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SAGE Budget

What is SAGE Budget?

SAGE Budget enables you to create accurate, detailed budgets for your grant and contract proposals. An easy-to-use wizard expedites budget set-up; the comprehensive budget worksheet minimizes errors and improves data quality.

SAGE Budget is integrated with the SAGE system so you can access and manage all of your proposal data from one central location. You can also build UW sub-budgets, fabrication budgets, and sub-contract budgets in SAGE Budget and connect them to an eGC1.

Why use SAGE Budget?

  • It's simple. Set up your budget in 5 easy steps.
  • It's accurate. SAGE Budget automatically populates your budget with real-time salary and benefits information, calculates budget totals for each period, and identifies the correct F&A rate based on GIM 13 rules.
  • It's efficient. Apply inflation rate for Salary, Tuition, and other line items across budget periods. Cascade entries on non-salary line items, so the values you enter in one budget period are automatically propagated to subsequent budget periods.
  • It's flexible. With the click of a button, you can copy a budget that includes the common attributes of all your budgets and reuse it as a template for future budgets.
  • It's tailored for the UW Research Community. SAGE Budget is customized to comply with UW Accounting Rules, so you needn't memorize object codes or look up the latest F&A rates.
  • It's tailored for you. At your request, we've recently added the features you want, including Rounding, Targets & Limits, and customizable decimal display.

Questions & Answers about SAGE Budget

Who can use SAGE Budget?
Anyone with the appropriate ASTRA permissions to use the SAGE system can use SAGE Budget. To access SAGE Budget, simply log into SAGE from www.sage.washington.edu, and click the Budgets tab.
How do I get started?
After you log into SAGE Budget, click Create New Budget. A simple wizard walks you through the process of setting up your budget. Once you complete the wizard, the budget you create will be available for review and modification from the Home page of SAGE Budget.
Can I transfer budget information from SAGE Budget to my eGC1?
Yes. You can connect your budget with an eGC1, and they will route together. For detailed instructions see Connecting a Budget.