UW Research

May 15, 2023

Preparing for Subaward Process Changes

With Workday Finance go-live, there will be a few things changing with how you request subawards and subaward modifications.

You will still use SAGE to request a subaward and subaward modification. However, the steps that currently are within Ariba will no longer be part of the process.

Note: All Blanket Purchase Orders (BPOs), including Subaward BPOs, follow the same deadlines Procurement has previously communicated.

Steps to take before 6/12

  • Review all open subaward Blanket Purchase Orders (BPOs) in Ariba
  • Follow UW Procurement guidance on Open Orders from their March newsletter
  • Receive all invoices in Ariba
    • Invoices not received in Ariba by 6/12 will need to be re-entered into Workday Finance via Procurement’s Supplier Invoice Request (SIR) process after go-live

During Cutover

OSP will continue to receive, review, and negotiate Subaward requests associated with fully processed Funding Actions and Post-Award Changes (PACs) in SAGE.

If your funding action or post-award changes are not fully processed in SAGE before cutover, do not submit a subaward or modification requests to OSP in SAGE. OSP will return subaward and subaward modification requests for you to resubmit after the award has been processed post go-live.

Subaward Requests Between 6/05-7/05

For new Subaward requests and monetary or period performance modification requests in SAGE Subawards between 6/05-7/05:

  • Enter “00000” in the SAGE Purchase Order CR/BPO # field
  • Complete the rest of your request as usual
  • OSP will review & negotiate with subrecipients as usual during cutover
  • Any fully negotiated items will be placed on hold until the Purchase Order in Workday Finance is available

Non-monetary requests that do not impact funding or the period of performance will be processed as usual:

  • Complete your non-monetary request as usual, entering the most current Ariba BPO # within the SAGE Purchase Order CR/BPO # field
  • These requests will continue to be processed by OSP

Please note SAGE will be unavailable 7/05 after 5:35 p.m. until 7/07 6 a.m. while new features are added for the SAGE release in support of Workday Finance. Review more on Important Dates for Sponsored Programs: Prepping for July 6 Workday Finance Go-Live.