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Consent Templates

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The UW IRB provides the UW research community with a variety of consent templates that align with regulatory and policy requirements and best practices as described in our main Consent guidance and guidance on Designing the Consent Process.

The first two templates, marked with an asterisk, are the templates most non-exempt studies will choose from. The other templates may apply to particular types of studies or activities.

Using our templates is not required. We encourage researchers to use the guidance on Designing the Consent Process to create consent forms and processes that are: (1) written from the perspective of the subject population being enrolled, emphasizing the Key Information that is mostly likely to assist those subjects with deciding whether to enroll; and (2) designed and presented in a way that facilitates comprehension and understanding.

We also provide example consent forms to accompany the templates. The examples demonstrate some of the many ways consent can be presented, depending on what is most appropriate for the study population.

Review the guidance on Required Signatories for information about who should sign the consent form when documentation of consent is required.

If you wish to use the short form and the translation you need is not posted here, email hsdinfo@uw.edu.