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Faculty Effort Certification

The Federal government requires that charges to Federal awards for salaries and wages must be based on records that accurately reflect the work performed.

For the UW faculty this is accomplished through the Faculty Effort Certification (FEC) reports. These reports provide the supporting documentation for salaries charged directly to sponsored projects plus effort related to meeting cost shared commitments/requirements. Without the FEC reports, the salaries are considered unsupported and therefore, unallowable.


  • Individual faculty members, with assistance from departmental FEC coordinators, are the ultimately responsible for accurate completion of Faculty Effort Certification reports and for making necessary adjustments to direct salary charges to grants and cost sharing required to reflect actual effort.
  • Department FEC Coordinators assist faculty with the Faculty Effort Certification form and process to ensure accurate reporting of salary charges made directly to grants and cost shared effort performed.
  • Management Accounting and Analysis (MAA) is responsible for oversight to ensure compliance with federal regulations.

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