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General Contact Information

(206) 543-4043 tel
(206) 685-1732 fax
4333 Brooklyn Ave NE
Box 359472
Seattle, WA 98195-9472

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Contacting OSP

How do I let OSP know something is urgent?

Review guidance on Urgent OSP Requests: Award Setup, Modifications, and Subawards

When to use an eGC1

  • Pre-applications, Pre-proposals, Letters of Intent / Interest
  • Proposals
  • Revised applications
  • Resubmission
  • Transfer from Another Institution
  • After-the-Fact proposals/awards
  • Non-award agreements and Non-award agreement continuations

Review specifics about each of these on When do I need an eGC1?

Have Pre-award Requests to Sponsors?

Email osp@uw.edu with the eGC1# in the subject line for your pre-award updates/revision requests to sponsors, including NSF and NIH pre-award updates/revisions. This includes items after a proposal is submitted and before an award arrives at the UW such as Just-in-Time requests.

When to Create an Award Setup Request

Create an Award Setup request when you receive a notification of an award from a sponsor AND you have an approved eGC1. Review more guidance on Award Setup Requests

Do you have an award notification, but don’t have an approved eGC1? Follow After-the-Fact eGC1 instructions.

When to use a Modification Request

When there are changes needed after an award has been set up in Workday Finance.


Have another type of Agreement you need reviewed or signed?

For help walking through when to route an agreement to OSP in SAGE use the OSP Agreements Decision Tree.

Questions about an item assigned to an OSP reviewer in SAGE?

For Awards & Modifications in SAGE Review the comments & history on your SAGE item.

Still have questions on your SAGE items? Email the OSP reviewer assigned to your item.

Note: Please review who is assigned your item before reaching out. The last person who handled your item may not be the person assigned to your next item.

Questions related to an outgoing subaward?

Email ospsubs@uw.edu

Organization and Team Information

Executive Leadership

Leadership Team
Name Title Email Phone
Carol Rhodes Director carhodes@uw.edu (206) 543-2139
Amanda Snyder Associate Director acs229@uw.edu (206) 616-2585
Jon Sallows Administrative Assistant jsallows@uw.edu (206) 543-1578

Contracts Team

Non-award agreements, industry clinical trials and studies, industry and government contracts, other complex agreements as assigned.

Contracts Team Manager
Name Title Email Phone
Elizabeth Walker-Tilley Contracts Team Manager ewtilley@uw.edu (206) 616-1343
Contracts Team
Name Title Email Phone
Vacant Team Lead
Rebecca Parisi  Senior Contract Specialist raparisi@uw.edu (206) 543-3753
Autumn Eck Senior Contract Specialist afe@uw.edu (206) 543-4838
Vali Gazula Senior Contract Specialist vrg2@uw.edu (206) 685-7119
Vanessa Mendoza Senior Contract Specialist mendozav@uw.edu (206) 616-9134
Karl Neumann Senior Contract Specialist neumannk@uw.edu (206) 685-7117
Karey Oakley Senior Contract Specialist kareyo@uw.edu  (206) 543-9222
Macie Owens Senior Contract Specialist macie@uw.edu (206) 221-7742
Hogan Ricks Senior Contract Specialist hricks@uw.edu (206) 685-6796
Dahra Latham Contract Specialist dahra@uw.edu (206) 685-0338
Jerri McKellar Contract Specialist jmckella@uw.edu (206) 543-0995
Michelle Monroe Contract Specialist mlmonroe@uw.edu (206) 685-5527

Proposals and Awards

Proposal and Awards Team Managers
Name Email Phone
Ariadna A. Santander filimus@uw.edu (206) 543-3176
Mike Snow mikesnow@uw.edu (206) 221-0553


