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New Advance Reviewer ASTRA Role Assignment

All fiscally responsible organizations (Departments, Divisions, Sub-Divisions) selected on an advance request will need to have one or more people designated  in ASTRA as an “Advance Reviewer” for the corresponding span of control (Organization Code). Division level reviewers will approve for Sub-Division organization codes.  You can look up a unit’s ASTRA Authorizer using this tool […]

SAGE Release Calendar

The SAGE Release Calendar provides SAGE users with awareness of work in progress and a schedule for upcoming releases.  You can also view historical release details in the Release History section. Upcoming Releases Release Date & Start Time System Downtime Release Description TBD 2021 5:30 p.m. (PT) Yes Release History Below are the dates of […]

February 2021 SAGE Maintenance Release

SAGE Budget SAGE Budget Infrastructure and Styling Updates The SAGE Budget infrastructure has been updated, enabling ORIS to deliver features more efficiently moving forward. SAGE Budget has also been updated to include UW fonts and branding. Previous Format New Format Sea Pay Added to Current Format Budgets Proposals that include Sea Pay costs can now […]

December 2020 SAGE Maintenance

Deployment Features: Export Control and EH&S approval graph changes Grant Runner validation and usability improvements Award Signature update for RRF Addition of optional WIAP column in SPAERC tasklist SAGE Approval Graph Export Control added as “Watcher” on Applications with Foreign Entity Involvement An Export Control “Watcher” node will automatically be added to the eGC1 approval […]

October 2020 SAGE Maintenance Release

SAGE eGC1 New School of Medicine watcher on the eGC1 Approval graph The School of Medicine will now be included as a Watcher on the eGC1 approval graph when any of the following Interdisciplinary Organization Units reviewers have been selected on the PI, Personnel, & Organizations page of the eGC1: Radiology Services Alcohol and Drug […]