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June 28, 2024

New Process for Industry Sponsored Clinical Trial Budgets

Effective July 1st, there is a change in process for all industry-sponsored clinical trial budgets that require the UW’s Clinical Trial Office (CTO) Review.

After CTO review is complete, CTO sends the final billing grid and budget to PI, and the PI responds to CTO with their approval.

After the PI approves the budget & billing grid, the PI/study team must attach the following with the Award Setup or Modification request in SAGE:

  • CTO summary review
  • All summary review attachments
  • PI approval of the budget as reviewed by CTO
    • Always include the final agreed upon draft budget and payment terms

OSP relies on the PI’s approval of the CTO budget summary to incorporate that budget into the final clinical trial agreement or amendment.

If these are not attached to the Award Setup Request (ASR) or Modification (MOD) before OSP completes their review, OSP will return the ASR/MOD requesting these items.

OSP cannot approve the ASR/MOD and send to GCA for processing without these attachments.

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