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UW Approved Sponsored Research Agreement (SRA) Template

The University of Washington prefers our standard sponsored research agreement (SRA) template which is modeled after our agreement considerations and can speed up the review process. When entering into any sponsored research agreement with a sponsor the UW takes into account these same agreement considerations.

Inform us via SAGE when there is request to use the UW’s SRA template.


Within the SAGE Comments of your  After-the-Fact eGC1 or Award Setup Request, include:

  • Sponsor name and contact information.
  • Details on the purpose of agreement.
  • Include a note requesting the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) issue the UW approved SRA template to the Sponsor.

After OSP determines the SRA template is appropriate for the envisioned work, OSP will present the SRA template, with completed details, to the sponsor, requesting the sponsor to review, sign, and return to OSP.

OSP reserves the right to include/exclude terms in the SRA template that are necessary and appropriate, based on the parties involved, certain rights or responsibilities that must be included, the type of information, data, technology or other access envisioned, and other factors.