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SAGE Release Calendar

The SAGE Release Calendar provides SAGE users with awareness of work in progress and a schedule for upcoming releases.  You can also view historical release details in the Release History section. Upcoming Releases Release Date & Start Time System Downtime Release Description June/July 2018 Final date TBD 5:30 p.m. (PT) Yes Grant Runner Improvements Sync […]

May 2018 Compliance Release 2

New Non-Fiscal Compliance page The eGC1 Compliance Questions and Explanations pages have been replaced by a new page called Non-Fiscal Compliance. This consolidation provides a more streamlined experience for preparers and reviewers. Updated questions reflect current institutional needs, with improved clarity in mind.  Links to supporting guidance have been added to assist preparers in understanding […]

eGC1 Compliance Question Changes on 5.17.18 after 5:00  p.m.

The eGC1 compliance questions will be updated with a new set of compliance questions in the next SAGE release on 5.17.18  With this replacement, there will be a transition from the old compliance questions to the new ones.  What this means for your eGC1: eGC1s that are in a read-only status (Routing, In OSP, Approved, […]

Review SAGE compliance questions before they are released

You can preview the new set of compliance questions before they are released in SAGE. These questions replace and update current questions on eGC1s. Early access to these questions will help you prepare for handling the questions when they go live Spring 2018. Final release date will be announced soon. While reviewing the new questions, […]

April 2018 SAGE Grant Runner Release

SAGE Grant Runner NIH Required Fields Added to HSCT To assist researchers in filling out the Human Subjects & Clinical Trials (HSCT) form, NIH required fields are now indicated with an asterisk and red highlighting. These same fields will have validation messages when the user clicks “Show Form Errors” at the top of the form. […]