UW Research

Research Involving Washington Center for Bleeding Disorders (WACBD)

The UW IRB has agreed to provide IRB review and oversight of some research in which WACBD is engaged. This is because of the longstanding and intertwined relationship between WACBD (previously a part of Bloodworks Northwest) and UW hematology researchers, and because UW is often engaged in WACBD research.

WACBD may optionally obtain review from the UW IRB for all research in which it is engaged, except research that:

  • Is industry sponsored, or
  • Requires the use of the Exception to Informed Consent mechanism, or
  • Is cancer-related and involves more than minimal risk, or
  • Involves WACBD as the lead institution for multi-institutional research for which Single IRB review is required except when all institutions are other local institutions with which UW has standing reliance agreements (e.g. Fred Hutch).

What to do if UW will do the review

  1. Submit a UW IRB application in the Zipline system. Be sure to:
  2. The UW IRB will review and approve the overall protocol. This is not yet approval for the involvement of WACBD. After the UW IRB has approved the overall protocol, HSD’s Reliance Team will work with you to approve the addition of WACBD to the UW application.
  3. After UW IRB approval for WACBD has been obtained, you are responsible for:
    • Informing WACBD of UW’s approval for WACBD.
    • Informing WACBD investigators about any conditions of the IRB approval.
    • Informing WACBD investigators about their obligation to comply with UW IRB reporting requirements about noncompliance, complaints, problems, etc., although such reports must be submitted by you to the UW IRB.
  4. WACBD investigators remain responsible for obtaining any applicable ancillary reviews from WACBD. For example, Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) review.