UW Research

Internal Sponsors

A research project sponsored internally simply means that no external (to UW) funding for the project is anticipated. In a sense, UW itself is sponsoring the research. Internally-sponsored projects may or may not have access to funds in a UW departmental or another internal budget. In either case, departmental and school or college approval (formal or informal) for the project should be sought and documented. The fact that a project is not externally sponsored does not relieve the project of UW administrative and compliance requirements. For example, if human subjects will be involved, an IRB application will need to be submitted and approved before the human subjects research may begin. If the equipment is to be purchased from a departmental or gift account for the project, all UW procurement policies and procedures must be observed.


  • The PI is ultimately responsible for determining that all administrative and compliance requirements are met.
  • Lab, department or school/college research administrators may assist the PI with administrative and compliance requirements.
  • Central UW research administration and compliance offices provide guidance, institutional management, and oversight.


  • Determine that all administrative and compliance requirements for the project have been met.
  • Determine that all resources required for the project have been secured or will be available. Because external funding for the project does not exist, there is no external support for additional resources.