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How do we know that a subrecipient is a supplier in Workday?

An SPL# indicates that the supplier is in Workday. An entity must be set up as a “Supplier” in Workday before they can be designated as a “Subrecipient” in Workday. To search for a supplier in Workday: Enter “find supplier” in the search field at the top of the page. Use the fields on that report to search for your supplier. If one does not exist, Review the Supplier Request Form nano-learning and submit the Supplier Request Form to begin the supplier registration process. Instructions for the supplier about the steps they will need to complete are on the For Suppliers Webpage under “Getting Started as a New UW Supplier”.

To determine whether that supplier is also a subrecipient in Workday, enter “Find Subrecipients” into the search field to bring up the “Find Subrecipients” report and search for your subrecipient using the available fields. In the search results, if the entity is a subrecipient, you will see Subrecipient in the “Supplier Status” column. If there’s nothing in “Supplier Status” column, send an Award Portal ticket to GCA to have the supplier record updated to also be a subrecipient.
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