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Is it considered prior approval when I report upcoming work in a foreign location within my RPPR and receive continuation funding for the next year? OSP Sponsor Requirements
eRA Commons PRAM – What is PRAM? Who can submit PRAM? OSP
Change of PI FAQs OSP
What are some things to know about budgeting for the NIH data management and storage requirements at the UW? OSP
Who creates an Award Setup Request? OSP
Would campus get a prompt to create an Award Setup Request when OSP receives the NoA? OSP
What if both campus and OSP receive an award? Who creates an Award Setup Request? OSP
Where in the NSF proposal does this Safe and Inclusive Working Environment Plan fit? OSP
Are remote employees considered off-site employees for the NSF Safe & Inclusive Working Environment Plan requirement? OSP
Subawards Preparing for WD Finance – Questions from 5/19 MRAM OSP