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Frequently-Asked Questions

How do I escalate an urgent sponsored research problem?

If a funded project is at risk of losing funding, collaborators, or vendors, please draft a brief narrative description of the problem as outlined below. Send your escalation request to your Dean’s Office Research Administrator and/or Associate Dean for Research. If they agree that it meets their criteria for escalation, they will forward to Mandy Morneault, Chief Administrative Officer in the Office of Research, to triage to the appropriate central offices.

Please draft a brief narrative description of the problem that includes the applicable content in sections 1-3:

1. Project information

  • UW PI Name:
  • Sponsor:
  • eGC1#:

If available:

  • ASR# or MOD#:
  • AWD#:
  • Grant#:
  • Advance#:

If subaward:

  • Subaward # (SC#):
  • Subrecipient Entity Name:
  • Subrecipient PI:

2. Justification to escalate request (please indicate all that apply)

  • Inability to post expenditures
  • Loss of funding
  • Possible non-payment
  • Risk of losing collaborator
  • Risk of losing vendor

3. Current project stage 


  • Did you upload the required notice of award (NOA)?
  • If AWD or MOD, did you enter data & attach SAGE budget?
  • Did you click Submit?
  • If AWD or MOD, did you confirm the project display in SAGE Request List?
  • Did OSP send questions to and get answers from the Dept?
  • Did OSP approve the ASR or MOD?
  • Did you confirm status in SAGE Award Requests?

If subaward:

  • In Workday, does your AWD have award lines for each subrecipient?
  • Is the subrecipient registered as a supplier/subrecipient in Workday?
  • If the subaward entity is another institution of higher education, OSP is not currently prioritizing these above urgent subaward needs for international, tribal, non-profit, small business, or other entities that do not have advance spend mechanisms.
  • If you have Subaward Actions that are in OSP, for which the subrecipient is performing at risk, and the subrecipient has indicated need of an assurance to continue work, complete this brief Subrecipient Assurance Request form.

GCA/Award Portal/Workday

  • Did you confirm the Award & Award lines are correct in Workday?
  • If a new award and/or award lines are needed, has an Advance request been submitted and processed?

4. Summary of problem, actions, and timeline

  • What is the specific problem to resolve? What is at risk?
  • What is the deadline to resolve the risk?
  • Have you opened any help tickets in UW Connect or Award Portal?
    • If so, please list the REF numbers and submission dates:
  • Please attach any supporting emails/documentation you have sent or received related to this request.