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eRA Enhancements Coming – System will be down 1/30/14

Posted on January 27, 2014 at 8:44am

eRA Enhancements: Highlights of eRA Commons’ Upcoming Release & Scheduled Downtime for Thursday, January 30

Monday, January 27, 2014


Highlights of eRA Commons’ January Software Release

The following are highlights of eRA Commons’ upcoming January 30-31 system-wide software release. These are just some of the many features being rolled out for this release; check out the release notes for more information on features and fixes.


A Reminder About RPPR and Multi-year Funded Grants

  • Changes in Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR):

With this release, NIH multi-year funded (MYF) awards must be submitted using the RPPR module in eRA Commons. This change goes into effect January 31, 2014. Grantees are able to initiate multi-year funded award progress reports via the Status screen in eRA Commons. For more information, please see the Submit Progress Report page, the Guide Notice NOT-OD-14-026, and coming soon will be the updated NIH Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) Instruction Guide that will be available on or about the time of the release.


  • Project Title Field Expanded

With this release, eRA systems and databases will be able to accept grant application titles up to 200 characters. The project titles will no longer be truncated to the previous limit of 81 characters. Not all eRA screens and reports will reflect the expanded project title with this initial implementation. Over time these will be updated.

NOTE: When submitting a Revision application, applicants must use the exact project title displayed in eRA Commons for the awarded application.  If the project title of the awarded grant was previously truncated to 81 characters, then only those 81 characters can be used for the Revision application.


  • Improved Continuous Submission Eligibility  Information

Principal Investigators (PIs) and Signing Officials (SOs) will be able to view real time eligibility for continuous submission within eRA Commons. 


·         PIs Access to Continuous Submission Eligibility Information

Principal Investigators will go to the Personal Profile tab of eRA Commons. The Reviewer section of the Personal Profile displays the Continuous Submission Eligibility information. PIs can review their eligibility based on the current appointed membership and/or recent substantial service.

·         SOs Access to Continuous Submission Eligibility Information

Signing Officials will go the Admin>Accounts>Advanced Search within eRA Commons.  On the Account List form, they can search for a PI by Commons ID and/or name.  The Account Search Results includes a column for CS Eligibility Details.  The column will display Yes or No. These will be hyperlinked to a summary of the PI’s Continuous Submission Eligibility status.


·         Administrative Supplements Online Help Now Available from Within eRA Commons

Online Help for Administrative Supplements can now be accessed from specific Administrative Supplement screens within eRA Commons. The question marks for help will take you to the specific information for that screen or topic.  Previously, Administrative Supplements help was only available by launching the Commons Online Help from another screen and searching for Administrative Supplement topics.


Scheduled Downtime for January Release:

eRA Commons and ASSIST will be unavailable beginning at 9 p.m. ET Thursday, January 30, and will return to service by 7 a.m. ET Friday, January 31, 2014.

NOTE: The ability to submit help tickets online will not be available during the downtime listed above. However, customers can always email the eRA Help Desk at that time; commons@od.nih.gov (for eRA Commons support); helpdesk@od.nih.gov (for IMPAC II support) and rcdchelpdesk@od.nih.gov (for RCDC support). 

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