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What do I do when I receive an Award Setup Request created by OSP?

Award Setup Requests Created by OSP

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) will create an Award Setup Request (ASR) when:

  • OSP receives an award and the PI or campus unit is not copied
  • OSP retrieves an award from a sponsor system
  • OSP receives an After-the-Fact eGC1 with an award attached

In each of these situations, OSP will associate the Award Setup Request with the proposal eGC1 and assign an OSP reviewer.

ASR Required Fields: Who is Responsible?

Default Fields

Many fields will default from the eGC1 after it is associated with the ASR. These include:

  • Application ID
  • Short Title
  • Full Title
  • Sponsor
  • Principal Investigator
  • Funding originates from a different entity than the sponsor listed (flow-through)
  • SFI & FCOI

Sponsor Type is pulled from the Funding Entity Core Data Management (FECDM) database.
Review more on the SAGE ASR General Information section.

OSP - Initial Field Entry & Setup

OSP will enter basic information on the ASR and send it to campus (you) to complete. OSP often has additional steps after campus returns the ASR.

General Information Section:

  • Total dollar amount of the award in the Sponsor Total for Spending Period
  • Sponsor Award Number

Supporting Attachments

OSP attaches the award and any supporting documents the sponsor may send with the award.

Comments & History – if applicable

  • OSP may add further instructions in the Comments & History section
  • Note: There might not be any comments when an ASR is first created

Campus Required Fields & Areas to Review

When OSP creates an Award Setup Request and sends it to campus to complete, the Principal Investigator, Administrative Contact, Pre-Award Budget Contact, and eGC1 Preparer will all receive an email notification from SAGE.

Campus Action Required

Add an Award Preparer to the ASR. The Award Preparer should then complete required fields before returning to OSP.Please review and complete the required sections before returning to OSP:

  • Review the Award document & any other attachments from the sponsor in the Supporting Attachments section
  • Review all fields OSP has entered
  • Confirm Sponsor Total for Spending Period matches Award Total for the period.

General Information Section

  • Enter the Current Period Start & End Dates of the award
  • Review the Cost Center that defaulted from the associated eGC1 and update if necessary
  • Project Type
  • Sponsor Award Issue Date – OSP reviewer will update if needed
  • Originating (Prime) Sponsor – OSP reviewer will update as needed
  • Sponsor has a deadline for accepting an award field- select “Yes” only if there is a sponsor deadline, and if there is:
    • Indicate “Deadline for Accepting Award Date” from sponsor’s documentation
    • Attach or provide a link to where sponsor indicates this deadline

For Clinical Trials:

  • Enter the Phase
  • Bill to Sponsor: Enter a sponsor only if the sponsor paying the UW is different than the awarding sponsor

Budget & Award Lines

Create or copy a SAGE Budget Worksheet(s) that reflects the awarded budget from the sponsor and associate it with the Award Setup Request.

Make sure SAGE Budget totals and Period Start and End Dates match the amount awarded as well as the dates on the sponsor award documentation.

Individual SAGE Budget Worksheets are required for each outgoing subaward, participant support costs, equipment fabrication or any other items that require a separate award line in Workday.

Budget Worksheet Fields to update

  • Period – ensure Start and End Date match the ASR and award dates
  • Principal Investigator (Project Role) – List the PI on every worksheet regardless of whether the PI is being paid on the award
  • Cost Center
  • Worksheet Grant Security Hierarchy
  • F&A Rate
  • Base Type
  • Activity Location
  • Sponsored Program Activity Type

Clinical Trial Budgets

If your award is for a Clinical Trial, review the Creating a Clinical Trials Budget for SAGE Awards job aid for step-by-step instructions on creating a minimal budget.

Supporting Attachments

Attach sponsor correspondence or documentation that may facilitate review of the Award Setup Request.

Comments & History

Update or add any compliance information, such as Human Subjects or Animal Use protocol information. Review Communicating Compliance Information for more details on what is expected.

Include all other explanations and comments as needed that may help with the review.

After the campus Award Preparer has completed their required fields and associated relevant SAGE Budget, return the ASR to OSP for review and approval.

OSP Review & Approval

After campus returns a complete Award Setup Request to OSP, OSP may have several other steps to take.

These can include:

  • Compliance verification
  • Complete OSP fields within the ASR
    • note that these fields are not visible to campus until the ASR is processed
  • Negotiate terms with sponsors
  • Award Acceptance
  • Update Comments & History as needed with additional information
  • Send to GCA for setup in Workday Finance

If a request is incomplete, needs correction, or additional information, OSP returns the request to campus. The returned ASR will include comments addressing why it was returned.

After your OSP reviewer completes their review, they will send the request to GCA.