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PI Training Resources

This page provides information and links to UWFT-related courses and training resources for PIs and Grant Managers.

Access Workday training by logging into the Bridge LMS with your NetID and password, and navigate to the Learning section to see courses that have been assigned to you.

Types of Training

An eLearning is an online training that covers a set of objectives or topics in depth. Formats may include interactive courses that could be text or video-based and could include comprehension checks.

A nanolearning (also known as microlearning) is a short, engaging training that answers a single question or niche topic. Typically, they can be short videos or infographics.

A job aid is a reference guide to completing a particular task, formatted in an easy-to-follow, linear format. Depending on user needs, job aids could be in a format of a web page or a printable PDF.

Instructor-led training is a longer learning session conducted by a live teacher, either in person or using a virtual training platform, allowing questions to be addressed in real-time.

Foundational Workday Training

Foundational Workday training provides general courses appropriate for finance users. These courses are not required.

If you do not have much experience using Workday, it may be useful to take the following Foundational course before beginning your role-specific training:

Other Foundational training can be completed as needed:

Role-Based Workday Training

The following Workday training resources are available via the Bridge LMS based on your Workday role(s) and access. If you think you should have been assigned a role that you don’t have, please contact your administrator.

Principal Investigator (Grants) Role

PIs with active awards are automatically assigned the Principal Investigator (Grants) role. This simply means that you have the authority to see and approve spending on your awards.

Grant Manager Role

Some PIs who do not have administrative support also receive the Grant Manager role, which includes additional training requirements. If this applies to you, check with your unit administrator to make sure you have had the Grant Manager role assigned to you.

Employee Compensation Compliance (ECC) Training

ECC training for faculty and support staff is being released throughout Fall 2023. Below are currently available ECC training resources:

For the latest information on upcoming training, visit the ECC Training Timeline.