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September 2019 Fall Maintenance Release

SPAERC & SERA Updates to Post-Award Change (PAC) In order to improve the data quality, reporting, and analytics around award data, the following changes have been made to the Post-Award Change in SPAERC and SERA: Addition of Revised Start Date field, displayed for the PAC Requested Change type “Start Date Change” Addition of Revised End Date […]

July 2019 Maintenance Release

FIX: Unprocessing of FAs/PACs/ADVs Can Cause Errors Periodically GCA staff need to “unprocess” an item previously completed. When new fields are added to SPAERC and SERA, it would at times cause validation messages at time of unprocessing of an item, that were not able to be corrected by GCA. The system has been updated to […]

March 2016 Maintenance Release

Updates Links to New SERA User Guide Additional help icons (question marks) have been added to SERA. These link to contextual help in the new SERA User Guide. Fixes Error when Inactivating Advances An issue that was causing users to receive an error when trying to discard advances has been fixed.

December 2015 Maintenance Release

Features Expose Cycle Details tab in SERA GCA can now view cycle details from SERA. This provides GCA staff with greater visibility to the relationship between items, and makes it easier to quickly research the chronology of an award. Subcontracts open in a new browser window in SERA Subcontracts in SERA will now always open […]

October 2015 Maintenance Release

Features Allow GCA to delete their own attachments GCA is now able to delete erroneously uploaded attachments to the funding action and post-award change in SERA. When an attachment is deleted, a note is added to the item recording who deleted the attachment and at what time. Bug Fixes Sponsored Program Activity Type and Clinical […]