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SAGE Release Calendar

The SAGE Release Calendar provides SAGE users with awareness of work in progress and a schedule for upcoming releases.  You can also view historical release details in the Release History section. Upcoming Releases Release Date & Start Time System Downtime Release Description Jan 17, 2019 5:30 p.m. (PT) Yes Budget Rounding Revisions SAGE Budget will […]

November 2018 Grant Runner Budget Sync

Sync SAGE Budget to Grant Runner RR Detailed Budget eGC1 preparers using Grant Runner now have a new feature that allows them to sync a connected SAGE Budget to the NIH RR Detailed Budget. This capability provides a more streamlined experience for preparers by reducing redundant entry. It also eliminates the need for reviewers to […]

September 2018 Maintenance Release

Goal: Improve Award Data Quality & Transparency Add link to MyResearch funding status details page from eGC1 For eGC1s that are in the Status of Approved, Awarded, or Denied by Sponsor, there will be two places where a user can link directly to MyResearch, to view processing details like holds placed on items, or comments […]

August 2018 SAGE Maintenance Release

SAGE Updated EH&S reviewer emails Automated emails sent to eGC1 reviewers in Environmental Health & Safety have been updated to reference the new Non-Fiscal Compliance questions. Originating Sponsor now required for eGC1s with flow-through funding When the eGC1 indicates the presence of flow-through funding on the Details page, selection of an Originating Sponsor will now […]

May 2018 Compliance Release 2

New Non-Fiscal Compliance page The eGC1 Compliance Questions and Explanations pages have been replaced by a new page called Non-Fiscal Compliance. This consolidation provides a more streamlined experience for preparers and reviewers. Updated questions reflect current institutional needs, with improved clarity in mind.  Links to supporting guidance have been added to assist preparers in understanding […]