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Welcome to GrantTracker

GrantTracker provides up-to-date grant and contract information to UW researchers and staff, allowing them to better manage existing and new awards. GrantTracker will allow viewing of all sub-budgets related to a parent budget. It will also allow a sub budget to view parent information. Data will be at the summary level and will not include detailed expenditure transactions.

  • view all GCA budgets online
  • expanded budget information
  • additional search functionality
  • access to parent and sub-budget information
  • submit requests and attachments online
  • view invoices online
  • provide up-to-date status on outstanding requests
  • view history of previous requests and attachments
Note: GrantTracker is secured using a UW Services CA certificate. If the UW Services CA certificate is not installed on your browser, please see the following link on how to install it: UW Services CA