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State of the arts

Behind the scenes at 4Culture, three UW alumni help art in King County to thrive — with racial equity as their North Star.

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Digital Revolution

To help support remote teaching and learning, UW Libraries continue to expand access to their digital collections, including stories of early activists like Dr. Nettie Asberry and recent protestors for racial justice.

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Centering Middle
Eastern voices

International studies major Arwa Mokdad, ’21, is working to promote peace in Lebanon and Yemen while shifting the narrative about the Middle East.

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Breaking new ground
in Science fiction

UW student Zoe Hana Mikuta’s new young adult novel, ‘Gearbreakers,’ features biracial characters who reflect her own experiences.

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Be Boundless

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UW research engineer Erik Swanson with equipment used to measure magnetic fields in the Muon g-2 experiment.

Experiment strengthens evidence of new physics

The first results from the Muon g-2 experiment at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory have revealed that fundamental particles called muons behave in a way that is not predicted by scientists’ best theory to date. “This experiment is a bit like a detective story,” said team member David Hertzog, a UW professor of physics.

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A student collects maple sap in Pack Forest.Kiyomi Taguchi / University of Washington

Tasty options as researchers tap a new forestry product

Scientists from the UW School of Environmental and Forest Sciences are testing the viability of making maple syrup in the Pacific Northwest. Long associated with Canada or Vermont, this sweet forest product that has graced many a breakfast table may be part of this region’s future.

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Amy Fry, a nurse in the COVID-19 ICU at Harborview Medical Center, gets the first vaccination from Allison Miller at UW Medical Center on Dec. 15.Mark Stone/University of Washington

UW psychologist on the vaccine phase of the pandemic

A year into the pandemic, with COVID-19 vaccines increasingly available and restrictions lifting on many businesses and activities, a return to normalcy appears on the horizon. But we have to learn how to be “normal” again, said UW psychology professor Jane Simoni.

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The UW was named the most innovative public university in the world by Reuters in 2019.

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7 uw faculty have won the nobel prize