UW Research

Department Access

Departments are not required to “sign off” on IRB applications submitted through Zipline. This reduces administrative burden on PIs, departments, and HSD. However, this means that departments are not notified when new human subjects applications are submitted and they do not automatically get access to the department’s portfolio of studies. HSD recognizes that department administrators often need to know which studies have been submitted and/or are active in HSD for their department.

Request Access or Changes to Access

Department administrators can be given read-only access to all studies in their department. Requests must come from the overall department administrator or department-wide manager, such as the department’s Research Manager. Access can be given to no more than 5 individuals per department.

  • Email the department name and the full name of the individuals who should be given access to HSD at hsdinfo@uw.edu. Do not email HSD review staff directly with this request.
    • To change the individuals who have access, email the department name, the full name of the individuals, and the request action (add or remove) to HSD at hsdinfo@uw.edu.

Set Up Automatic Notifications When a New Study is Submitted

Department administrators who have access to their department’s studies in Zipline do not automatically receive email notifications from Zipline when a new study is submitted. Contact hsdinfo@uw.edu if you want more information on how department administrators can receive notifications when new applications are submitted. It requires some minimal involvement of PIs.