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Non-Award Agreement eGC1 Instructions

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Required Fields

The SAGE system requires certain eGC1 fields have an entry before it will allow you to route an eGC1 to OSP.

To find out which fields are required, use Check for Errors within the eGC1.

Other fields, while not required by the system, are required by OSP and can facilitate the review of your request.

Non-Award Agreement eGC1 Instructions

How to complete an eGC1 for Non-Award Agreements (NAA):

Details Page

System required fields on the Details page include: Full Application Title, Short Title, Start and End Dates, Application Type, Project Type, Sponsored Program Activity (SPA) Type , and Sponsor fields.

  • Full and Short Titles: Make these something meaningful
  • Start and End Dates: Enter the Agreement period of performance if there is one. If not, enter “today” as the Start Date and enter an End Date at a time after that.
  • Sponsor Deadline: Not required
  • Date needed from OSP: Not required
  • Organization Code
  • Application Type: Non-Award Agreement (new) for new agreements, or Non-Award Agreement (modification) for an amendment that modifies the terms of an existing agreement
    • After the Fact application will default to [YES]
  • Project Type: Select Contract
  • Sponsored Program Activity (SPA) Type: Select Other Sponsored Activity
  • Sponsor Details: Select correct Sponsor (or other party) Name
    • Include the “Sponsor” contact name and email – OSP requires this information
    • Add the phone number if available
  • Additional Information: If you have a related eGC1 number (i.e. sponsored project or previous NAA) enter it here. This really puts your request in context.

PI, Personnel, & Organization Page

Enter the name of the Investigator who will have the confidential discussion, handle the data or material, etc. as the PI.

Contacts & Assign Access

Enter the Administrative Contact (could be same as the eGC1 preparer).

Abstract & RFA/RFP

Not required by the system, but required by OSP – Enter a description of the purpose for the agreement. Include any special requirements or conditions you think might help us understand your need. Supplying good information here helps OSP understand the nature of the transaction.

Activity Locations

Required by the system (all three sections). Enter the location where the activity will occur and click through the other two sections. For example: If you generated the data you are transferring in your lab at SLU, list the SLU location.

Budget & Fiscal Compliance/Cost Sharing

Tab straight through both of these sections. There is nothing required here.

Non-fiscal Compliance

All sections (Human Subjects, Animal Use, Environmental H&S, Equipment & Materials, Data & Technology) are required by SAGE. The answers here help OSP understand the terms that may need to be addressed in the agreement. In some cases additional approvals, licenses or tech transfer review might be needed before you proceed.

Confidential Disclosure Agreements/ Non-Disclosure Agreements (CDA/NDA) and the Human Subjects Section

You can always answer both of these questions “NO”. Even if you are discussing a proprietary protocol, no actual human subjects data is involved in this preliminary transaction.

Attached Documents

  • Always attach the agreement being reviewed.
  • Attach any background or back-up documents that will help OSP review.
    • Examples: Communications with the other party, a protocol that relates to a data transfer etc.

Other Resources

Use Status Checker to find the status of a non-award agreement.