UW Research

Sharing Information and Data

Specific agreements often need to be in place before sharing or receiving information or data.

Depending on the nature of the agreement and what it is trying to achieve, different offices at the UW must sign them.

Confidentiality, Non-Disclosure (CDA/NDA), or Data Use Agreements might be necessary when:

  • Exchanging information or data with a potential collaborator before a project takes place.
  • The UW is a multi-site study and providing or receiving data with other sites or the coordinating center.
  • The UW is receiving a protocol to decide if we want to participate in a clinical trial.
  • Receiving proprietary information from a potential industry sponsor to decide if we will pursue a research project with them
  • We need non-public data from a state or federal agency to use in a research project.
  • Sharing information generated at the UW such as: student information, Human subjects information, personal health information etc.

If you know you will be exchanging information or data on a sponsored project, contact your Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) reviewer so the terms of confidentiality can be part of the sponsored research agreement.

If a Certificate of Confidentiality is in place review guidance for Sharing Information Protected under a CoC.

Where do I send this agreement for signature?

Once you understand what an agreement is trying to achieve, review the general principles for agreements and to determine where to send it for signature.

Investigators may sign a Confidentiality Agreement (CDA) or a Non-Disclosure Agreement(NDA) strictly in their own capacity, but may not sign on behalf of the University.