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Accessibility = All of Us

Welcome to the University of Washington’s centralized accessibility website, the “digital front door” to accessibility. This website gathers information from across the University to provide students, faculty, staff, visitors, patients, and the community with a single-entry point for relevant information about access to UW programs, services, and activities. Use these webpages to explore all that is available to you.

Accessibility at the UW

At the University of Washington, diversity is one of our core values and our campus is strengthened and enriched by people with disabilities. Accessibility is an approach to communication and engagement that recognizes the intersectional identities, experiences, and needs of our entire campus community. It goes beyond legal accommodations for students, staff and faculty with disabilities. Accessibility creates a community where everyone can bring their whole self to campus and have the opportunity to thrive.

Photograph of students walking through the center of the UW Bothell campus.
Drone photograph over the Bronze W at the entrance to Memorial Drive on the UW Seattle campus.
Photograph of the center of the UW Tacoma campus.