Award Requests List

The Award Requests list page displays your Award Setup Requests, Modification Requests, and Advance Budget Requests in process.

From this page you can:

The following image shows the header and a few columns and rows of the Award Requests page:

award requests list search box

Request List Display

For each existing request, the list displays the following information.  Note: The Request Application (eGC1) ID and Short Title columns are “frozen” so they are always visible. You can scroll to the right to see the additional columns.

Fields without a value will display an “em” dash (—)

Field Description
Request Application (eGC1) ID
(doesn’t scroll)
eGC1 Application associated with this request
Short Title
(doesn’t scroll)
Short Title of the associated eGC1 application; select this to open the Award Setup Request or Modification
Request ID Unique identifier; select this to open the Award Setup Request or Modification
Request Type
  • Award Setup Request (ASR)
  • Modification Request (MOD)
  • Advance (ADV)
  • Extension (ADV)
Principal Investigator The principal investigator for the request
Request Status Values:

  • Composing – newly created by campus, or created by OSP and sent to campus (initially OSP Setup status), but not yet submitted for approval
  • Routing – submitted and routing for approval
  • Withdrawn – withdrawn from Routing by an owner/editor
  • Returned – returned from Routing by an approver
  • OSP Setup – newly created by OSP, but not yet sent to campus
  • OSP Assigned – an OSP individual and/or team has been assigned to the request
  • GCA Assigned – OSP has approved the request
  • GCA Workday Setup – the data is being entered into Workday
  • Denied – denied by OSP
  • Processed – the request is fully processed
Request Status Date Date the status changed, for example: 12/06/2023, 9:42 AM
Workday Award ID The Award ID for this request
OSP Individual Assigned Person’s name; blank if unassigned.
Request Deadline Sponsor’s deadline for accepting the award
Cost Center The associated cost center
Sponsor Name Sponsor name for the award
Sponsor Award Number Number assigned by the sponsor
Prime / Originating Sponsor Name Prime / Originating Sponsor Name
Request Amount The Sponsor Total Amount for Spending Periods for the request
Request Created Date Date and time, for example: 12/01/2023, 5:12 PM

By default, there are ten items on a page, with the most recent first. If you have more than ten requests, the system will add pagination links at the lower right of the page. You can also customize the number of items on the page to 25 or 50.

Click in the search box to display the Search By menu. Select either Request Application (eGC1) ID or Request ID, then enter your ID value, including the appropriate prefix (A, ASR, or MOD). Press the Enter key or select the search icon (magnifying glass) to start the search. The search looks for matches that start with the characters entered.

The following image shows the search menu options with the default selection of Request ID:

award requests list search menu

The results display below the Search By menu. The first line indicates the number of results found, up to ten items. The search results are sorted by most recently created.

You will see two lines of information for each result:

  • First Line: Short Title (with link to open in another tab) or “No Short Title Available”
  • Second Line: Request ID | PI First Last Name (if available)

The following image show an example result:

award requests list search results

Click on the desired item to open it in a new browser tab. The list will include items you have read-only or edit access to.

If no matches are found, the following text displays:

  • No Matches.  Try a different search term or choose another option to Search By.

Note: the search icon (magnifying glass) is always enabled. This means you can enter a different value and start a new search at any time.

Filter Options

To filter the list of award requests, select Filter List at the upper, right of the page to open the Filter Requests panel. Selecting the button again, or the X in the upper-right corner, closes the panel. The following image shows the Filter List button:

awards tasklist filter list button

There are four different filters:

  • By Award (Workday Award ID)
  • By Department/Center (Principal Investigator)
  • By Status
  • By Request Type

You can apply one or more of these filters to your list.

Select one or more values to include requests with the desired Status or Request Type. A selected filter value will change color to blue and include a checkmark. Selecting it a second time removes that value.

  • Status values are:
    • All Statuses – selected by default, with a light blue color
    • Composing
    • Routing
    • Withdrawn
    • Returned
    • OSP Setup
    • OSP Assigned
    • GCA Assigned
    • GCA Workday Setup
    • Denied
    • Processed
  • Request Type values are:
    • All Request Types – selected by default, with a light blue color
    • Award Setup Request
    • Modification Request

The By Department/Center section is currently limited to Principal Investigator.  Enter the person’s name in the search box. You can enter as First Last or as Last, First. Select the person from the results list.

Once you have chosen all of the desired filter values, select the Apply Filters button to display the tasklist with all those filters applied. The number of results displayed based on your filtering selections will be indicated.

The following image shows the Routing and OSP Assigned status filters selected along with the Award Setup Request type. This filtered the tasklist to 4 results, as indicated just above the Apply Filters button.

award requests list filtering example

Select the Reset Filters button to remove all filtering. This will leave the Filter List panel open, and will refresh the tasklist to display the full list of requests.