UW Research

Scholar Budget Instructions

The following information is intended for RRF Scholar awardees who have been awarded one quarter of release time.

Upon Receipt of the Award

For the Scholar portion of the award that supports faculty release time, the Office of Research waits to award those funds until close to the quarter of release. That way, the department can send accurate costs for the individuals hired to teach the courses.

RRF awards cover the cost of hiring replacement teachers, not the total salary for the faculty awardee during their release quarter. The RRF award is paid as a percentage of the awardee’s salary. See the example below.

If additional funds were awarded (such as for travel, supplies, etc.), those funds can be made available before the release quarter. Follow the procedures outlined in the Guidelines for RRF Grants for the non-Scholar portion of your award.

Example for Setting up RRF Scholar Payment

Dr. Sara Smith received an RRF Scholar award and will not be teaching a regularly scheduled class, Math 124, during spring quarter. The department has hired Dr. Charlie Harris to teach Math 124 for Dr. Sara Smith.

At least 6 weeks before the start of spring quarter, the replacement salary budget is prepared by the department and emailed to Karen Luetjen. Follow this format:

To: Karen Luetjen, Office of Research
From: Administrator, Mathematics
Subject: RRF Scholar award for Dr. Sara Smith

Replacement teaching during Spring Quarter 2023 for Dr. Sara Smith will be provided by:
Name/Rank: Charlie Harris, Part-time Lecturer
Course Info: Math 124, Calculus with Analytic Geometry, 5 credit hours
Actual replacement salary (excluding benefits): $6,000

In this example, the Office of Research would establish a budget totaling $7,446 to cover $6,000 in salary plus $1,446 in benefits at the 24.1% faculty rate.

To implement this example, the department would add a costing allocation in Workday such that the percentage of Dr. Smith’s salary totaling $6,000 is paid from the RRF cost center for 3/16/23 – 6/15/23.

The replacement instructor, Dr. Harris, will be paid from the departmental cost center using the funds that are now available since Dr. Smith is being paid partially on the RRF grant.