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December 2015 Maintenance Release

Updates C4C to CoMotion Name Change in FIDS References to C4C in FIDS have been updated to that office’s new title of CoMotion.

May 2015 Maintenance Release

Revised Disclosure Review Statuses A new Review Status of “Pending Answer” has been added so that the SFI disclosure reviewers in the Office of Research can identify those disclosures whose review is pending additional information from the investigator. The Review Status of “Duplicate” was removed, and all disclosures in that status were moved to “No […]

December 2014

An issue that was causing travel financial interests more than 12 months old (and expired) to still be included in the total on disclosures that had not yet been reviewed has been resolved.

October 2014

An issue in FIDS that caused disclosure notifications to be sent to investigators who had already completed a primary eGC1 disclosure has been fixed. Investigators will only receive notifications if they have not already been sent one and if they have not already completed a primary disclosure for that eGC1.

June 2014

The primary goal of this release is to ensure that SFI disclosures reach a status of “Review Required” at a more appropriate time, which will improve the workflow for SFI Reviewers. No significant impact is anticipated for Non-Reviewers, however Non-Reviewers may notice a difference in disclosure statuses in SPAERC/SAGE.  Disclosures will now reach a status […]