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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Why isn’t my eGC1 eligible for an Advance Budget (ADV)? OSP Funding/Budget
Will an Application PI need to complete a Significant Financial Interest (SFI) disclosure in FIDS? OSP
Will any information from UWFT ‘flow back’ to the SAGE award tool? To create reports, projections, etc.? ORIS
Will cost share commitments be included in SAGE Award or is that submitted separately? ORIS
Will OSP and GCA still make sure that the budget entered into Workday matches the one that the sponsor included in the award document? Does this process have a way to prevent re-budgeting at the time of award that the sponsor didn’t approve? ORIS
Will SPAERC be going away? ORIS
Will the award setup request go through a review process like the eGC1 in pre award? ORIS
Will the SAGE changes replace many of the functions of MyResearch? ORIS
Will we be able to modify UW IDC on subawards? EX: U grant with multiple Cores/Projects going to one subaward site. ORIS
Will you recommend we create a copy/new sage budget for the award process/compared to the proposal stage? ORIS