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Join the Office of Research Information Services (ORIS) in our mission to accelerate research and advance innovation by delivering analysis, automation and on-demand information through a seamless research administration experience!

ORIS Job Openings

Cloud Infrastructure Engineer| Req # 229638

The Cloud Engineer ensures efficient delivery and effective support for university research by collaborating on design, and building, supporting, and administering a variety of cloud-based services that enable research. Successful candidates must have a blend of software development and server support background, cloud infrastructure experience, and demonstrated written and verbal communication strengths to ensure we provide continuous value delivery to our stakeholders in a sustainable way.

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Senior Web Analyst | Req # 230332

The Senior Web Analyst role involves using analysis techniques and knowledge of the website application ecosystems to work with stakeholders, gather and document requirements, work with developers to implement solutions, and assure acceptance of new solutions. Successful candidates must possess independent judgment in prioritizing critical information, and discretion and diplomacy in working within the larger UW administrative environment. The role is responsible for content platform administration, including configuring website components, and technical analysis related to areas such as site security, vendor products, infrastructure, and analytics.

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OR Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Executive Statement

The Office of Research shares President Cauce’s commitment to combat inequities and racism. The values of diversity, equity and inclusion are integral to the success of our research enterprise and are embedded in the culture of who we are as institution and employer.

We will honor different and unique identities and nurture an accessible, welcoming and respectful environment for all staff, students and faculty in the Office of Research and for all members of the UW research community. We will regularly review our services and systems and adapt them to reflect the evolving environments and work styles of our employees and those we serve.

We are ALL responsible for confronting bias and inequities, both individual and institutional, that persist here and throughout our society. Our call is to remove barriers and promote access, opportunity, and justice for all. We all must commit to this ongoing work.

Recognizing and valuing diversity will make the Office of Research and the University stronger, and enrich the stellar research carried out at the UW.

Learn more about the Office of Research’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion guiding principles.

What Do Current Employees Say About Working in ORIS?

“Researchers at UW explore significant advances in areas as diverse as astrophysics, cancer treatment, and renewable energy–just to name a few. It’s rewarding to know the software we develop at ORIS helps accelerate those research activities while also reducing the distracting administrative burden through automation when possible.”

“I like working at UW because the work/life balance is second-to-none, the work is meaningful and helping real people do cool things, and my coworkers are awesome.”

“There are a lot of choices out there right now for software engineer positions, but a majority are in the private sector to serve commercial interests. I enjoy working for a public university, knowing that the applications I make serve an audience who is trying to make this world a better place. ORIS (and the university by extension) wants to make sure that the workplace is enjoyable, challenging, and trying to cater to my interests or professional pursuits.”

“Working as a developer at ORIS gives me great satisfaction in the types of research that I get to support. The workplace culture is also very open to exploring different methodologies and technical solutions. I like working for the University because of the flexible hours, the remote work options, and the husky card.”


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The Office of Research Information Services accelerates research and advances innovation by delivering analysis, automation and on-demand information through a seamless research administration experience.