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Subcontracts – Process Improvement & Team Changes

Posted on October 9, 2013 at 10:27am

Sent: Friday, August 02, 2013 2:04 PM
To: mram@u.washington.edu
Subject: [Mram] Subcontracts – Process Improvement and Team Changes


Dear Colleagues,


As announced previously, the Office of Sponsored Programs is undergoing an extensive effort to update and streamline the outgoing subcontracts process. This will include business process changes in OSP, new SPAERC online functionality for the OSP Subs Team, revised processes for campus and quite possibly some new functionality in SAGE to make this important business process more transparent. This process improvement project will be deployed in phases and adjusted as needed.



·         Per GIM 7, OSP requires a Letter of Intent from an authorized official for each and every proposed subawarding institution/entity for outgoing UW proposals. These letters should be included in the proposal package uploaded to the eGC1, along with other required subcontract information, and must be present for the application to be “Ready to Submit”.  See GIM 7 procedures and guidance.

·         General inquiries should be directed to ospsubs@uw.edu.  

·         Invoice Discrepancies, Closeouts and Budget Number Changes should be directed to Debbie Emerson-Carter at ddcarter@uw.edu

·         Michael Corn, Associate Director, is managing the OSP Subcontract Team until a new Assistant Director for Subcontracts is hired. Feel free to contact him as needed at mcorn@uw.edu.


In July the following changes were deployed.  The OSP Subcontracts Team now:

·         Uses the most recent Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP)* Subaward Template for new subawards. This template is the national standard which is used by the majority of our collaborative research institutions.  A high percentage of our subcontracts are processed using the FDP template and we believe this percentage will increase, resulting in faster turnaround time and less negotiation.


·         Includes the prime award from the sponsor in most outgoing subcontract agreements. In the past, the OSP Subs Team only incorporated sections of the prime award.  This document will appear as a contract exhibit or attachment. Any references to either dollar amounts of any kind (i.e., total dollars awarded to UW or other subrecipient entities, out-year obligations, or direct/F&A costs), or any references to other subrecipient entity names will be redacted.


·         Sends newly developed Subrecipient Award Certification Form with the outgoing subaward agreements. These certification forms are part of the new OSP subrecipient monitoring program requirements and help us ensure that we receive the appropriate information from our subrecipients and that it is appropriate to subcontract with them.


·         Subcontracts are now sent out unsigned to the subrecipient for review and as part of the process to gather needed subrecipient information.


Additional changes are also occurring for the team.

·         Bethany Mason, Subcontract Administrator, left to take a promotional position at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. We are pleased for Bethany’s success but will miss her expertise and quiet humor. She has been a valuable asset to the SC Team, OSP and campus during her time at the UW.


·         We have temporarily added an experienced resource to the SC Team to ensure business is completed in a timely manner.


·         The Assistant Director of Subcontracts position has been posted to UW Hires. Please encourage all interested persons to apply.  We hope to have a new Assistant Director on board by October, 2013.


We appreciate your patience during these changes and anticipate that all subcontracts business will continue to move without delay.  If you have any questions or concerns about these changes, please feel free to contact me directly and I am happy to discuss. 


Thank you,


Lynette Arias

Assistant Vice Provost for Research, Office of Research

Director, Office of Sponsored Programs



NOTE:  The Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP) provides a valuable forum through which Federal science and technology agencies can work creatively with University partners to reduce administrative burdens while advancing scientific discoveries and increasing transparency and accountability. The University of Washington is a member of FDP and actively participates in activities to help assist our faculty in streamlining the overall research administration process and requirements.


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