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OSP Website Improvements

Posted on April 5, 2014 at 1:47pm

At the March 13, 2014 MRAM meeting Gretchen Davis Richey provided an update on the OSP website. Many changes have been implemented on our site over the past year and we wanted to give you some links to try for yourself.

Prepare ProposalProposals that include an outgoing subaward must have 4 items included for each subrecipient:


  • scope of work
  • budget
  • budget justification
  • Letter of Intent (LOI) or PHS398 Face Page signed by the subaward institutional official.


Time of Award – New webpage that includes information on Just-in-Time, Time of Award, Plan Ahead, Compliance and Budget. It is often the case that a new award is held up because of a compliance issue. See this site for proactively managing these cases.

FormsNew webpage with one-stop access to all forms linked from the OSP website. They are categorized for quick visual searches.

Clinical Trials –Old content was removed, new content added and some edits made here and there.

Outgoing Subcontracts  – A new matrix table about “Contacting the OSP Subcontracts Team” was added recently.  We strongly encourage the use of standard email subject lines for New Subcontracts and Renewal Subcontracts so that we can quickly triage your requests in our office. See the suggested text on the website.  We will continually be adding new content to this site throughout 2014.  

Contact OSP – Remember to use the two look-up tools to identify the specific OSP person or tool to address your questions. “Find My OSP Contact” allows you to search by category (i.e., pre-award) and then displays a list of topics and person responsible. “Find Contacts by Campus Unit” allows you to search for your unit (i.e., Biology) and then displays a list of your OSP Teammates. Use the tool, get faster service!

What’s coming in spring 2014?

The Prepare Proposal webpages will be extensively revised and extended. Background information, internal deadlines and budget preparation is the first content to be delivered. Later this spring we will add content regarding proposal review, submission and compliance considerations.

If you have suggestions or feedback about our webpage, please email ospweb@uw.edu.

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