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Getting Started in Zipline

Not sure how to get started with Zipline, UW’s eIRB system? Resources listed on this page will help you get oriented quickly.

Zipline: The online IRB system

Requirements for Student and Resident PIs

IRB 101 Training Requirement

Complete UW’s IRB 101 Online Tutorial and make sure to save your training certificate. When you fill out your Zipline application, upload your training certificate to the Local Site Documents page. See the IRB 101 landing page for more information about this requirement.

Faculty Advisor Review Requirement

You must have a faculty advisor sign off on your project.

  • List your faculty advisor by name in the IRB protocol form.
  • Before submitting your application to HSD, complete the Manage Ancillary Review activity to send the application to your advisor for review. See Add Faculty Advisor Review
    for more information. If you can’t find your faculty advisor in Zipline, they must create a Zipline account.
  • Your faculty advisor will receive a notification that your study is ready for review once you’ve added the faculty advisor review and submitted the study to HSD. Instructions on completing faculty advisor review are available in the Faculty Advisor Guide.
  • Once your faculty advisor has provided sign-off, the review will show as “Accepted” in the Reviews tab for your study.


Resources for New Users

IRB 101 Online Tutorial

Practical information on navigating the IRB process at UW. Required for student and resident PIs, recommended for all new to using the UW IRB.

IRB 101 Online Tutorial

Getting Started in Zipline Online Tutorial

Tips and tricks for using Zipline based on your user role (student, PI, study coordinator). Recommended for all new Zipline users.

Getting Started in Zipline Online Tutorial

Zipline Online Help Library

Step by step instructions on completing Zipline tasks.

Zipline Online Help Library