bordia, Rajendra K. (Materials Science and Engineering)
        Reactive processing of ceramic matrix composites
      • Bothwell, Mark A. (Physiology and Biophysics)
        Ribosome structure in programmed neuronal cell death
      • Conley, Kevin E. (Radiology)
        Temperature constraints on muscle energy balance
      • Conway, Howard B. (Geophysics)
        The response of glaciers to climate
      • Cooper, Mark S. (Zoology)
        Imaging solute secretion in brain cells
      • Darling, Robert Bruce (Electrical Engineering)
        Plasma diagnostics for characterization of sputtering damage to semiconductors
      • Duncan, S. Wayne (Psychology)
        Sibling conflict and children’s emotional competence
      • Etzioni, Oren (Computer Science and Engineering)
        Building an intelligent UNIX assistant
      • Faustman, Elaine M. (Epidemiology)
        Detection of oncogene mutations in childhood brain tumors: Pilot study evaluating molecular effects of chemical exposure
      • Gelb, Michael H. (Chemistry)
        Semi-random synthetic approaches to enzyme inhibitor design
      • Hannaford, Blake (Electrical Engineering)
        Robotic system for miniaturized electrophoresis
      • Heinekey, D. Michael (Chemistry)
        Homogeneous catalysts for detritiation of water
      • Holt, Victoria L. (Health Services)
        Determinants of primary Cesarean and vaginal birth after Cesarean utilization in Washington state hospitals
      • Huey, Raymond B. (Zoology)
        An experiment in nature: Drosophila subobscura in the New World
      • Hurley, James B. (Biochemistry)
        Plant G-proteins: Biochemistry and function
      • Jacobson, Neil S. (Psychology)
        Integrative behavioral couple therapy
      • Kareiva, Peter M. (Zoology)
        Using experiments to assess and predict the risks of ‘weediness’ in genetically engineered crops
      • Koerker, Donna J. (Physiology and Biophysics)
        Role of estrogen in modulation of food intake
      • Kunzelman, Karyn S. (Surgery)
        Aortic root replacement: Vascular graft design optimization
      • Lavely, William R. (Sociology)
        Infant survival in rural Yunnan, China
      • Modiano, Raimonda (Comparative Literature)
        Contracts of the heart: Gift exchange and sacrifice in Coleridge and Wordsworth
      • Mukhopadhyay, Swapna (Education)
        Mathematics as a thinking activity: Development of new assessment techniques for the elementary schools
      • Murray, William R. (Mechanical Engineering)
        Neural networks for sensor fusion in sensor-guided robotic assembly
      • Pollak, Robert A. (Economics)
        Distribution within marriage: Noncooperative bargaining models
      • Rehr, John J. (Physics)
        Shape resonances in NEXAFS
      • Riley, Donald E. (Urology)
        Cell division control in primitive eukaryotes
      • Roffman, Roger A. (Social Work)
        Assessment of need for anonymous telephone intervention with male batterers
      • Semrud-Clikeman, Margaret E. (Education)
        Dyslexia and electrophysiology: Implications of subtypes of dyslexia for educational intervention
      • Sharar, Samuel R. (Anesthesiology)
        Mechanisms of leukocyte-endothelial adherence in bacterial infection
      • Silverstein, Fred E. (Medicine)
        Colorimetric method for detection of Barrett’s metaplasia of the esophagus
      • Skowronek, Felix E. (Music)
        Testing and evaluation of selected Australian hardwood species for woodwind instrument manufacture
      • Spelman, Francis A. (Regional Primate Research Center)
        Biomagnetic measurements of gut motility
      • Stayton, Patrick S. (Bioengineering)
        Enhanced marrow graft acceptance with an engineered therapeutic antibody
      • Thome, Diane D. (Music)
        Recording of ‘The Palaces of Memory’ by a European orchestra
      • Vance, Eugene (Romance Languages)
        Ethical disjunctions in 12th Century literature and art
      • Villacres, Enrique C. (Psychiatry and Behavioral Science)
        Disruption of the Type I adenylyl cyclase in mouse embryo-derived stem cells
      • Wiseman, Robert W. (Radiology)
        Mechanisms of muscle fatigue probed by 31P NMR microspectroscopy
      • Yoshimura, Fayth K. (Biological Structure)
        Isolation of a DNA clone for a transcription factor involved in the genesis of a T cell leukemia

    June 1992 Awardees

      • Atlas, Les E. (Electrical Engineering)
        Quadratic image processing
      • Braun, Robert E. (Genetics)
        Genetic analysis of translational regulation in transgenic mice
      • Chase, Prescott B. (Radiology)
        Myosin cooperativity during force generation
      • Cotner, Thomas M. (Pediatrics)
        Isolation of immunogenic peptides from histocompatibility proteins
      • Dale, Philip S. (Psychology)
        A comparative study of early language and cognition
      • Furlong, Clement E. (Medicine)
        Development of a thin-film protein bioreactor
      • Gray, Richard T. (Germanics)
        Answering the German question: A documentation of the peaceful revolution in the German Republic and German reunification 1989-1990
      • Hirschman, Charles (Sociology)
        Vietnam life history survey
      • Horbett, Thomas A. (Chemical Engineering)
        Novel blood compatible biomaterials that release anti-thrombotic peptides
      • Jecker, Nancy (Medical History)
        Justice in health care
      • Jonas, Raymond A. (History)
        Places of expiation: Monumental expressions of a Catholic history of France
      • Karpen, Richard S. (Music)
        Hybrid synthesis in the School of Music Computer Center
      • Kenagy, George J. (Zoology)
        A natural model for regulating body mass and fat: Brain-hormone interactions in a hibernator
      • Knechtges, David R. (Asian Languages)
        An annotated translation of the Chinese anthology, Wen Xuan
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