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Sharing Material

What are “Materials”?

Materials include, but are not limited to, biological and related research materials such as cell lines, cultures, bacteria, nucleotides, proteins, transgenic animals, pharmaceuticals, or chemicals. A Material Transfer can also include the associated data.

The exchange of research material requires a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA). An MTA should be in place before materials are provided or received.

MTAs are handled by either CoMotion or the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP).

Material Transfer Quick Guide: OSP or CoMotion?

Watch this quick 1.5-minute Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) Flowchart video or step through the Sharing Material: Questions to determine which central office should handle your MTA.

Sharing Material: Questions

1. Providing or Purchasing Materials as a Service and NO Research Involved?

  • Providing a Service: review Service Activity: Who do I contact?
  • Purchasing a Service: review Procurement Services: How to Buy
  • NOT providing or purchasing a service? Determine if it relates to an active or pending sponsored program.

2. Material related to Active or Pending Sponsored Program? (Funded or Unfunded)

  • Material that is NOT related to an active or pending sponsored project: Review guidance from CoMotion: Material Transfer Agreements
  • Material that IS related to an active or pending Sponsored Program, is it Incoming Material ONLY?

3. Incoming Material ONLY?

  • NO: Material is mutually shared (incoming and outgoing) or just outgoing and it is related to an active or pending sponsored project :
  • YES: For incoming material ONLY that is related to an active or sponsored program:
    • ┬áPrepare a Non-Award Agreement (NAA) eGC1 in SAGE and route to the Office of Sponsored Programs
    • Attach draft MTA and indicate eGC1# of related sponsored program