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Human Subjects Division (HSD)


Training Requirements

The University of Washington does NOT have a general institutional requirement that researchers have training in the Protection of Human Research Subjects. Any requirements would come from:

  • A funding agency;
  • A collaborating institution; or
  • The UW IRB if it decides that a specific researcher or research team should take the training in order to mitigate risks to subjects or if there are concerns about compliance or the ethical conduct of research under a specific protocol.
  • Funding agencies and collaborating institutions that have training requirements include (but are not limited to):

    NIH Senior/key personnel should have a basic training. Refreshers are not required.
    Department of Defense Researchers should contact the human research protection office of the DOD component to identify any human subjects training requirements and how to fulfill them.
    Veterans Affairs Researchers should have a basic training and renew their training every two years.
    King County Public Health Researchers should have a basic training and renew annually.

    Please check with your funding agency or collaborating institution to confirm requirements.

    If you are taking refresher training on CITI through UW and you took a basic training through a different institution, please forward your basic training certificate to hsdtrain@uw.edu so that your refresher training may be documented in the HSD system.

    HSD does not track trainings in Good Clinical Practice, Responsible Conduct of Research, or HIPAA.