Program Coordinators:
Extensions, Just-in-Time
Name Email Phone
Sascha Colabella snc2@uw.edu (206) 543-1523
Charity Gage crgage@uw.edu (206) 616-8790
Damanjot Kaur dkaur16@uw.edu (206) 685-9197
Lynda Rodriguez lrodrig@uw.edu (206) 543-2822
Compliance Analysts
Applications, Awards, Award Changes: Federal Grant or Cooperative Agreements, IPA/JPA/Staff Assignments
Name Email Phone
Debbie Callaway callawdr@uw.edu (206) 616-0628
Jonathan Geraghty geraghti@uw.edu (206) 685-4842
Amy Giles amygiles@uw.edu (206) 221-8999
Lars Laing-Peterson
llaing@uw.edu (206) 616-6243
Jessica Lopez jesjen@uw.edu (206) 685-8001
David Lundberg
lundbm@uw.edu (206) 685-8056
Yordi Michael yordi@uw.edu (206) 616-0916
Donna Parks donaprks@uw.edu (206) 616-9784
Caroline Sawe csawe@uw.edu (206) 685-7118
Maggie Witt mgwitt@uw.edu (206) 616-5365
Lauren Wood mcowenl@uw.edu (206) 616-1497
Beth Zeitlin bethz2@uw.edu (206) 543-3538
Grant & Contract Analyst Leads
Name Email Phone
Jane Heffernan fjrh@uw.edu (206) 543-2712
Alison Schultz aschultz@uw.edu (206) 543-6629
Grant & Contract Analysts
Applications, Awards, Award Changes: All Sponsors Except Federal Assistance or Industry
Name Email Phone
Carol Baker carolb18@uw.edu (206) 616-3397
Jenny Le jjen12@uw.edu (206) 685-7163
Elizabeth Manning Em226@uw.edu (206) 543-7889
Karsten Syversen karsts@uw.edu (206) 685-8540
Jessica Parker jwater98@uw.edu (206) 543-7667
Ashley Riggleman arigg@uw.edu (206) 685-6571
Richard Sewell  sewellrs@uw.edu (206) 543-3608

Subawards Team

Subaward team email: ospsubs@uw.edu

Subawards Team Manager
Name Title Email Phone
Josy Combs Manager, Subawards combsj3@uw.edu (206) 543-7052

Subawards Team Members
Name Title Email Phone
Bryan Reilly Subaward Team Lead bareilly@uw.edu (206) 221-8460
Adel Caberto Program Coordinator ac8@uw.edu (206) 543-5753
Debbie Emerson-Carter Subaward Administrator ddcarter@uw.edu (206) 543-5823
Samantha Gingrich Subaward Administrator sging123@uw.edu (206) 685-7692
Robyn Greenfield Subaward Administrator rgreen92@uw.edu (206) 685-7368
Joe Larsen Subaward Administrator larsenjp@uw.edu (206) 616-2395
Mariem Shalaby Subaward Administrator mshala@uw.edu (206) 221-5317
Julie Taylor Subaward Administrator jultay@uw.edu (206) 543-3550
Tracy Weeks Subaward Administrator tracyrw@uw.edu (206) 685-7568
Michael King Consultant mk2445@uw.edu

Central Operations

Central Operations Team Manager
Name Title Email Phone
Adelia Yee Manager, OSP Central Operations ayee@uw.edu (206) 685-4249


Robin FransenGrant Analystrfrans@uw.edu(206) 543-9164

Central Operations Team
Name Title Email Phone
Taylor Evans Program Coordinator tne813@uw.edu (206) 685-9862
Dianna Lienard Program Coordinator diannl@uw.edu (206) 543-2979
Olivia Szabo Program Coordinator olimcc@uw.edu (206) 616-3352

Office Administration

Name Title Email Phone
Kelsey Sizemore Human Resources – Office Administrator, OSP/HSD kelses3@uw.edu (206) 685-0505

Other Operational Staff

Name Title Email Phone
Tim Mhyre Learning Manager tmhyre@uw.edu (206) 221-1057
Matt Tilley Technical Writer mtilley@uw.edu 
Mara Rivet Communications Manager tfr@uw.edu (206) 543-1870