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Frequently-Asked Questions

When do I need to use an eGC1?

Sponsored Programs and Non-Award Agreements related to an active or pending sponsored program, or designed to result in a sponsored program require an eGC1.

Review more information on Sponsored Program determination:

eGC1s are required for:

  • Pre-applications, Pre-proposals, Letters of Intent / Interest requiring authorized official (AO) submission/sign-off or that contain budget details.
    • Internal GIM 19 deadlines apply.
  • Proposals  (competing and supplemental) for Research, Instruction and Other Sponsored Activity.
    • This includes when a PI is applying for additional funding for year 3, or applying for an administrative supplement.
  • Revised applications replacing most or all of a previously submitted proposal.
  • Resubmission
  • Transfer from another institution
  • After-the-Fact proposals/awards: Review GIM 1, ATF eGC1s
  • Non-award agreements (NAAs) and Non-award agreement continuations:  Review Agreement Types for more information.

OSP will determine if unique situations not described here require an eGC1.

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