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Changes & Resources

The following resources, grouped by stage in the research lifecycle, are intended to assist the research community with Workday Finance processes.


With the transition to Workday Finance, much of the proposal stage has remained the same. One of the biggest changes is that some items you may have previously requested an eGC1 for are now submitted via a SAGE Modification Request. Review when to use an eGC1 vs. MOD

Proposal Budgeting

A SAGE Award Budget is now required on Award Setup Requests. If you used a SAGE Budget for your proposal, you can simply copy and update it for your award; otherwise, you will need to create a SAGE Budget from scratch. While not required, we recommend using SAGE Budget at the time of proposal whenever possible, so that you can copy it for your Award Setup Request.

Existing Proposal Resources

For additional guidance on developing proposals at the UW, refer to the following resources: 

Award Setup

There are new processes in place to set up your awards. Refer to How to Setup an Award at the UW along with the following sections for more information.

Award Setup Requests

After your eGC1 is approved and you receive a Notice of Award (NoA), create an Award Setup Request in SAGE as soon as possible. 

Award Budget

Workday Resources

  • Grant Manager Training

Grant Managers are assigned the Grant Manager security role in Workday. Some PIs who do not have administrative support will also receive the Grant Manager role. Check with your unit administrator if you are a Grant Manager and need access to the following training: 

  • Nanolearning 


There are new processes in place to manage your awards. 

Managing Awards in Workday

Award Modification Requests

When award changes occur, you may need to submit a SAGE Award Modification Request. Refer to the following resources for more information:

Award Modification Budgets

The budget information needed for your SAGE Modification Request can be shared with OSP and GCA by providing a link to your SAGE Budget snapshot.


Refer to the following award closeout resources and guidance: 


View all research FAQs related to Workday Finance and the 2023 Finance Transformation.