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May 2016 SAGE Subawards Release 1

The new Subawards section in SAGE marks a change in both business process and system usage. Former State: All subaward intake actions managed through Ariba New State: Subaward intake initiates through SAGE, provides OSP the ability to issue agreements at an earlier stage Procurement setup & invoicing for subawards continues to initiate through Ariba An […]

March 2016 SAGE Maintenance Release

General Updates A New OAW Compliance Question for Significant Protocol Changes A new compliance question, AC-1-D, has been added to identify grants that will require a Significant Change at the time of submission. An answer is required if the Animal Use question AC-1 is answered “Yes”. A few textual enhancements (for existing compliance questions) were […]

December 2015 SAGE Maintenance Release

New Features eGC1 Permanently Withdrawn status change by user SAGE users can now permanently withdraw eGC1s that are in “Withdrawn” or “Returned” status. Previously, only OSP could mark eGC1s as “Permanently Withdrawn”. This will provide SAGE users with a way of quickly removing eGC1s from their tasklist that are no longer being considered for submission […]

October 2015 SAGE Maintenance Release

New Features, Changes and Bug Fixes eGC1    A new multi-select Country field has been added to the eGC1, to track where international work will be performed.  This field will be visible to users only when they answer “YES” to the question of whether work will be performed internationally.  This country-level data will be used in […]

September 2015 SAGE Maintenance Release

EHS-2 Compliance Question Update The EHS-2 question on the Compliance Questions and Explanations pages of the eGC1 has been updated on all new eGC1s created after the September 2015 release. Updated logic for the display of the HS-1-B Compliance Question Explanation The HS-1-B question on the Compliance Explanations page of the eGC1 will now display […]