UW Research

Sharing Material

Specific agreements often need to be in place before sharing or receiving materials such as: cell lines, cultures, bacteria, nucleotides, tissue samples, proteins, transgenic animals, pharmaceuticals, chemicals etc.

If you know you will be sharing materials as part of a sponsored project, contact your Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) reviewer so that the terms of this arrangement can be part of the sponsored research agreement.

Some materials may have additional restrictions under export control regulations.

Environmental, Health and Safety regulations may have specific packaging and shipping requirements for certain materials.

Importing and exporting items? the UW has a contract with Expeditors, who can provide assistance with shipping materials and Electronic Export Information (EEI) filing.

Where do I send this agreement for signature?

Once you understand what an agreement is trying to achieve, review the general principles for agreements and agreement considerations to determine where to send it for signature.

Review CoMotion Material Transfer FAQs.