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Frequently-Asked Questions

When do I need to use an eGC1?

Sponsored Programs and Non-Award Agreements related to an active or pending sponsored program, or designed to result in a sponsored program require an eGC1.

Review more information on Sponsored Program determination:

eGC1s are required for:

  • Pre-applications, Pre-proposals, Letters of Intent / Interest requiring authorized official (AO) submission/sign-off or that contain budget details.
    • Internal GIM 19 deadlines apply.
  • Proposals (competing and supplemental) for Research, Instruction and Other Sponsored Activity.
  • Non-competing renewals (e.g. progress reports) requiring AO submission/sign-off.
  • Revised applications: replacing most or all of previously submitted proposal.
  • After-the-Fact proposals/awards: Review GIM 1, ATF eGC1s
  • Non-award agreements (NAAs) and non-award agreement continuations: such as data use agreements (DUA), confidentiality agreements (CDA), material transfer agreements (MTA) and unfunded research agreements, etc.

Even if there is an eGC1 on file, OSP requires another eGC1 when the:

  • sponsor issues an amendment or a modification to an NAA.
  • total amount of the award exceeds the total amount on associated eGC1(s) by 25% or more.
  • PI or sponsor determines there is a significant change in scope of work:
    • A change in direction, aims, objectives, purposes, or types of research.
    • Addition of compliance requirements not in an earlier eGC1, such as animal or human subjects or cost share.

OSP will determine if unique situations not described here require an eGC1.

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