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When an international graduate student’s salary and tuition are paid for by a foreign entity, does this need to be reported to NIH as Other Support?

Should a graduate student’s salary and tuition that are paid for by a foreign entity be listed in Other Support?

If the graduate student is putting forth effort that contributes to the PI’s research, and they are not Key Personnel, this is a type of Other Support. This should be listed within the PI’s Other Support.

Dr. Smith's Other Support lists their visiting graduate student along with the Foreign Institute of Higher Education that is supporting the student. This example shows the effort level of the graduate student as they supported Dr. Smith's work.

The graduate student, their foreign institution, and the amount of salary and tuition covered by their foreign institution is listed as a form of Other Support, because the student’s work is directly contributing to the Investigator’s research.

Note: In this scenario, the grad student is not Senior/Key Personnel on the NIH grant. Rather, this reflects support the student receives to carry out experiments in Dr. Smith’s lab that directly benefit Dr. Smith’s research endeavors; it is considered a form of Other Support for Dr. Smith.

If the graduate student is Key Personnel, they should include their own Other Support documentation and list this source of salary. In this case, they would not be included within Dr. Smith’s Other Support.

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